Sunday, June 10, 2012

Issa targets July 4 deadline for contempt decision on Holder

Independence Day?
VAN SUSTEREN: And why doesn't the speaker then say, Let's fish or cut bait, either do this or don't do this, and either issue the contempt -- I mean, I don't know if you're right or wrong, but at least that would move it forward.
ISSA: I believe that the speaker is close to the end of his rope. My job, of course, is to do my job until the speaker makes that decision. I'm comfortable that he will make the decision relatively soon.
VAN SUSTEREN: What's relatively soon, a week, two weeks, a month, two months?
ISSA: I don't expect to go home for 4th of July without having a date for contempt or knowing that it's time to wrap up this investigation and just admit that Justice is not transparent, that you're not going to get the kind of cooperation you want.
I spoke with Mr. Issa as well on Thursday evening before a series of votes and he confirmed the contempt charge against Mr. Holder"could be at anytime." within the next few weeks.
"The attitude of the Attorney General...the defiance--the refusal to even admit evidence that he was asked about directly...Jason Chaffetz reading an e-mail to him directly and him denying that it meant what it said and claiming superior knowledge," said Mr. Issa.
We shall see. I will have more on this tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Blocking enforcement of illegal immigration rules, blocking enforcement of voter eligibility, allowing the sales of guns to criminals in another country, this man is supposed to be our top cop?

We have lost rule of law in this country if we can't hold him accountable. Time to fire all incumbents.


Anonymous said...

So we shall see. What does that really mean?
A contempt of congress (a body that is truly contemptible)is all that can be mustered in the face of compelling evidence that this was a calculated end run around the Constitution?

What about violations of international law? Violations of established American law with respect to lying under oath? Violations of human rights that has been the end result visited upon the Mexican people? The list could be long if a savvy legal mind wanted to do battle.

What has been gained other than deeper cynicism?

Mt Top Patriot said...

Interesting piece over at The Hill.

Now I wonder, just who is this mole?

"Mole helps Rep. Issa whack Justice Dept."

Anonymous said...

The Terry family, and also the American people, deserve better than this. There is no doubt that Holder has to go, but maybe Boehner needs to start packing his bags as well.


StealthGhost said...

Fingers crossed obviously BUT it is clear that corruption & collusion are De rigueuer these days...Boggles my mind that this is the Attorney Justice of the United States of America. To be this corrupt is truly a indicator of how bad things have become. The blatant corruption & crony political azimuth is beyond concerning.

Anonymous said...

On top of the F&F shit, now Congress is letting Holder hand pick two "independent" prosecutors to "investigate" the flood of recent intelligence leaks. This goes a long way to answering the question: "How fucking stupid can Congress actually be"?