Thursday, October 27, 2011

Battle behind the scenes goes on. Has Ogden rolled? "Boehner is a pussy." Big Sis "should have taken the 5th." "These boys ain't afraid of letters."

Former Deputy Attorney General David Ogden. Has he rolled on the Gunwalker conspirators? Only he and the Issa Committee know for sure and they're not telling.

Rough day yesterday. I hit the bed at 8 o'clock because I was slap exhausted. Some of the reasons why are reflected in the posts for today.

The administration is continuing to hammer the whistleblowers without much help from the Issa and Grassley folks. The only real solution for them is for Issa and Grassley to battle forward to a conclusion that reveals the truth. As long as agenda hacks continue to control the agencies, the cover-up and retaliation will go forward because they perceive no immediate threat to their careers. But the fact is that more publicity to their plight by the Senator and the Congressman would go a long way to threatening these bureaucratic cockroaches with the antiseptic quality of sunlight, something that might restrain the smarter among them. It is worth a try, anyway. Meanwhile, they suffer in silence.

Discrediting disinformation continues to be floated and the administration continues to pressure the "mainstream media" at the highest levels into non-coverage. This was the cause of much of my own personal distress yesterday. Sorting gems of truth out of a running sewer of disinformation is difficult.

Example: There is a rumor out there that former Deputy Attorney General David Ogden has rolled and provided the Issa Committee with documents. Long-time readers will recall that I first drew attention to Ogden back in April He also figured prominently in my "Meetings" series (Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four; Part Five and Part Six.)

In Meetings we learned that Ogden was a key figure in the policy shaping of what would become the Gunwalking Scandal. He was, to use the phrase that I use to describe Hillary Clinton's State Department, "In at the beginning." Yet, within a few months of the kick-off of Fast and Furious, Ogden was out, resigned at his own volition.

From my April piece:

On December 3, 2009 it was announced that he would be resigning his post and returning to private practice in February 2010. According to news accounts, Ogden stepped down in part because of disagreements with Attorney General Eric Holder over management issues. The first speech he gave after his resignation was on the subject of "Restoring the Department of Justice."

So, Ogden's an early major player in what would become the Gunwalker Scandal, yet the first to opt out "because of disagreements with Attorney General Eric Holder over management issues."

Arte Johnson was right. Very interesting. Yet I cannot confirm this rumor. The committee staff members, and the sources around them, are being extremely tight lipped about this allegation, neither confirming nor denying. Perhaps someone with more resources or better sources (and a better reputation) than me can get in touch with Ogden himself, or, more likely, his attorney. Until then, it remains a tantalizing rumor. For if Ogden has rolled, the entire cover-up has just gone belly-up, and it is all over but the perjury indictments and the headlines. Speaking of which . . .

Sources say that the Oversight Committee has more than enough evidence to charge "Gunwalker Bill" Newell (and others) with more than one count of perjury. The Republican leadership, specifically John Boehner, is reported to oppose that because "he doesn't want to get ahead of the facts," according to one source. The same source, who works for the federal government, added in disgust, "The real reason is that Boehner is a pussy."

The source believes that were Newell to be charged, demonstrating the seriousness of the Committee's intent, that "there would be an instant change in the attitude of the rest of the guilty" and that "the cover-up would collapse overnight." The cover-up "COULD be collapsed overnight," said the source, "if the Republican leadership had the balls to do it. But they don't."

Another source says that "Grassley is all for going after (NSC staffer and Newell friend Kevin) O'Reilly in Iraq" and "investigators could fly to the Sandbox or he could be summoned back here." So far, for reasons unknown, says the source, that has not happened.

Yet, the fight goes on.

Yesterday's performance by Napolitano was "unbelievable" according to one of my sources with inside knowledge of the investigation, adding, "She should have taken the Fifth rather than commit perjury."

The Grassley-Issa letter of 25 October (links posted later today) going after information on the Texas gunwalking that led to the deaths of ICE agent Jaime Zapata is seen as an important step by sources behind the scenes.

Said one source, "The letters are making the case -- as they always have -- in advance of hearings and they are very useful in advancing the story," but "the fact that (Assistant Attorney General Ronald) Weich didn't answer Grassley's March letters until October 11th tells you something." Observing that the response was also really non-responsive, he concluded, "These boys ain't afraid of letters."


Ashrak said...

Some may disagree, but I think this is among the most truth filled pieces you have written yet, Sir.

Republicans, due to their inaction and intentional slowplaying, are the reason even the pretense of a cover up still resides anywhere near this story. The unwillingness to blow it wide open is apparent, heck it is right there front and center for all to see - to anyone who looks at it with open eyes.

And yes, this does rest on the shoulders of John Boehner. He will forever be known as The Silent Speaker. The Silent Speaker who protects not only Barry, but also the blatant corruption that is the GunWalker Scandal.

Dang right Janet should have pleaded the 5th outright yesterday. That was some of the most ridiculous "testimony" I think I have ever seen.

The GOP itself is proving itself as corrupt as the current administration and its party each and every day that its "leadership" stalls this. Indeed, when it comes to the cover up, I submit that because of chosen actions, Pubbies are bordering on being even more guilty than the administration - for silence in the face of pure evil can only be a friend, a protector of it.

And for that, John Boehner deserves, earns, the same fate as Barry himself and the other brainchilds of this foolish endeavor.

Sad it is that the supposed defenders of the republic are really no such thing at all. Sadder yet that they are willing to be so blatant about it.

Anonymous said...

The Republican party ain't going nowhere with Obama's golf partner Boehner as the speaker ! They all belong to the same ruling class country club.

Whizbanger said...

Fear is the universal motivator. If they aren't afraid of "letters", or of Congress, what then??
Much sadness as me thinks we know the answer.

Anonymous said...

"These boys ain't afraid of letters."

"She should have taken the Fifth rather than commit perjury."

Geee! No pattern here!

The evil doers aren't afraid because they know something we don't. Janet isn't copping a plea or invoking the 5th because she knows something we don't.

Well, actually, we do.

They " OWN " Boehner. I wonder what they have on him.

You don't have to come clean if you know that nothing is going to happen to you.

Mt Top Patriot said...

It is pretty darn simple. Stand back a speck, squint yours eyes a bit: The only thing these traitors, aka ruling elites, are scared of is the guns we own and the 2nd amendment.

Is there any other reason for them to invest such enormous political capitol, involving the high risk of so many of their ilk inside and out the inner circle of their organized high treason, so many knowing what the strategy and tactics instituted for the singular purpose eventually creating the ruse of a narrative and political justification of disarming the citizenry so they won't end up with a patriots bullet through their heads due to the tyranny they are hell bent on imposing on better than 300 million people?
Now tell me different and I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.