Monday, June 25, 2012

Rumor: "Old Yellowstain" Boehner set to sell out Issa and contempt vote by a deal on documents.

This is a rumor which I cannot confirm to my satisfaction but it comes from two previously well-connected sources: Boehner is set to deal away the contempt vote in the full House for less than the minimum discovery that Darrell Issa has set.
Said one source, "Romney wants this to go away, so the RNC wants it to go away, and they're putting more pressure on Boehner who never wanted to get this far down the road in the first place but he's been pushed along by Issa and the stand-up guys on his committee." He added, "The NRA making this a 'scored' vote means that if it comes to a vote, it will happen with as many as two or three dozen Democrats as well. The leadership now thinks that the only way for this to 'go away' like Romney wants is to short-circuit the vote."
The other source agreed, although he was less certain that Boehner could get away with it without losing his Speakership. "The Trey Gowdy's of the committee will make sure that everybody understands the nature of the sell-out. Boehner can make Romney and the RNC happy, but it may cost him his job as Speaker."
Issa may have been hinting at just this outcome because on the Sunday shows he insisted that even if the contempt vote didn't take place, that his committee's investigations would continue.
So there you have it, all the rumor that's fit to print -- for now.
"Old Yellowstain" -- the only balls he owns are in his pocket, which he occasionally takes out and plays with in order to convince himself he's still got a pair.
LATER: Courtesy of David Codrea:
I've got those yellowstain blues
those silly yellowstain blues
when someone fires a shot
it's always there I am not
I've got those yellowstain blues
the old yellowstain blues
those yellowstain blues.
And he comments: "If the rumor bears out, I think we ought to start calling the House of Representatives Yellowstain National Park."


Anonymous said...

Clearly I am a bear of little brain... Why would Romney want this to go away? I would have thought the F&F scandal would be to his advantage. Can you explain?


Mt Top Patriot said...

Words can not convey the cowardliness if this comes to pass.
A circus of dumbass's.
Do these guys even share the same brain cell?
Do they even have an inkling of how endangered the rule of law is without them selling the rest of us into serfdom under the stupendous incompetence of the political class?

For what?
More money?
More power?
No matter the consequences?
They sell out on fast and furious, the rule of law is toast.
Mark my words, if they make peaceful redress of these crimes impossible, what is happening south of the border is going to be a fart in a mitten compared to the violent conflict their malfeasance and treason creates.

There won't be any law in this land worth a bucket of warm spit.


Anonymous said...

Contact Romney campaign via their website, clic: "contact"> "other" Be civil, but let them understand if Issa is sabotaged, Romney will lose your vote.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I have called the offices of Boehner, Cantor and McConnell and basically said, "If you sell us out now, you will lose in November!" Boehner's office said there is no way he is gonna cut a deal....I don't trust him as far as I could throw him but at least if he gets a bunch of phone calls, he might be forced to support Issa!

Anonymous said...

Could Romney want it to go away because he is a gun-grabber too? I think so with his record in Taxachusetts.

Anonymous said...

If it's found out that Romney and the RNC pushed for this outcome, that means they don't believe in the rule of law, or the deaths involved. I would think, this wouldn't bode well for Romney or the RNC if they do this.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh has been all over reporting the true purpose behind Fast and Furious for the last week. He has got 30 million politically informed / active conservative listeners. GOP and blue dog democrat members of Congress should take note that the toothpaste is out of the tube on this issue and lots of voters are watching them this week.

Anonymous said...

VooDoo6 Actual

Complete mistake & it is not what the COUNTRY needs. It needs to be strong & send a viral message to stand up proud, send a message to the World. Mission FAIL in fact, Epic FAIL if the rumor comes it to fruition.
I pray it's not true as I'm getting more disgusted with each FUBAR. On this trajectory & azimuth we are doomed w/o doubt.

Anonymous said...

It's simple: Romney wants this to go away (the issue of Gun Control as a whole) b/c he can't take advantage of it.

Seriously, what's he going to say? That he's a stalwart defender of the 2A? He can't. If Gun Control becomes a pivotal issue for 2012, then he looks like a sack of crap, just like least to one issue voters who care about the 2A and know about his support of the AWB and statements that some rifles are "only meant for killing", etc.

He'd rather battle Obama on his fiscal/economic record. He might be able to fool uneducated Americans into believing he'll be more "responsible" and actually has a plan where bigger, more intrusive government manages to fix the economy....even though such fairy tales don't exist.


Anonymous said...

If these rumors prove true,there is only one explanation for them to be true....Republicans and Democrats are working together and have sold out the freedom loving people of the entire nation. That is the only explanation available.

Anonymous said...

No matter who wins in November, we lose.

Anonymous said...

What in the world are Romney and Priebus thinking?! Romney doesn't have to comment on it. Just say it's pending and he has no comment or simply ignore the question. Or better yet, start talking about the rule of law and how we are a country of laws, not men. But I know. Romney is a big govt RINO and he's not a 2A supporter. Piss off gunowners and lose the election, Repubs. They ain't called the stupid party for nothing.

Mamun said...

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Patriot4Freedom said...

We ALL need to contact our Republican Representatives and let them know that the full House needs to take up the contempt vote !

But let's keep our powder dry for a while, boys, 'til we see whether the rumor here comes true.

IF ... the rumor doesn't pan out, Dutchman needs to reveal his sources !

I'm beginning to smell the whiff of payback by some disaffected supporters of Romney's opponents in the primary. If that is the case, they need to be disavowed for pulling this kind of thing.