Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where we are with Gunwalker and why I'm not going to write about it this weekend. (Unless Field Marshal Holder eats his Luger for the Dear Leader.)

I love this photoshop of Field Marshal Eric Holder. The Gunwalker plot apologists hate it. Those are enough reasons to post it at every opportunity, even if the connection to the precise story is a bit tenuous).

I'm taking a break from the blog this weekend.


I've said it.

I will keep up with the comments, and release them when I can, but expect no posts for a bit.

I don't do it often, but I've got a bunch of other stuff to do this weekend, including family and fund raising. Besides, I just need a break. But before I turn off the office lights for a while, let me give you a heads up about some stories I've been working on and some behind-the-scenes stuff that is happening in the Gunwalker Scandal.

The next hearing, which will be a joint one between the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, is not expected to happen until sometime in November, according to Oversight committee sources, but exactly when is a little unclear. There is a perception -- some say unfair, but there it is -- that Lamar Smith is a heck of a lot more cautious on this investigation than is Darrell Issa, who is himself more cautious than Senator Grassley. But of course it is Issa who has the power because unlike Grassley he has a committee chairmanship and unlike Lamar Smith he has the will to exercise it effectively.

Grassley's office seems to me more particularly interested in the very early March 2009 meeting between Gunwalker Bill Newell and White House personnel (plural, not just O'Reilly) than is Issa but then the latest letters by them both to the Pentagon's Joint Task Force North and Mueller of FBI this past week indicate that they both realize that this is "war to the knife and knife to the hilt" with the Gunwalker plotters of the Obama administration. Don't expect them to back down anytime soon.

There are a few lines that apply here in James Clavell's Shogun, where Blackthorn, the English pilot of a Dutch vessel shipwrecked on the shores of Japan, is being interrogated by Lord Toranaga. (I'm working from memory here, so bear with me if the quote is not exact.)

Toranaga, the traditional Japanese samurai daimyo, is concerned when he learns that the Dutch have rebelled against their "masters" the Spanish. Rebellion to one's liege lord is considered the worst of sins in traditional Japan of the early 1600s. Blackthorn, not really understanding how dangerous is the ground he stands on with this subject (for rebels against ANY lord have no standing and can be instantly killed by any other legitimate lord to protect the general interest of all lords), is asked by Toranaga if there ever is any excuse for rebellion. Blackthorn comes up with the correct answer that saves his skin. "Yes. If you win."

Toranaga is delighted with the answer, for he himself has been contemplating rebellion against the powers-that-be and installing himself as Shogun over all Japan.

Both sides recognize this truth. The only way Issa and Grassley win this game for their own political survival is by putting their entire reputations on the line and pushing it to a successful conclusion. They may not have started out recognizing this completely, but this is now entirely a matter of self-interest for them. They are all in. The Obama Imperialists, once wounded, will not forget nor will they forgive. They must be defeated utterly. That Issa and Grassley certainly now recognize this is a goodness thing.

A documentary by Fleming "Tex" Fuller on Gunwalker has begun filming interviews this week out in Arizona. Fuller is an experienced and serious documentary maker and we have been helping him get in touch with the folks he needs to make the movie. There will be a book to go along with the movie release and, perhaps, a Hollywood adaptation after that. The Coalition of Willing Lilliputians will be doing our best to assist in those projects. This too is a goodness thing.

There are other news stories in the works by the old-line media that cannot be commented upon here. I risk scooping no one who is advancing this story.

For myself, I am still wrestling with sources on the fourth "In at the beginning" Hillary-State Department-CIA installment. There is much disinformation being peddled these days to a whole lot of people and the Obamanoids and their media familiars are poised to leap upon any misstep. Always we must ask ourselves -- all of us who are covering this story -- the old Marine Corps counterintelligence officer's dictum in two parts:

1. Why is this guy telling me this?

2. And why is this guy telling me this NOW?

The story will come out, probably later next week when I'm certain of a few things. Or, I will write it with the uncertainties plainly labeled. But I will write it.

I have also been working on a piece about Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, et al and their cover-up history going back into the 90s with the OKC bombing and the Kenny Trentadue case. That, too, you will read in the coming week.

