Wednesday, October 19, 2011

David Codrea: What does Obama mean by ‘held accountable’?

Good question.

Here’s one other curiosity I find—a personal one. And I bring this up not to insert myself or Mike into the story, but because the ATF Chief Counsel’s Office already did that when they called one of my Gun Rights Examiner columns to the attention of senior Bureau staff.

Considering the well-documented slogging Vanderboegh and I had to go through to help arrange Congressional protection for whistleblowers and get their story noticed outside of our limited-reach special interest readership, considering how much of what we were writing about has been and continues to be corroborated, considering that demonstrates we have been relying on credible insider sources, and considering that we continue to break new revelations in spite of being ridiculously out-resourced by Big Boy Media, I find it curious OIG has not at least approached us.

Hell, I'd love a chance to question them. Maybe ask 'em when we're going to get a real investigation...


Mt Top Patriot said...

I believe I have an answer to your question Mr. Mike.

It involves the scope of lawlessness by our government which increases exponentially by the day.
Increases by the very nature of its disregard for the Rule of Law.

You can count on one thing from these people who are involved in this tyranny, if it was you or I who committed these crimes, we would be sitting in a 6 x 6 concrete box for the rest of my natural life.

It is unquestionable, sure as the sun rises, laws are for the little people.
The ruling class is exempt from the law, and the consequences of breaching those laws. In truth, the ruling class does just that, it Rules. It makes the rules, enforces, or not, the rules, as it sees fit to its benefit first and last. When the president of this nation leads from this position of absolute power, all is subordinated to a system of decree and favoritism geared to protect like minded crooks and traitors.

A Constitutional Republic functioning under The Rule of Law does not operate this way. This my fellow American is the definition of tyranny.

It is people such as this that control most of our government. People who can not afford to be held accountable for what they are guilty of committing. Nor, it is safe to say, are willing to give up the power and position they hold in this system of tyranny.

We now are only a breath away from dictatorship. It is part and parcel of why Gunwalker gains no traction. An entire system of government is guilty.

But I'm not telling you guys anything for sure.

Johnny said...

You're not going to get a real investigation, obviously. A real investigation and all the facts laid bare would bring down the American government. This stuff was going on under Bush as well - which is why Issa won't push it to the logical conclusion.

The bottom line: government runs the drugs and guns for the big banks who launder the money; the prison-industrial complex grows fat off the pickings.

The American economy simply wouldn't exist any other way.

Anonymous said...

Herr Goebbels may not have been the first to point out the concept, but he gets credited with it. That is, that the truth is not important. What is important is what people believe. Herr Goebbels even stated that the purpose of his ministry was not to spread the truth, but to spread what the government he represented wanted the German people and the world to believe.

Following that principle, DOJ does not have to ever conduct an investigation. So long as the media and the people can be made to believe that an investigation is in progress, an actual investigation is not necessary and might even prove counterproductive to DOJ's interests.

Bad Cyborg said...

"Hell, I'd love a chance to [snippage] ask 'em when we're going to get a real nvestigation...

No matter what answer they gave the truth is a simple one. We'll get a real invenstigation about 6 months after they catch the Pope kneeling on a prayer rug facing Mecca.

Anonymous said...

The real question is what does he mean by "screwed up?"

Because in their minds the ones who screwed up are the whistleblowers...

I just hope that "held accountable" doesn't take place on a park bench somewhere.