Friday, October 21, 2011

"Conspiracy Theory." It ain't a "theory" if it is true. What's a few more dead Mexicans in the interest of more federal power, right Rep. Schiff?

FBI Director Robert Mueller estimates the amount of his fidelity to his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

In the FOX story on the Grassley/Issa letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller (whose tenure at FBI was recently extended by two years until the end of the Obama administration's first and likely last term), "Ole Bloody Hands" Cummings was joined by the citizen disarmament advocate Rep. Adam Schiff in denouncing the third gun "conspiracy theory."

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the oversight committee, took Issa to task for sending the letter to Mueller.

"Frankly, I am shocked that Chairman Issa would continue to spin this conspiracy theory -- that the FBI is hiding a third weapon -- even after his recent allegations proved false," he said in a statement. "Rather than acknowledging this embarrassing mistake and apologizing for making false accusations about the FBI, Chairman Issa's letter is an unprecedented attack on the integrity and credibility of law enforcement that could seriously jeopardize the ongoing prosecution."

Meanwhile, Rep. Adam Schiff ,D-Calif., has come to the defense of Attorney General Eric Holder, saying the “politically motivated attacks” on him “need to come to an end.”

“They are a meritless distraction from the important work of the Department of Justice, and the many men and women who work every day to make America safer,” he said in a statement.

Schiff argued the evidence shows that Holder has been “forthright throughout” by requesting a full investigation by the inspector general once he learned of the operation’s problems. He added that Issa’s own staff was briefed on the operation in April 2010.

“Mr. Issa said nothing about the operation at the time – one might just as well call for an investigation of his office – but none is required,” he said. “Mr. Issa should understand better than most that being made aware of a program’s existence is not the same as being apprised of the operational details of a plan that has gone terribly wrong.”

"Conspiracy Theory." Yeah, well, it ain't a "theory" if it is true.

Congressman Adam Schiff demonstrates his capacity for independent thought and adherence to moral principle.

Readers will recall this Schiff-head's earlier mention on Sipsey Street, when back in August he used particularly convoluted logic and misdirection about Gunwalker to justify more power for ATF. Schiff comes from a safe district in the People's Democratic Republic of Kalifornia, and I guess he presumes that his Latino constituents are too stupid to notice the functional racism of protecting people whose policies demonstrated, at least, wanton disregard and depraved indifference to the stacks of bodies of Mexican citizens generated by the Gunwalker Scandal.

What's a few more dead Mexicans in the interest of more federal power, right Congressman Schiff?


Hefferman said...

It is funny how the media that screamed over dead Muslims in Yugoslavia, is so quite about all the dead Mexicans.
This is an attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment, and needs to be crushed like any other form of treason.

Anonymous said...

we should all under stand that all democrats are communist traitors who deserve a traitors reward.