Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Only Ones" as gun smugglers? Heaven forfend! Mayor Mike's Major Embarrassment.

Your federal tax dollars at work.

The arrests stem from an FBI-NYPD internal affairs investigation that began in 2009 when a paid FBI informant tipped off authorities that an 18-year NYPD veteran, William Masso, was interested in making money by transporting stolen goods. In the months that followed, the informant and an undercover investigator posing as the ringleader began supplying the defendants and others cigarettes - purportedly stolen out of state - for resale in New York, the criminal complaint says.

Court papers described the informant as a non-U.S. citizen who "has been assisting the FBI in exchange for payment and aid in remaining in the United States."


Frankenstein Government said...

The Feds hate any kind of competition. It particularly pisses them off if the local cops have a profit motive rather than a political motive that gets agents killed.

Ashrak said...


We already know that Hezballah operatives are big into cigarette smuggling and black market sales.....