Sunday, June 10, 2012

David Codrea: ATF whistleblower site members not buying Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ testimony

"Weekend reactions from CleanUp ATF forum comment posters to Attorney General Eric Holder’s Thursday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” criminal operation show disbelief, anger and contempt."


Mt Top Patriot said...

I'm not buying it either. Never did, from the moment Mike and Dave exposed it on their news sites.

My initial thoughts on Gunwalker was that due to the elevated position in government of these suspects in these crimes, their life long association with obama, their tyrannical leanings towards constructing an elite state where they give themselves passes on every conceivable breach of the law and the rule of it to advance their agenda through class warfare, race baiting and their own unique type of racist/social supremacy, it is imperative that they spend every second of the rest of their stinking lives behind bars in solitary confinement for the crimes they have committed. At one point in our nations history it would was politically possible to have them hanged for the treason and felonies they are responsible for.
That day may come again. Because if these crooked potentates get away with what they have done, the rule of law and reason of Liberty under peaceful ordered progression ceases to exist. It will be up to we the people, by default trusted to us, to assure that the law is carried out without prejudiced of station in life. In this republic, the very essence of our continuity of Liberty depends on the premise that all men are created equal, especially when it comes to the laws of our land and their enforcement.
To suppose the I, an ordinary every day working man, am subject to being accountable, rightfully so, for murder and mayhem under the rule of law and social mores, but those who work to represent me and are the very people entrusted to uphold and defend those same laws are not, defies all logic and excuses otherwise.
These men and woman involved in these hideous crimes and subterfuge are the worst human's on earth, they are the people who once they get away with crimes like this become dictators and the dictators henchmen. If for no other reason then if they get away without being held accountable and suffering their due punishment, then they can get away with anything.
And that is the end of this great Republic as we know it.

The temerity of these crimes, committed from the lofty positions of government, the very nature of where all this began and was managed from, negates any further beating around the bushes. The matter is clear. It is irrefutable, someone and somebodies are behind this within the highest branches of this obama administration. It did not just happen by chance. It was not a matter of incompetence or happenstance.
Fast and Furious/Gunwalker was a deliberate attempt to create a crisis, to be used as a means, to justify a narrative, to give deniability to those involved in this fraud, to put a fig leaf legitimacy on unconstitutional power to disarm the people of this Republic, so a few sociopaths and psychopaths would be free to rule with impunity.

Nothing or no one, no events to be portrayed or exposed, will ever give me reason to believe or trust otherwise.

Despicable does not even begin to exemplify the nature of the crimes and intent of evil holder and all others involve posses.

Who are these people?
Just who the fuck do they think they are they are going to take my only means of defending MY Liberty away from me?
Over my dead bullet riddled body they are/.

Anonymous said...


Well said.

Cameraman said...

+ 1000 Mt..Could not have said it any better,,these Cowards and Traitors will feel the Wrath of the Common Man in the SHTF scenario AND that you can be assured!