Friday, October 21, 2011

The final word on my case. I have to pay $50 and pick up the garbage, but I get my son's pistol back.

Long time readers will recall that in early September 2010, I was arrested for having a pistol in my car without a concealed carry permit subsequent to a road rage incident where I was the victim.

The disposition of the case is as follows: Per my lawyer's best advice, I plead guilty to a misdemeanor that in no way harms my firearm rights, have agreed to a payment schedule by which I will pay a $50 fine and the lesser one of three possible court costs. In all it will be less than $200. I will pay them in installments out of my disability check over the next four months. No jail time (which was very much on the table at one point in the lower court, which has "zero tolerance" and they definitely evinced a zeal to achieve a guilty verdict-- they really wanted me -- and Matt's pistol ground up).

The last judge refused to force the prosecution to tell us the name of the road rager who jumped out of his car and yelled, "He's got a gun!" while pointing at me. We took it as far as we could within the court system (within the limits of money permitting).

As the lawyer (and many of my friends) pointed out, I have bigger fish to fry.

The good news is that I get Matthew's PT745 back, it being within the discretion of the Sheriff to do that and I have agreed to get a pistol permit, which costs all of $15.00. Some, who said I was a hypocrite for not shooting it out with the local cops when the incident happened, will no doubt be writing screeds about my defection from principle. Whatever.

I DO have bigger fish to fry.

One day when I have time, however, I will find out the name of the guy who set me up along with Deputy Cornelius. When I do, you'll read about him first here, metaphorically sliced and diced by a keyboard samurai.

And I have a very sharp keyboard.


Brock Townsend said...

Good deal.

Anonymous said...

Please be sure to post some of the "twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles
and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each
one was to be used as evidence..."

I am happy for the good outcome!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting the best deal possible. God help the people that get on the receiving end of your key board.

Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Just resubscribed for more than enough to cover the permit - don't want to jeopardize your easy payment plan, though...

BTW, nice pistole'


Anonymous said...

Did the rest of the offenders move away from you on the bench until you said you created a nuisance?

Backwoods Engineer said...

"I will pay them in installments out of my disability check over the next four months."

No sir, you will not.

If I and my fellow Irregulars have anything to say about it, you will pay it from our voluntary PayPal donations, which we will kick in extra just for this purpose, and not have to touch a penny of that disability check.

God bless you, Mike Vanderboegh. You have taught me so much about what it is to be an American.

pdxr13 said...

Any contact with the legal system that leaves you only slightly poorer, but intact is acceptable. Betcha you get the info you need via "little bird".

Shooting it out with "road ragers" or cops is a terrible idea, in almost every pre-apocalypse scenario.

Isn't a weapon "stored" in your car or on you while in your car just like having it in a drawer at home or on your hip while in the house? Sounds like a State carry law that needs fixing, although $15 and "shall issue" is pretty reasonable.

Don't get distracted from the important stuff: family, maintenance of self, publishing the novel, being a point-of-contact for spooks who need to talk, and keeping the worst parts of the Administration off-balance and defensive.


bondmen said...

Congratulations Mike you've had intercourse with the justice system and your excretory system remains intact! That is a tremendous victory and we all agree your time and energy and considerable keyboard skills should remain on the current targeted foe. There'll be opportunities aplenty ahead to turn your guns on other opponents.

It's been such a productive week with your new revelations and insight I feel compelled to hit the tip jar once again. And thanks for your tireless efforts on our behalf!

Old NFO said...

Better than the 'other' options... Glad to hear your rights will not be impacted.

Female III said...

This ain't over. I want you to have the name of the tool that broke the 9th Commandment by pretending to be scared out of his underpants. The Constitution says you have it coming to you. So do I. How much money do you need to get it?

Anonymous said...

Rule One: Continue to exist.
Rule Two: Continue to exist.
Of course, you are doing Rule Three.

Hang in there.


bitter clinging Texan said...

Im glad every thing turned out OK for ya Mr V

Anonymous said...

"And I said, "Yes, sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie, I put that envelope
under that garbage." " -- Arlo Guthrie

Scott J said...

That pistol looks oddly familiar. I bought one just like it almost 2 years ago on the advice of some old fat man with a cane :)

For those who asked about our state's law there is a bill introduced in our legislature that would have made all of Mike's ordeal moot.

