Friday, October 28, 2011

David Codrea: Mayor ends ‘Occupy Atlanta’ when Second Amendment exercised with First. Hoplophobia bites hoplophobes on their hoplophobic butts.

Now THIS is funny.


Dakota said...

I know of no city where I and some friends would be allowed to pitch tents on city property, disrupt business, all in the name of my "right" to be there. Yes I can demonstrate but I have to have other sleeping arrangements. These leftist asses are allowed to do these and more, even sleep in State capital buildings to protest. I am sure that all this "civil" disagreement tolerance only swings one way ..... "left"

Rurik said...

If the Occupation has been lifted, can we say that Atlanta has been "Liberated"? Or should we merely say that Atlanta is now unoccupied?

Anonymous said...

Another mayor that should be swinging on the end of a rope.