Peck Canyon, Pima County, Arizona -- Where the FBI, and, by extension, the Obama Administration and the entire Federal Leviathan, went to commit bureaucratic suicide.

There are other things, of course, that I cannot discuss now but are in the mix. We will get to the truth of what happened in Peck Canyon the night Brian Terry was killed. I'm convinced of that now. One thing I can guarantee you --

When the American people (at least that portion of them who will be watching this as it plays out in hearings, documentaries, books and news coverage over the next months and years) know what we who are working on this story now know about Gunwalker and the murder of Brian Terry that dark night in Peck Canyon they will not be in a forgiving mood. Not at all. This will cross all lines of political affiliation. For the truth is evil. It is dark. And it is unforgivable.

The betrayal of the same law enforcement people who these federal mandarins count on to enforce their will and guard their sorry asses will not sit well with anybody, but especially not with the LEOs. The FBI's name in particular will be in the worst discredit since that unconstitutional agency was begun after the Palmer Raids. The truth may not put a stake in its bureaucratic heart, but J. Edgar Hoover's bones will be twitching 'neath the sod and no one -- and I mean NO ONE -- will ever trust those corrupt federal bully boys again.

The crisis of legitimacy that the Gunwalker scandal represents and the danger that it poses to the entire stated excuse for existence of the Federal Leviathan cannot be over-emphasized. And the players in this sorry, bloody plot will rue the day that Gunwalker Bill Newell had his bright idea and sold it to them.

Not only will Obama be a one-term president (impeachment is just not done anymore on the GOP boneless chicken ranch), but he will be hounded by bad press and civil suits -- national and international -- to the end of his days. People will spit on the sidewalk as he passes.

For now, I still have a $50 bet (which I cannot afford) that Eric Holder will be out of office and talking, on his dime, to quarter-million-dollar-retainer defense attorneys by Christmas.

I don't expect to lose that bet.

So, barring some catastrophe requiring comment -- something huge like dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria, or Field Marshal Holder eating his Luger for the Dear Leader -- I'll try to recap the weekend on Sunday night. Until then, folks, have a great weekend yourselves.


Anonymous said...

"This will cross all lines of political affiliation. For the truth is evil. It is dark. And it is unforgivable."

The severest judgement must be meted out to those who planned and participated in Gunwalker, regardless of rank or party affiliation.

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.--Lord Chief Justice William Murray, an English barrister.

Thanks for your hard work, Mike and rest well. May it please God to bring you every success as reward for your heroic efforts.


Travis McGee said...

One of your best updates to date. I can't wait to read the book. We live in interesting times, and you are the scribe. I'm sure Sharyl Attkisson will play the heroine in the Hollywood movie, but we'll all know that it was Mike V. and David C. who broke the story of the worst scandal in American history.

Before Holder eats his Luger, I'd expect Mueller to eat his SIG. The disgrace he is bringing to the FBI is simply epic. Subverting the background check to allow felons to supply AK-47s to cartel killers puts him in the conspiracy up to his neck. He will not be able to erase the stain, even if he goes full John Dean before Issa and Grassley.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Mike.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

Sorry, Dutchman, but the context and question were slightly different. But I remember it slightly better if only because I was just a few miles from Edo Castle when I watched "Shogun". I've been to the Tokogawa (the family name of the man Clavell called "Toronaga" - I suspect because one is easier for American tongues to wrap themselves around) family cemetery near Ueno Park in downtown Tokyo. I even went to the shrine the 2nd Tokugawa Shogun built to his Grandfather (the old bastard didn't trust his son to keep things together) and seen the little shrine holding Ieyasu Tokugawa's cremains.

Anyhow, Blackthorn explained to Toronaga that the Pope had given half of the world each to Spain and Portugal but England and Holland disputed that. Toronaga asked, "Isn't that treason?". Blackthorn replied, "Only if THEY win."

The same principle applies here. Gunwalker was criminal only if Obama, Holder, Napolitano, et all are successfully prosecuted - AND PUNISHED!!. In other words only if WE win. If they are not prosecuted and punished then they did nothing wrong and we and our descendants lose - possibly forever.

