Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CBS -- Napolitano on ATF Fast and Furious: "We're waiting for the Inspector General."

Waiting for the Inspector General, or someone like him.

Sign here, please.


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that Samuel Beckett, theater of the absurd playwright of bizarre tragicomedies such as "Waiting for Godet" has now been dead for 22 years.

He could write an absurd sequel to Gunwalker: Waiting for the IG.

Issa and Grassley would play the roles of Vladimir and Estrgon.

They will wait and wait--all in vain.


Anonymous said...

Kirk : "Mister Spock, is this ship headed for Ariannus?"
Spock : "Negative captain. The Enterprise is now moving in a circular course."
Scotty : "And at warp 10 we're going nowhere mighty fast."

rdf67 said...

Obama learned about FNF from the news reports - What news reports? WH staff knew - after all, they found the reports on gun flows to Mexico from AZ "very interesting" and wanted to know about the gun flows from TX to Mexico. When he learned about it, what did they do, hide it from him? Anyone believe that?
No one in the WH seems to recognize the "botched sting" was an illegal action carried on by MANY in DOJ - None have been fired, Burke resigned and expects to sail into the sunset, coming back some day to run for public office. Napolitano would have us believe she didn't even give her former Chief of Staff a phone call after he resigned from point man for FNF - if you can believe that piece of fiction. The What Me Worry face of Alfred is all over this fiasco - and they hope the media will come to the rescue by continuing to accuse Issa and Grassley of a witch hunt while the evidence keeps surfacing, drip drip drip, like an old faucet. Any hopes of putting this to be quickly (It has been ten months so far since Brian Terry's death and exposure) are long gone. I think its time for the IG to explain to Congress where she is in her investigation since she has been at it for six months. Why are FNF people still on the payroll? A supplemental report is overdue that takes the Grassley-Issa report and brings some clarity.

Pat H. said...

Waiting for Godot?

Issa may be honest, Grassley in my opinion, is as sleazy as they come.

Anonymous said...

I expect the Inspector General leading this investigation is in a quandary. Does he lead and proceed with an investigation, or just sit there and do nothing. If he leads and proceeds, he knows he will be found dead in Marcy Park.

So I expect we will wait forever.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Godot?--Pat H

I am responding to Mike's "Waiting for the Electrician" meme by offering to him (and his readers) a complimentary existential framework, clumsy as my efforts may be.

If you visited here more often, you would recognize my motif.