Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"They still protect their snitches - always." Federal judge: "Bulger’s most trusted associate - the Boston FBI office - has gotten away with murder."

"Would I lie to you about killer snitches?" (You bet yer ass I would.)

Readers will recall that a source of mine recently characterized the FBI's paid confidential informant who likely killed Border Patrol agent Brian Terry as "The Mexican Whitey Bulger," saying "They still protect their snitches - always."

Earlier this month, I missed an important milestone in the never-ending Whitey Bulger case. Writing in the Boston Globe, columnist Kevin Cullen observed that 1st Federal Circuit Court of Appeals was "on the wrong side of the law."

Tommy Donahue was beside himself.

“Are we ever going to get justice?’’ he asked.

Apparently not. Not from the FBI. Not from the US Justice Department. And now it appears, not from the courts.

Tommy Donahue’s father, Michael, was collateral damage in the FBI’s cynical embrace of the gangster known as Whitey Bulger. After the FBI tipped off Bulger, its informant, that a hoodlum named Brian Halloran was shopping him for a murder, Bulger set up an elaborate plan to murder Halloran.

Unfortunately for Michael Donahue, Bulger moved in for the kill one day in May 1982 just as Donahue was giving Halloran a ride home to Dorchester from a waterfront bar. The bullets that killed Halloran killed Michael Donahue, too, leaving Patricia Donahue a widow and Tommy and his brothers Michael and Shawn fatherless.

It would take a book to explain the tortured road the Donahues have walked, trying to get justice for their husband and father. Two federal judges ordered the Justice Department to settle with the family, saying the FBI was egregiously responsible for getting Michael Donahue killed. But the Justice Department went on to spend more in litigation than the $6 million federal judge William Young eventually awarded the family.

The government, shameless and unrepentant, dragged the Donahues through the mud for years. The government appealed and appealed and finally got lucky last winter when, by a 2-to-1 vote, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled the Donahues filed their claim against their government too late. The two judges who ruled against the Donahues said - and I’m not making this up - that they should have read the papers a little more closely.

Yesterday, a very divided full First Circuit refused to hear the Donahues’ appeal. That means they don’t get the money, but, more importantly, they don’t get any justice. They have been slapped in the face, again, by their own government.

“It’s outrageous,’’ Tommy Donahue said.

And of course, he is right. And again it was Judge Juan Torruella, who dissented from last winter’s opinion, who rose to defend the Donahues and to accuse his colleagues on the bench of rewarding the most heinous government corruption by looking the other way.

Torruella noted that Bulger has been caught and will answer for his crimes.

“But unlike Bulger himself, thanks to the panel majority’s decision and the full court’s refusal to reverse it, Bulger’s most trusted associate - the Boston FBI office - has gotten away with murder,’’ Torruella wrote. “The moral of this outcome seems to be that crime does pay, at least for the government.’’

Torruella spoke of a big picture.

“Beyond its implications for the Donahue and Halloran families,’’ he wrote, “this case has thrust renewed attention on the FBI’s reliance on confidential criminal informants and the obvious ways in which this relationship can become too cozy for comfort.’’

Torruella couldn’t possibly have known this, but at approximately the same time his words were released, a motion in another case was filed across town in Suffolk Superior Court.

In his motion asking for a full hearing for his clients, Attorney Bob George pulled back yet another layer of skin on the new Whitey Bulger case: the FBI’s use of Mark Rossetti, a suspect in at least six murders, as an informant.

Citing a sealed affidavit filed by state prosecutors, George’s motion puts into the public domain what state and local police sources told me months ago: that in late December 2008 or January 2009, an FBI supervisory agent lied to the State Police when the Staties asked him whether Rossetti was working for the FBI. (Emphasis supplied, MBV.)

Get that? Years after Bulger got away with the help of the FBI, years after the FBI's continual assistance to Bulger, their shielding of Bulger -- all to protect a snitch who had enmeshed them in his own murders -- the FBI is STILL shielding Boston mob snitches that they cultivated -- and continue to cultivate.

Cullen continues:

So the FBI’s embrace of a murderous informant 29 years ago got Michael Donahue killed. Its more recent embrace of a suspected murderer named Mark Rossetti has imperiled the criminal charges against Rossetti and a host of other reputed criminals.

So, as Judge Torruella put it, this is not just about the injustice done to the Donahues. This is about the way the FBI does business with informants. This isn’t ancient history. This is now.

Brian Terry could tell you that, from the perfect knowledge he has in Heaven, but unfortunately the actions of another FBI paid confidential information who Robert Mueller and Company are still shielding, took him away from us -- from his family and from the country he loyally served.

That the FBI would betray all other law enforcement officers -- federal, state and local -- in order to protect themselves and their snitches is nothing new and no secret.

The only question is, how long are those other law enforcement officers, especially those with damning knowledge of the murder of Brian Terry and the Gunwalker Conspiracy, going to remain silent in the face of such treason to the country and to the oaths that they all took to defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic?

The FBI is willing to murderously play you for suckers, guys and girls. They could give a shit less who gets killed as long as they and their killer snitches are protected. They have demonstrated that with the killings of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata and thousands of Mexican citizens. Do you think that their depraved indifference to murder DOESN'T include you?


Ashrak said...

The answer, the honest answer, to your parting question here, Mike, is the stuff that makes whistle blowers take a deep breath and exhale strongly.

When they, on the "inside", finally realize that the government they serve will expend them just as they expended Brian Terry, and others, they will finally decide to stand up and tell the truth. I am left to wonder how many "insiders" have to die before there is a unrelenting chorus of truth coming from within the "inside".

Anonymous said...

Justice? In "their" courts? Where it would appear that only 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 could be counted upon for truth and objectivity?

I keep hearing the phrase "is it time yet?"

It's past time.

And yes, if they would do it to others you can bet they'll do it to you and then call it an isolated incident, which will never happen again because of "their" new reforms etc., etc......

It ain't your grandad's DOJ, CIA, or congress anymore.

Anonymous said...

Where did the philosophy come from in the first place that the enforcement of laws allows murder and deceit as a means to the end?

The FBI has failed the country with the NICS check in the gunwalking fiasco. Why should honest Americans go through a process that the FBI compromised with permitting known criminals and felons to purchase unlimited numbers of weapons. We will need a lot of rope to straighten out the country.

Chumgrinder said...

Leaving aside the fact that the Massachusetts court system (including the federal district) is a known fuckin' joke (see http://www.universalhub.com/2010/whoa-supreme-judicial-court-says-second-amendment), you still have to wonder what kind of a boy scout is in the habit of giving mafia dons rides home from waterfront bars. I'm betting this is really a case of wrong place, wrong time, right result regardless.