Saturday, October 29, 2011

TPM Muckracker, the collectivist Gunwalker Scandal deflection machine, provides a moment of unintended clarity.

"Eric Holder To Testify On Fast And Furious As Dems Call On Ex-ATF Director Melson."

I particularly liked this paragraph:

Issa has been hammering Holder over the anti-gun trafficking operation (emphasis supplied, MBV) and a handful of Republican members of Congress have even called for his resignation though there’s been no evidence that Holder was aware of the “gun walking” tactics.

Yes, well. Let's leave aside the "no evidence that Holder was aware." Rather, I would draw your attention to the description of Gunwalker as an "anti-gun trafficking operation." And indeed it was a "trafficking operation" whose purpose was "anti-gun."

Thank you, TPM Muckracker, for that bit of unintended clarity.


AZVick said...

And thank you, for clarifying that moment of clarity.

AJ said...

Excuse me if I ramble.

It's funny. I read about the F&F investigation here and on Dave's blog. You have your story and allegations, and back it up with extensive documentation or links to real evidence.
TPM Muckraker and others trying to defend Obama/Holder, et al., have nothing. No exculpatory evidence, no links to exculpatory evidence. Nothing. Well, nothing but pure unbridled arrogance.
I don't like to use the Liberal/Conservative or Dem./Repub labels as these have been used to divide and conquer the American populace, but it sure seems that these folks who would call themselves liberals are some of the most arrogant, defensive, inflexible people in the world. Furthermore, I just can't understand how anybody could love and trust such a huge and and over-reaching government and want more intrusion into their lives from the government. Not only that, but they are demeaning and rude to the people who don't want authoritarian government control.
I just don't get it.

rdf67 said...

When Sharyl Attkinsson complained that Tracy Schmaler had yelled at her for reporting on Fast and Furious, explaining that she was not reasonable like the NYTimes, WAPO and LATimes, I finally figured out what had happened. Richard Serrano and Sari Horowitz and others were spoon fed info from Schmaler. How does a felonious plan become a "botched sting" when there is no sting? How can sales of guns to felons who will transport their weps to Mexican cartels be "well-intentioned"? How can the ATF be held responsible for a program that is funded and comes to them at the direction, control and ownership of the DOJ? How does gun trafficking become gun tracing?
There is a simple crime that describes it - obstruction of justice. First I hope the truth fully emerges. Someone must have been in a meeting who thought, "This can't be legal." After all, many involved in the felonious op are lawyers. Someone who carried out orders, besides are trusty ATF field agents who hollered loud and clear, had to question the moral authority. People who complain about "deals" for felons might appreciate that tool here - I just hope they talk about five years instead of 20 with some of these people in order to get to the origin.