Monday, October 17, 2011

Wednesday is the last day for Gunwalker Tee Shirt Orders.

This just in from Sean Sorrentino:

I am going to close orders for the third run of Gunwalker T-Shirts early. I had intended to keep them open for another two weeks or so, but something has come up that has the potential to break these shirts out. I need to send the shirts off immediately so that I can take advantage of this opportunity. That means that if anyone is holding back on buying one, now’s the time. Orders close on Wednesday, and I will have the shirts in hand on Monday the 24th. The will be shipped out and in people’s hands by Friday before Halloween, a full 2 weeks early. If this opportunity pans out, I’ll reopen orders for a 4th run. Here’s the link to the order page.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Sean D Sorrentino


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate to mention Fast & Furious. Make a note.

AZVick said...

Great shirt. Will wear mine with great pleasure.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link, Mike.

TPaine said...

1) I supported Ron Paul in 2008, and still wear one of his campaign wristbands ("Choose Liberty"). I will vote for him again this round.

2) Already ordered a T. Can't wait to get it. Also posted a link to Sean's site on my blog page.

Hope he gets lot of sales. On a like note, Mike - did anyone order a "Torpedo Los!" product of any kind from Cafe Press (that you know of)? I have seen zero sales, and although this isn't that unusual, since several people expressed interest, I want to make sure the records are accurate.