Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hillary questioned on Fast and Furious.

"I did not have bureaucratic relations with that Attorney General. Eric Holder."

She heard it through the grapevine.


journeytogao said...

Oh ffs let's break this down.

You went to law school, right, Mrs. Clinton?

You know something about the law then?

You now work in the federal government?

You've heard of the Arms Export Control Act?

You know Op F&F violated this Act unless the Justice Department had waivers from your department?


Okay, let's start again. You went to law school, right, Mrs. Clinton?

Anonymous said...

haha... "we have no RECORD of xyz..." "we have no RECORD of that..."

Well, as long as there is no record of it, it never happened eh?

rdf67 said...

The Secy of State would have to sign off on any activity dealing with Mexico. The Director of Homeland Security would have to sign off on any activity involving border ops. Why would they take no interest in Fast and Furious even after they "read about it in the Press"?

Pete said...

Sec Clinton, "State has no record record of any....."
"Eric, he say he hear it in the press. Uhh, me, too!

Well, duuhhh!! Of course not! The records have all been destroyed!

Dedicated_Dad said...

Boy, the differences between Her Filthiness, 'Da Hildebeest and Big Sis, Janet Incompetano sure are striking, aren't they?

The former - as evidenced by this vid - is INFINITELY better at weaseling and CYA-ing!

"My RECOLLECTION is..." - can't be charged with lying, only 'mis-remembering"...

"There is no evidence..." - she didn't say "it didn't happen", only that "there's no (longer any remaining) evidence..."

She's even slicker than Willy!

I also can't help noticing the obvious, deliberate attempts to "Clean her up" -- has she had some "work" done on her face, or just hired a really good makeup artist?

Likewise the hair... Are they trying to make her less hideous by comparison to Sarah & Michelle?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Stream not working. My browser, or has it been taken down already?
0147 PDT here.


Longbow said...

Dedicated Dad, good job!

ParaPacem said...

In the photo, das Hilarbitsch shows us how close the sniper bullets were to her as she raced across the landing strip in Bosnia, in her valiant effort to rescue the little flower girl.
That was after a long night of smoking crack and doing double shots of Jack Daniels.

Anonymous said...

This "hole in the wall gang" has no working hole to hide in.

The three at the top are all looking for a way to do in the other two.

Holder goes first done in by Ms Clinton, then Bill and his Ms will have leaks take out the O of no hole.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the most cogent opinion you can express consists of calling anyone a lying cunt, you should dial back and sign back on to the anonymous deviant porn page where you, no doubt, spend most of your time. I cannot believe the administrator of this page, which purportedly advances genuine alternarive opinions, could put up with this kind of horseshit. You don't warrant a forum.