Which is the "lesser" of the two evils - a descent into a gray, soulless USSR-style communism or a possibly world-as-we-know-it ending civil war? Which world do we wish our grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and I've got one of those due in February) to grow up in?

Take the weekend off, Mike. Hell! Take a few days off. Stick your head in once in a while so we know you haven't done a "Vince Foster".

As Emmitt told Mal, it's gonna get mean, folks. Gonna get REAL MEAN!!

WarriorClass III said...

I can't thank you enough, Mike, for all your heroic efforts.

WarriorClass III

Anonymous said...

Take the time and get some rest. You do a great job.
Folks, keep up the hope that justice is done. Bet a shiney nickel next year nothing has happened. Holder isn't going anywhere. Issa will not get any indictments out of this. Gunwalker will be a distant memory. Hate to bring anyone down, but when was the last time anyone REALLY paid for their transgressions?


POV said...

Holder is a "clean articulate SLUG"

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for your heroic work, Mike, and may G-d bless and protect you.

Above all, please take care of yourself, and do make sure you're not the only one with any vital information.

If these people in our own government are as cold-blooded, uncaring and ruthless as it appears, who knows what they are capable of when it comes to protecting themselves, their power, and their silly jobs.

CowboyDan said...

He'll stay on 'til Boxing Day (12/26) just to cost you the $50. He has a staffer paid to keep up with your blog, doesn't he?

Ashrak said...

Of course this crosses political faction borders.....that is why John Boehner, the Speaker, has "remained silent".

Both political factions, while in times of majority in the House and Senate - congress as a whole, have funded that which is there no Constitutional Authority to fund.

Both political factions are guilty of shredding the Constitution for their own political power gains and GunWalker demonstrates it all better than any other scandal in history.

George Washington warned us all about political faction.

Can we listen to that wisdom, and act upon it, now? Please?

Anonymous said...

" For the truth is evil. It is dark. And it is unforgivable. "

An accurate if disturbing statement. There are people involved in this and other things, who are evil to their core and their evil is spreading.

The Colonel said...

WATCH your back !! You need to have a file put up in a safe place, just in case ..... Have a good time off you need it and have earned it too !

Mark Matis said...

You say "The FBI's name in particular will be in the worst discredit since that unconstitutional agency was begun after the Palmer Raids."

I would merely note that you have FAR more faith in "Law Enforcement" than I do. My bet is that the Blue Wall circles the wagons around the field agents who did the dirty deed, and blame it on the "Leaders". Which means that Mueller and the rest of the political hacks are cleaned out, but the lifers stay around to continue their treason. Or do you REALLY think that BATFE Agent McAllister will be held to account for declaring Agent Terry "collateral damage"?

As always, the stench is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see what this next week will bring...

Anonymous said...

Never forget:

The incest of evil of the leadership of the Democrats and Republicans.

That and the sniches sell info to both of them too.

Watch you back trail.

drjim said...

Enjoy your weekend, Mike.
And watch your back....

rdf67 said...

Thanks so much Mike - the fact that "botched sting" doesn't lead every article written now is a major accomplishment. Can't wait for the MSM to get recognized for what they are in this whole political fiasco - nothing but enablers.
Look forward to the rest of the story...

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to one thing.
And we are going to see and see without question, if this country has one or two standards of justice.
Frankly, I have been keeping an open mind regardless of how damning the information looks. I believe a special prosecutor who is not playing to political tunes and honestly seeks truth. Who will allow the chips to fall where they may be put in place to do the job needed. At that point all will get to see if the facts warrant a trial.
I believe this matter of F&F, will be the key to moral fiber in the hearts of many who hold themselves to higher standards. To men who respect the system to do the right thing. Do we have one standard of justice in this nation or not.
F&F is more than what many in the political class understand. Its a huge turning point where if people are not held accountable than the system has no respect. We are not talking about simple mistakes. We are talking about, was there crimes willfully committed to under mind the Constitutional rights of the American people.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that there are a third of a trillion dollars that have been laundered through Wachovia Bank. Can we find out, and this is purely a hunch on my part, if there are ties between Wachovia Bank customers and Shiite muslims?

I can't help but think that this awful FnF somehow benefits the establishment of a worldwide islamic caliphate.