Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where have all the fighter pilots gone?

"They were fired before they made Major."
(A tip of the boonie hat to Bob Wright, who forwarded this.)


Anonymous said...

That is why the Guard and Reserve win all the iron at William Tell.

Shenandoah said...

+1 That's no shit. ...and, they do it on their days off from their regular civilian jobs.

The four Guard Squadrons that were recalled in Jan. 68 and went to Nam were outflying every other branch of the regulars after two months in country. The same went for their aircraft maintainence.

Pilots are not allowed to be "fighter pilots" anymore. Squadrons have women in them; men cannot act like men without worrying about some split tail crying sexual harassment.

It's a different game now. When was the last time you heard about a fighter being shot down due to hostile fire? Iraq I and Ii, Afghanistan...3, maybe 4?

Anonymous said...

Much talent has and will continue to hemorrhage from our services, because wanna-be warriors are tired of fighting on two fronts–one with our enemies, another against our lack of common sense.--CJ

If CJ were not himself already compromised by political strictures he would have written, "[W]anna-be warriors are tired of fighting on two fronts--against enemies foreign and domestic."

At this time in our nation's military history, the most important battle is occurring on the domestic front.