Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TPM "Muckraker" offers some cover-up muck of its own.

Issa's Theory That Gun Disappeared After Border Patrolman's Murder 'Maligns' FBI Agents.


Bad Cyborg said...

The comments are priceless. I didn't realize so many lala land leftists could read.

Apparently high consumption of the leftist cool-aide destroys the higher cognitive centers of the brain while leaving the areas responsible for reading and speaking intact.

Leftism is not a mental disease, it's a sure sign of brain damage and significantly impaired cognitive function.

Ashrak said...

""The FBI has made clear that reports of a third gun recovered from the perpetrators at the scene of Agent Terry's murder are false," Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said in a statement to reporters."

And the DOJ "made clear", via Holders own words under oath, that it, and he, didn't know about GunWalker until just "a few weeks ago" too.

And we know that to have been an outright lie today, huh? Indeed.

The "third gun" story was touted as a way, from the very start, to insulate GunWalker Scandal guns from this murder. Issa's "If....then"quote, shared as an "update" in the article, is a pretty good short-and-to-the-point smackdown.

No matter how this is cut up, when the big picture is in focus, they, Barry and crew, are BUSTED. Why some continue to embarrass themselves trying to find a way to explain it all away is beyond me. Do they really not understand that as they make fools of themselves now, all posterity will be able to look back upon their foolishness - and see it for what it is?

Have they really lost sight of the fact that history rolls on, regardless of whether they want it to or not? Do they really think that if they just refuse to admit it, it never happened? Are today's "journalists" really that mind-rotted and oblivious?

Anonymous said...

"Muckraker" is the proper phrase for that rag. All the commentators have Holder and Obama so far up their butt that the blood is cut off to their brain. All the evidence that points to a cover-up and a corrupt DOJ is forgoten, all effort is focused on whether two or three guns from F&F were at the scene. What would happen when it turns out there might be four or five?

Robert Fowler said...

You can tell from the comments who their reader base is. The pure hatred od Rep. Issa is clearly eveident.

TPaine said...

"Rape charges malign rapist!" Robbery charges malign home invasion suspects!" I guess when you accuse someone of something, you are maligning them. Isn't the English language a wonderful thing? I'm going down to traffic court today and accusing the police of maligning me when they gave me that speeding ticket.

pdxr13 said...

Commenters on TPM seem to live in "Another Country", where Holder/Obama are patriots and Issa is a criminal (rich white elected guy who questions the direction, objectives, means, and speed of the Administration).

I see congressman Issa as a "standard" politician who has seen the light that his position and wealth will be for nothing if the Country turns to fertilizer (California, well-chewed and in the lower intestines of the Beast, is leading the pack). In the current situation, this makes him "uncooperative" and "unreasonable" with the full-speed-ahead party in the White House.


Ashrak said...

Seen this?


Carl-Bear said...

Just for the sake of argument, let's say that "K1" was Terry's blood sample and not a gun. This raises a couple more questions:

Assuming evidence was numbered in the order in which it was collected at the scene, why did investigators think the first thing that needed to be collected and tagged was a blood sample from the victim? (And, as Schmaler reportedly phrased it, "a blood sample from Agent Terry", not just splatter. Why was this the first thing collected on scene and not during the post mortem?)

And why does the ATF (as referenced in their own emails) think a blood sample is a firearm... oh, never mind. These are the guys who think shoelaces are machine guns; why not a blood sample, too?

Pete said...

What a hoot! The FBI needs to be more than maligned. I suppose pointing out their approval of the sales of hundreds of guns to known felons would also "malign" them.

Anonymous said...

"What a hoot! The FBI needs to be more than maligned. I suppose pointing out their approval of the sales of hundreds of guns to known felons would also "malign" them."

And then there's our old "friend" Lon Horiuchi. The fact of the matter is that the FBI truly does not need us or anyone else to "malign" them. They're more than capable of doing that for themselves.