Monday, October 31, 2011

Early investigator of the true circumstances of the Terry murder dies of pneumonia.

Long time readers will recall the valiant work that Tuscon Citizen columnist Hugh Holub did early on to try to discover what really happened in Peck Canyon the night Brian Terry was killed.

I have just learned in an email from his widow Nancy Valentine Holub that Hugh passed away last month.

I cannot tell you what a shock this is to learn of his passing and what a loss it is to country.

Vaya con Dios, Hugh. You will be missed.


This is the last email exchange I had with Hugh. He was a great guy. A brilliant guy.

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I was reading Newell's testimony for Issa's hearing yesterday and after blowing a few gaskets came up with an idea which I am going to chase from my end.

There is a state crime called "reckless endangerment" and if Newell hasn't recklessly endangered a lot of lives...including Brian Terry's....then the law is meaningless.

My idea is to pitch our state attorney general to indict the SOB for state crimes. And if he sees the cell door closing on him....he'll rat out who approved the scheme.....

The idea is that the feds seem to think that since they are feds, they are above the law. Take them down a few notches, prosecute them under state law, and throw their butts in state prison.

I had first hand experience with this when I was a city attorney for a border cops nabbed a Border Patrol agent for going 75 mph through one of our school zones without lights and we took him down and prosecuted him for speeding and reckless endangerment. Had the Justice Department all over my ass for "obstructing" and all that shit....and lots of on the ground a BP agent would follow me home and park behind my truck so I couldn't back out of my drive way while he did his paperwork....

Anyway we made the charges stick....and sent the feds a really strong message that their conduct was subject to state law. They behaved a lot better in our city after that.

Hugh Holub

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Subject: Re: Newell

Hugh, this is brilliant. Let me know how it goes.

That's the last I heard from him. I got busy and sometime in between, he died. I am ashamed to admit that. It still is a great idea, but somebody else is going to have to make it happen now.



Dedicated_Dad said...

I just had a stroke of GENIUS!

In order to believe Operation Gunwalker was "a failed attempt to catch the 'big fish' of the drug cartels,"

One must believe that the way to catch "big fish" in real-life is to throw your bait in the water as you're driving over a bridge!

Leave all the poles at home! Don't need any line, or hooks, bobbers etc - just drive over the bridge and throw the bait into the water!

That will work - right? RIGHT?!

Anonymous said...

Hugh was a good man, he was an 'Az Liberal' with a healthy dose of cowboy, He really started to come to realise the level of corruption on the left in this last year and he had all but abandoned his 'soft' gun control stance.

He was a wealth of information on many facets if Az history and a truly honorable man.

He is missed

Backwoods Engineer said...

Would anybody be surprised if this good man was given a little hotshot in the hospital?

I'm becoming convinced that there are no political solutions left. The government/media complex controls all now.

All that's left is the hot civil war.

SamenoKami said...

Should Hugh have died of pneumonia?
Was he sick? In bad health?