Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secret police. If they can postpone answering Gunwalker Scandal requests until they get this rule in place, we will never find out the truth.

Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule.

Call, email and write your Congresscritters NOW. If they adopt this rule, they must be defunded. See how they like going without paychecks. Frigging secret policemen. I despise their kind.


Anonymous said...

Nor the truth about a certain birth certificate. Which is the real reason behind this push.

Special place in Hell for evildoers such as these.

Anonymous said...

In the eyes of many, this government has already lost it's legitimacy. They don't care what the people think. They will do whatever they please.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I've copied text, and made a link to this on my blog.
Thank you.

theirritablearchitect said...

Not much "freedom of information," in an age when the annointed can openly, and without impunity, LIE, straight to the populace about what they've done.

Not that I've ever been convinced of the BS that the gummint has fed me, but now they're just coming right out and telling us that we don't get to know squat.

Another mark in the column that I've been tallying.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting but certainly not surprising. OTOH, if they're innocent they have nothing to hide. ;-)

Mt Top Patriot said...

Part and parcel of the WACO rules.

Well lets be honest, the rules of tyranny.

The die has been cast.
The obnoxious nature of the unconstitutional power and treasonous turpitude of the federal organized crime syndicate's lawless disregard expands exponentially by its very existence.
There is no turning back for these people of treason and high crimes.
The treason these folks are intertwined with has become institutionalized. They function so far outside the rule of law they would not recognize the virtue and principles of it if it smacked them upside the head.

But woe to the Hobbit who brooks their authority, one who has the hutzpa and audacity to reveal and question their hubris.
How dare the little folks who find such moral turpitude just plain old fashioned outright wrong.
Is it any wonder how and why laws and the rules of it are only for the meek and lowly?
To these tyrants, The Rule of Law is now nothing but a screen, a, shall I say shield, for the ruling class and their leg breakers to cower behind and pontificate to the rest of us how we are to genuflect before the alter of omnipotent power.
Power that is so utterly corrupt and wayward it has a quality of absoluteness all its own.
Oh boy, we are in for a fight.
It is coming.
Because these despots and tyrants will never stop. They are akin to heroine junky's. Once they tasted the rush of the high of power to do whatever they want and get off scott free, that first blush of tyranny can never be equaled, only multiplied.
These bums are totally irrecoverably out of control. From the highest office of the land, right on through every branch of government, it is infested with vermin of corruption of unchecked absolute power.
Brother we are in for it.
You can bet your arse none of this is going to end well.
Escalation to full blown police state is not too far down the road if something does not check this outright tyranny.
And right fast.

Dave said...

Congresscritter advised.

Anonymous said...

This takes the cake. Imagine, the JUSTICE dept. of the U.S. wants permission to lie. Why don't they just ask permission to line up anyone who dares ask questions against a wall in front of a firing squad? You think they don't want to?

The various agencies in government seem to be so corrupt that voting in new people doesn't seem like it would do much good. What is the answer?

Hammerhead said...

While they might be able to hide the truth from us with this kind of BS they won't be able to circumvent the subpoena power of Congress!

Cocked, Locked and ready to rock!

Hammerhead out!

Anonymous said...

"....proposed revision to Freedom of Information Act rules would allow federal agencies to lie to citizens and reporters seeking certain records, telling them the records don’t exist."

They already do this. You mean they now want to make it legal?

If this is passed you may consider the wire tripped.

Ken said...

Congresscritter advised. I's Kucinich, so much good may it do, but I don't think even Kucinich would let this go without at least blinking. Once.

Mark Matis said...

There is NO requirement for "Law Enforcement" in this country to tell the truth to Mere Citizens. They (and that is ALL of "they", from FedPig down to the lowest level of local "Law Enforcement") lie on a regular basis, and have NO concern whatsoever about being prosecuted for doing so. As the courts have REPEATEDLY decided.

Of course, lying to Congress may be a different matter, since THEY are not Mere Citizens. But that would require those in Congress to actually DARE to confront their perfidy. Do YOU see much chance of that?

Anonymous said...

And they criticize the Soviets and their KGB?
The US government is exponentially worse in all aspects.

They've lost all legitimacy in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone ought to come forth with some documents of their own. I'm sure there's enough known facts to build some real good documentation. Let the burden of disproof be theirs. Give the Feds an "Oh shit" moment. Sort of a Wikileaks with a twist.

Sure would make their FOIA a bit useless in this case, wouldn't it?

Dedicated_Dad said...

The most open, transparent administration EVAR!!!!!1!!!!ONE!


These people really do live in "opposite-land", don't they?

Whatever they accuse their enemies of doing is inevitably what THEY are up to!

"Open, transparent" means "locked up tighter than a banker's heart"

"Ethical" means "more corrupt than ever, but we WILL stop PRETENDING!"

G*d - I SOOOooo wish they'd just make their move so we could get this OVER WITH!

journeytogao said...

Imagine this going the other way. Imagine the SEC demanding that you turn over all emails relating to a merger and you know they could be used to prosecute you. "We don't have any such emails." Problem solved!

Dedicated_Dad said...

arhooley: MANY corporate 'retention policies" are developed with just that sort of exigency in mind.

Still, there are innumerable regulations that force companies to keep certain stuff for long periods of time -- sarbanes-oxley ("SOx") for example forced banks and other publicly-traded firms to keep e-mails for a MINIMUM of 7 years!

No better example of business-killing BS could exist! If I tried to tell you how many million$ worth of IT projects I personally ran or oversaw, specifically to comply with this sickness... You wouldn't believe it!

How many companies decide to NOT
"go public" (sell stock to raise funds to enable expansion which creates jobs!) because they don't want to be forced to deal with all this and other - even worse - anti-business $#!+!?!

*THIS* is why unemployment is at record levels!