If you live in AL or have friends or relatives who do encourage them to ask their State Rep. to support House Bill 582:

Anonymous said...

Live to fight another day. The fools that propose shooting it out with cops are an order of fries short of a Happy Meal.

The truth of the 'accuser' will eventually come out. False reporting is a crime...and then there is your keyboard. That fellow is in trouble as is the cop that was complicit in allowing it to happen.

Carry On.

Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I'm headed over to PayPal right now.

Buck O'Fama said...

Deputy Cornelius, eh? Hmmm. I wonder if any of our computer wizards are interested in finding out a little of his story. Background, complaints filed against, history.
I must put a word in with a couple of fellows I know who are very interested in jackbooted thugs / corrupt Only Ones who tread on the rights of citizens when they ought not.

Uncle Al said...

"I will pay them in installments out of my disability check over the next four months."

I'm in total agreement with Backwoods Engineer, except...

Money is fungible. Pay them from your disability check if that's what suits you, but after adding up your numbers and considering it a worst case scenario, I just added $265.00 to your kitty, so the diminution of your checks will be offset.

And I'm mighty grateful to do it, considering my moral debt to you for all you have done and I'm sure will continue to do in my interests. Yes, yes, I know my interests are not why you are doing what you do, but nevertheless!

Thank you, Mike.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
So you "Pay $50 and get the gun back"....Hmmmmm?? Since the local ocifer oby really wanted to hang you and now you "get your gun and walk!" I wonder? Did they read Cheyenne 0317/8541 "Hundred Heads" and get to think theirs might be one of the "hundred??" By attacking you all they did was open Pandoras' Box a bit farther and open their own can of worms. They took "A Gun" (that will be returned), but in their shortsightedness didn't see the real instrument of power,"the Pen in your shirt pocket!!"

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite trick for revenge is what I call "Constipation" where the top of a 2 liter pop bottle is cut off leaving a 3 inch hole. Fill the bottle with dry ready-mix concrete and locate the sewer clean-out plug in the target's lawn. Get the plug opened and the longest time it ever took me to dump two of the 2 liter bottles into the sewer pipe was less than 10 seconds. As liquid flows thru the sewer pipe the ready-mix will set up and thus "Constipate" the sewer line. One offending business got hit and the bouncers at the bar had to squeegee the bathrooms since the college kids wanted to get their money's worth when it was $10 for all the draft beer they could drink. After 3 weeks of nothing draining down the pipe they called in the plumbers who could not get the roto-rooter past the concrete. Some poor Gomer was down in the hole when he found the plug (100 feet from the building) and broke the pipe open (imagine 100 feet of 4 inch pipe full of whiz & other goodies) and someone got a bath.
Constipation has had a 100% success rate on the times I have used it. Using should give you the home address of the deputy and when you find out the name of the nit-wit who started the whole thing, his address can be found they same way. This is one of my more underhanded dirty tricks that I am willing to share. What's that old saying that goes something like "Poop Happens"??

Anonymous said...

"I have agreed to get a pistol permit, which costs all of $15.00."

Good deal. Now be sure to carry that pistol every place you go. :^)


Dedicated_Dad said...

Scott J: Family Court fund?

You must be talking about a different bill...

Female III said...

You mean your pan ain't big enough to fry more than one fish at a time? Your lawyer and friends are wrong. This ain't no sardine and it is indicative that some nasty business is going on in that county. Please pursue this.

As far as Barney goes...State troopers get in lots of trouble if they abuse you verbally. I know of at least one case where it was considered "punishment" and no further fines, etc were allowed to be levied. I don't know about deputies, but at the very least it is an abuse of authority and highly unprofessional. Lodge a formal complaint with the department. Write a letter to the editor of the local paper. Don't let this punk Barney get away with how he treated you, Mike. He needs called on this.

Rurik said...

Uncle Al, Snaggle-Tooth, Backwoods Engineer, scoot on over and make room. Rurik insists on eating a bit of Mile's shit sandwich too.

Anonymous said...

The deputy needs to have his name on one of these abuse websites. I particularly like the first one.

and this attorney lists verbal abuse as police brutality

Anonymous said...

I apologize for them having a quote from the obama person. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

O'Fama, you'll need more than a surname.

Found 84 Results for Cornelius in or near Birmingham, AL

Anonymous said...

Looks like they employ a militia.

They need to start calling it the militia instead of "reserve".