Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nevada "Only Ones" want military-pattern semi-autos out of the hands of citizens.

"I think it's a good question to ask: Why does a typical citizen need to have an assault weapon?"

Nevada National Guard Sgt. Caitlin Kelley, one of the victims in the IHOP attack, responded to the shooting by calling for a ban on assault weapons, which can be purchased without a background check at many gun shows or through private sellers.

"I can't imagine why we are even selling assault weapons to civilians," said Kelley, who was shot in the foot and still uses a wheelchair. "There's no reason for an AK-47 or an M-16 or an M-4 to be in a civilian's home."

Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley agreed, saying: "I don't see any logic to having assault weapons available to the public." But he said banning such weapons would spark a sharp response by gun-rights advocates.


Mark III said...

Well, Ms. Kelley, frankly, you are the reason.

Sean said...

Because ordinary citizens MIGHT like the option of shooting back at someone shooting at them with an "assault weapon". Meh.

Chuck III said...

"Assault Weapon." Rolls off the tongue so much smoother than "normal semi-automatic firearm that fires one round with each pull of the trigger"

I'd like her to show me where I can buy an "AK-47, M16 or M4" (legally) from a private seller.
Can she spot an NFA firearm among a pile of Airsoft guns? Doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Kelley, you just shot yourself in the foot with that inane statement.
You swore an oath to preserve the Constitution. The Second Amendment to same preserves my right to keep and bear arms.
I own one of those semi AK's. If you really don't think I should have it, then come and take it.


Ashrak said...

It makes my skin crawl the instant anyone interjects the "need" word into the discussion about firearms.

Why does anyone "need" more than one thousand words a month in free speech? Why does anyone "need" to carry a bible in their pocket? Why does anyone "need" to remain silent or be secure in their papers and affects?

When one tries to base the exercise of a right by another on a "need", they have already lost the debate.

See, I get to speak with a thousand words, or ten thousand, because I want to - "need" playing no part as a decider. Just like I get to buy a hundred guns a month if I so choose (and can afford to do so. Exercise of rights is about INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVE "WANT", not about COLLECTIVE SUBJECTIVE "NEED".

The "need" canard is one of the most ridiculous attempts to curtail rights that there has ever been. The very purpose of recognition, especially by direct enumeration, of inalienable rights is to remove from government, and the claimed mob majority, the ability, the authority, to dictate "need" to the individual.

Why does someone, anyone, "need" to be "allowed" to own and carry a pencil, ink pen, paper, megaphone and a laptop with a printer?

( I am left to wonder if the "need" folks will ever understand how STUPID such a question really is - or how foolish they make themselves out to be when they pose that same question in Second Amendment context instead of First Amendment context.)

A Citizen is not required to demonstrate a "need" in order to exercise their Creator Endowed rights. Only their own want, their own decision, is required.

Subjects, on the other hand, do indeed "need" to show cause and gain permission.

"Need" folks have to understand that this is where their "need" premise goes -

Why do people "need" to vote in private? Why do Black people "need" to vote? "Need" folks really are mental midgets who do not think through their own positions.

Doc Enigma said...

Well, then, come and get them!

Robert Fowler said...

I lost count of the outright lies in that article. I can't believe they are still telling that "conversion kits at gunshows" lie. All of these "pro-gun" people with their "I support the 2nd Amendment, but" crap. Every time they say "but" it's a red flag that the only rights they care about are their own.
They keep bringing up the fact that in Nevada you can own a machine gun. This has absolutely nothing to do with a shooting by a nut basket with a illegally modified rifle. Do they really believe we are this stupid?

Newbius said...

I think the "sharp response' arrives at 3000fps...

Ernest said...

I hear patriots claim all the time that the military would never assist the government in rounding up and confiscating firearms from civilians.

I believe we've just heard from one Sgt Kelly who WOULD.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. They don't see any reason.
Just the constitution and bill of rights, that's all. Just the actual words of the founding fathers, that's all.

Guess they can't be bothered to read or understand those documents or the actual words of the founding fathers. Too much trouble to go to and besides, they are old dead white guys who didn't know anything anyway. We're smarter and better than all of them put together. Just ask us!

I guess you actually realize what this means folks. It means that the very stupid and evidently illiterate will be point guns at you, shooting at you, even though you are both right in your opinions and in the law as well.

It's just a matter of time now.

Longbow said...

Quote" Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley agreed, saying: "I don't see any logic to having assault weapons available to the public."

Again, eerie silence from the ranks. Not one peep from all those "really good guys" we keep hearing about.

Anonymous said...

I know it's cliche', but: When only the police have guns, it's a police state.
I have never understood this ignorance from the men in blue about them being superior to the rest of us.

Toaster 802 said...

Sounds like Sgt Kelly needs to lose a few stripes. Talking for the entire Nevada Guard? No disclaimer otherwise. Sounds like people need to call her CO and press for charges.

I guess she is not an Oathkeeper.

Anonymous said...

