Monday, October 31, 2011

Fast and Furious: 17 Members of Congress Now Calling For Holder to Resign.

"I think he’s been a mistake from the very beginning."


AJ said...

Indictments, dammit! It's high time for some indictments! Watch the house of cards tumble when Holder, Bruer, Newell and Voth are indicted. They'll be falling all over themselves to point fingers at "the other guy".

Anonymous said...

“I think he’s been a mistake from the very beginning,” Burton told The DC in a phone interview."

Treason and multiple Murders are now consider a "mistake"....

Lots of dirty little fingers here.

They do love their power and privileges. Evidently they have embraced the 'Right of Kings' philosophy completely.

bIII said...

Seventeen members of congress..???
Washington's Wallmart must have had balls on sale last week. I wonder who taught them how to
use these new-found toys ???


Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Get a few resignations and end of story. Nobody will do hard time for this.
And the rest will continue on with their rape and pillage of the amerikan people. Besides, Hillary isn't finished with politics yet!