Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I hope you're sitting down, because I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NRA.

Hoyer: Some Dems Will Vote To Hold Holder In Contempt For Fast And Furious.
Now that the politically potent National Rifle Association is keeping score, some Democrats may join House Republicans if there’s a vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress in a dispute over documents related to a botched gun-tracking operation.
The chief Democratic House head counter, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, declined to tell reporters how many defections he expected, but acknowledged that some in his party would consider heeding the NRA’s call for a “yes” vote.
The gun owners association injected itself last week into the stalemate over Justice Department documents demanded by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The NRA said it supports the contempt resolution and will keep a record of how members vote.
We had to drag them kicking and screaming to this scandal, but ya gotta give them credit for this. At this rate, I may have to retire the weenie wagon illustration.


Anonymous said...

Just a little 'jumping on the convenient bandwagon' IMHO. Mark my words, they will make more $$$ for their endless efforts to seeing justice.

How do I make a rolling eyes smilely here?

Anonymous said...

Worth saying again: this month's NRA publications contain a ballot for recommending NRA board nominees. I've filled out one for you and David, and will mail them today.

As David is a lifetime member, enough of these might gain him some consideration.

Certainly both of you have demonstrated effective leadership by dragging the NRA into the fight.


rdf67 said...

Better late than never - Just how long did it take them to join the effort and why did they drag their feet? I know you wrote extensively on it way back when, Mike. Seems they came along in June 2011.

Defender said...

Anonymous #1 is probably right. Maybe the murderer Holder will actually go down (yeah right. not in this life.)and they know it so they want to be "the ones who helped do it".

You will never be able to park that wienie mobile because once a traitor always a traitor. Unless of course you and David actually do get voted in as Anonymous #2 suggests, just to run things right.

Anonymous said...

Considering that the NRA takes pains to identify itself exclusively as a Second Amendment lobby group, this is a bold departure from recent precedent. I am delighted to see Representative Issa has gained their definitive support.

This practically ensures defeat for Holder, which severely damages the White House cover-up.

If we are near a tipping point in the Fast and Furious investigation, it is because the 800 pound gorrila of American politics has thrown its weight on the scale.

Thank you for keeping the NRA's feet to the fire, Mike.


Anonymous said...

There will be a whole lot of johnnie come latelys to F and F now that it is hitting the mainstream.

A young liberal co-worker actually wondered why Holder was in the hot seat--this is real progress!

So we should see Romney and others start to jump on the bandwagon any day.