And, in other news, the family of the victim of a recent murder is speaking out against assault rocks.

Adam, father of Abel, who was recently killed by his other son Cain, is questioning the need of normal civilians to possess assault rocks.

"If it weren't for the mass availability of assault rocks, this shameful crime might never have happened. I would still have both of my sons today."

Cain, also known in some circles as Master Mahan, was not available as of press time for comment.

Anonymous said...

LONGBOW: Absolutely spot on. The "good guys" are doing the CYA dance to protect their jobs and pensions. The upside about the Ms. Kelleys of Amerika, is that there are not enough of them to do a full-on round up of anything. Here in the Peoples' Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon, there are not enough Guardsmen to secure and hold the city of Grants Pass. That is assuming everyone shows up once Comrade Kitzhaber calls for a confiscation. And, as far as Ms Kelley's shooting is concerned, it has disappeared off the radar because the suspect was a lone nut of Hispanic backround. The MSM could not hang this incident on the Tea Party, angry white militias, or their other favorite "usual suspects".

Walter Zoomie said...

Eff Sgt. Caitlin Kelley, and eff Sheriff Mike Haley.

Mark Matis said...

Well, Toaster 802, I would merely note that not even most Oath Keepers are really oath keepers.

Pyrotek85 said...


THIS. 'Need' has nothing to do with rights, and it really shows that they don't even understand what rights are to begin with (or that they do and they're simply evil).

Pyrotek85 said...


THIS. 'Need' has nothing to do with rights, and it really shows that they don't even understand what rights are to begin with (or that they do and they're simply evil).

bitter clinging Texan said...

As My dear old mom used to say "you can want in one hand and shit in the other, and then see which one fills up first"
The Sgt Kelly's and Mike Haley's of this country, if they want to attempt something like this, need to heed the words of an unknown Irishman to the brits during "the troubles". "You need to be lucky all the time, we only need to be lucky once"
I also would like to bring to their attention the profiliration of firearms manufacturing as a cottage industry in places with draconian firearms laws such as India. They should also remember that vastly superior tooling and raw materials are available to average americans to this end than to those in India and the Philipines. Kelley's and Haley's, ask yourself this, If Illiterate Packistanian hillbillies in the khyber pass can make production quality small arms in caves with materials and tooling inferior to what was available to dirt poor americans in the 1930s, Think about what working class or middle class americans could produce in their garages with the tooling and materials easily available to us in the year 2011. And when you get done changing your depends after entertaining that thought, rethink your career choice

pdxr13 said...

The right place for a compact carbine like M-4, AK-47, etc. is not "at home", but over your shoulder, magazine inserted, round chambered, safety on. Folks should get used to open carry of effective personal weapons.

When you have a neat car, expect to get pulled over for a look. Same with carrying a weapon more interesting than that carried by local police. Know the law, and school 'em if necessary. Ask them to call their supervisor.

Cops should shut up and do their job. If I said that as an E-4 in uniform/official capacity, I would expect, at very minimum, a written caution in my file after a visit to my commanders office. This woman officer might consider starting a family, and her ability to do early retirement from tax feeding.


Anonymous said...

Do they really believe we are this stupid?

Yes! And most of our fellow citizens prove them right every day.

Next question.

fireplaceguy said...

What else would you expect in a state where Eric Scott can be murdered by police for the crime of breaking no law? A state in which a thug/bully like Joe Arpaio is held up as a hero?

From a Mob state, to a Government Mob state - all in our lifetimes. (And sadly, it's just America on steroids.)

Militia indeed...

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Kelly, did you swear an oath to protect a government that allows its subjects only those things that the subjects are deemed to need?

Choose this day whom you serve!

wv: Jawsepul -- Jaba the Hut's cousin.

Anonymous said...

They are semi-autos. Those are not assault weapons.

Why do a ordinary citizens have an AK or AR in their homes? Because they can. And THAT is all anybody needs to know.

PS Everybody should learn to bump fire.

Mark Matis said...

Now pdxr13, you need to understand that this is no longer your father's Army, nor your Army. This is the new, improved Army. Made so by the outstanding leadership in Washington, both civilian and military. And it didn't just start to go that way in January 2009. It was WELL underway LONG before then.

In today's Army, she is far more likely to earn a medal for her "courage". Maybe she can borrow one of John Kerry's Purple Hearts?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anonymous (10/25@14:28) said:
"...PS Everybody should learn to bump fire."


It's a sure way to turn money into noise, and not much good for much of anything else!

Aimed fire is effective fire - period.

There IS a new AR stock out there that seems to enable "bumped" fire in an aimed manner - and I think THOSE deserve some consideration - but even there I think the $ would be much better spent on a case or two of ammo for practice.


Anonymous said...

I'm an honorably discharged disabled vet.
And I think a freely owned firearm of any form would have ended this bullshit most ricky-tick. And better if it were a NFA firearm.

So Ms Kelly, what now?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the number to her CO or her unit info?