Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny. Media Matters reacts to my Black Thursday post.

Dear Media Matters, if you are going to waste more of George Soros' money you should at least know the difference between shit and shinola. That's shinola on the right.
"Ex-Militia Blogger Who Spawned Fast And Furious Scandal Predicts Armed Insurrection Over Health Care Decision." Don't miss the comments, too. We really do understand them a lot better than they understand us. We recognize that they occupy an alternate worldview. They mere think we're isolated nuts that can be scooped up with a government butterfly net. They also seem to think that name-calling actually accomplishes something. "Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time." They don't seem to understand that even if we are crazy, we are still armed and trained to the use of arms and that it is our kids who inhabit the U.S. military's tip-of-the-spear outfits because that's the way we raised them -- to service to God and country -- when they wouldn't dirty their collectivist hands doing so. Yet they expect us to fold at the sight of, according one commenter, a single police SWAT team. You know the FBI won't cooperate on some ops with a significant number of county sheriffs in this country because they can't trust them not to call us first. Yet these folks think they've got a pretty good bead on things when the truth is they don't know shit from shinola.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that there is not one single conservative response at Media Matters. Not even one single down twinkle. Yay, liberals for censorship.

As for me, I still get to vote.

Anonymous said...

Go for it. Start shooting. Take on SWAT. Water the Tree of Liberty. Your "revolution" will be over soon after the first shot is fired, as sane Americans recoil in disgust, and you pudgy "patriots" find yourselves joining Timothy McVeigh in the annals of American domestic terrorism.

Obvious Moniker said...

Personally, I found the bleating of the sheep there astonishing. You'd think that if there any truth to their vaunted claims of being more intelligent than the rest of us that they would see the obvious truth of the encroachment upon Liberty. That they instead choose to bury their heads in the sand with misguided disdain and pointless ridicule is one of the largest signs that violence will be inevitable.

You cannot negotiate with someone who believes your well-founded concerns are the laughable delusions of madmen.

You cannot reason with someone who insists on substituting their own delusions in the face of reality.

You cannot compromise with someone whose entire plan ends with your utter enslavement, for any compromise is a step closer to the shackles.

You cannot expect empathy from someone who has let themselves be conditioned in their thinking, who's natural response to encountering your dissenting opinion is to kneejerk recite all the convenient boogyman tales they have heard about your side from the rest of the bleating sheep in the vain attempt to shield themselves from a coherant counterargument.

Because there is no limit to what they will project upon us to justify their own closeted ideologies, the time has come for us all to realize that further discussion will be fruitless. There are no points of logic they will listen to, no fantasies they will not throw themselves at to maintain their own stunted, ineffectual, jealous world views.

As Pelosi said years ago when the Progressives all but openly declared war on the citizens of these united States, "the debate is over." It is now just a matter of time before the rest of the folks on our side realize this.

It is incumbent upon us to speed their awakening so that when the Progressives truly take off the kid gloves, we will be prepared because we will not start this fight, but will will surely end it.

And for you simpering cowards, intellectual charlatans, and quislings reading this, I have but one thing to say to you, something that still rings true centuries later:

"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

The Greatest Bait-and-Switch in History.

Happy D said...

Those comments were informative. I did not know it was possible to be that ignorant, ill informed I am not sure which word or words works best.
But I was aware how they are not self aware.

Anonymous said...

Its over

We lost

Never heard of it. said...

Whatsa "Media Matters"??

Robert Fowler said...

I got as far as this comment;

by nerzog (June 28, 2012 5:09 pm ET) 16
Well, no surprise here. You've got a lot of militia types, hiding behind the title "Libertarian" who've bought expensive assault weapons and are just itching for an excuse to use them on somebody. These are guys who sit in a dark room, masturbating to Red Dawn.

These are very, very dangerous people.

I had to stop reading after that. This people make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Firearms connected to Operation Fast and Furious were used in the 2010 slaying of the brother of the former Chihuahua state attorney general, according to a U.S. congressional report.
The Department of. Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Fueling Cartel Violence JOINT STAFF REPORT Prepared for Rep. Darrell E. Issa

Anonymous said...

EEEK - sounds like I made a good choice in NOT reading their inane comments. For the couple of negative posters (funny how Mike allows dissent but MM doesn't) - go read the Declaration - the absolute LAST thing any of us Patriots want is to have to resort to the cartridge box - mainly because we have seen the cost up front and would prefer to settle our differences in a civil manner - but if force upon us by your ilk we can and will use the appropriate means.

Happy D said...

Here is a very informative gem from a post over at MMFA
" by Chameo (June 28, 2012 7:21 pm ET)
Interestingly, a few weeks ago he whined on his blog that he had "another test, another co-pay" -- with no sense of irony at all."

These Smartest among us do not know how Progressive interference through Congress and Progressive activist courts created the very problems the ACA more appropriately known as Obama-Care is ment to fix.

Warning of the possibility of violence is incitement of same in their "Royal Progressive" majesties "minds".

Honestly in a Prog the brain is a vestigial organ.