Sunday, October 30, 2011

An open letter from a Federal Firearms Licensee to members of law enforcement.

The other day, I was chatting with a fellow truth-seeker in the Gunwalker Scandal and we were pondering the lack of more whistleblowers from Texas -- both LEOs and FFLs -- especially given that Fast & Furious has given them the perfect excuse to come forward. It is not hard to understand how ATF was able by lies and coercion to get dealers to "cooperate" and sell more weapons to straw buyers. The economic threat to their livelihoods implicit in the presence of a man with a gun and a badge standing in front of you who regulates your industry is hard to miss. He can always find a paperwork violation to put you out business, or in jail, should he so desire. It is harder to understand that attitude now, when there is a friendly Congressman and Senator to tell your story to. And yet, as my friend pointed out, it is only human to want to wait and see which side is going to win. "The committee," he said, "has not done a stellar job of shielding whistleblowers so far."

As for the ATF agents of the Houston Field Division (and, for that matter, agents from other agencies such as Border Patrol, ICE, FBI, DEA and so on), the lesson of John Dodson and the other brave whistleblowers seems to be that craven silence is better for their careers than upholding the oath to the Constitution that they took.

Again, the fact that despite their cooperation with the Issa committee, most of the whistleblowers of Fast and Furious seem to be pretty much on their own -- still receiving daily bureaucratic retribution impacting their careers, their families and their health -- surely influences the heretofore silent agents reluctance. The fact that the obvious criminals of Fast and Furious are being shielded is not lost on others who know, but have not yet come forward.

Again, it is not hard to fault the Committee, and even Senator Grassley, for failing to take more public steps to highlight the Obama administration's campaign of retribution against the whistleblowing agents. Publicity alone would be persuasive to the agents, I think, that they are not alone, that those in authority actually appreciate the sacrifice that coming forward represents. It would also work on the lizard brains of the retaliators, with the threat that if the cover-up falls apart, that it will be they and not the whistleblowers who suffer lawful retribution.

With that conversation in mind, I was interested to receive this email from a "cooperating FFL" who once went along with the gunwalker program and now is cooperating with the Issa committee:

Dear Michael,

Perhaps you will post this letter from an FFL dealer to both State and Federal rank and file law enforcement members who read your posts. It is important for them to hear first hand, concerns from one of the FFL's this administration used. Although I cannot be named as it's author, the words I believe speak for itself.

An open letter from a Federal Firearms Licensee to members of law enforcement.

As one of many cooperating FFL dealers in the Fast & Furious ongoing debacle, I simply want those rank and file members of both State and Federal law enforcement to know that weapons that were deliberately allowed to find themselves into criminal hands by this administration's hidden agenda for gun control has put all of you at risk.

And let's be clear here. This administration's high ranking officials, that is to say, your own directors and supervisors could care less. Brian Terry proved that with his life last December. Your directors and your bosses will simply continue to turn a deliberate blind eye to what all of you know already. That the end will justify the means. Insane isn't it?

We are witnessing top officials going under oath before congressional leaders and outright lying. To put it mildly, this is the worst case of acute collective amnesia we have all ever seen in any of our lifetimes. And it gets much worse, for as one of those dealers ATF & DOJ used to allow hundreds of guns to slip into the wrong hands, I am scared to death that another one of either yourselves, or one of your loved ones, or just another fellow law enforcement member, may again fall victim to this administration's illegal and clandestine operation for their hidden agenda.

Notwithstanding, there are untold Mexican citizens that have paid the ultimate price for this administration's policy of gunwalking, while catering to the Hispanic voters with promises of amnesty. What has happened here is plain to see, for it is what it is,....Genocide.

When this government's officials know the brutal war going on every day south of the border, killings that now top over 45,000, and yet they initiate an operation designed for the sole purpose of allowing thousands of military grade weapons to be put into the hands of existing killers. And with the full knowledge and anticipation of their desired outcome, well it's much like pouring gasoline on an already existing fire is it not?

There exists a term for this act which many of you may have heard of in your vast law enforcement experience. It's called premeditated murder.

And this administration has embarked on an ongoing campaign of fluid deception and despicable tactics that are criminal in every sense of the word. To those of you in law enforcement that were either involved directly or indirectly, I appeal to your fundamental sense of good, what is right, and to the oath you swore, and most importantly to our nation. Many of you like myself know what actually happened, and how attempts to cover it up are being orchestrated at the highest levels. They will not succeed for it has already been proven. What I am really saying here is that many of you have been caught up in this and your jobs and careers are being held over your head. Wake up! You allow this to occur now and next time it will be much worse, and I don't want another of you killed by this administration's insane ideas.

You have a simple choice to make. Continue to go along with it and destroy your own futures and that of your children, or pick up the phone and talk with a young congressional investigator dealing with this. He is fair and will certainly listen to what you have to say. Stephen Castor 202-225-5074. Trust him. We do! Be safe.


Mark Matis said...

That is a very nice letter, but "Law Enforcement" has already decided that they stand with Agent Hope McAllister, who proclaimed Agent Terry's murder "collateral damage". That audio tape has been out for weeks now, and anyone in "Law Enforcement" who wanted to hear it has done so. Yet Agent McAllister is still on the job, enjoying the services of all those in "Law Enforcement" she needs to do her job. Or do you imagine that she would STILL be there if there were ANY honest "Law Enforcement" officers in Phoenix?

And for those of you in "Law Enforcement" outside the Phoenix area, you are now making your decision. Are you with Hope? Or are you going to honor your oath?

Choose well, for hard times are coming soon.

Mt Top Patriot said...

The insidious instrument of tyranny "law enforcement" has evolved into beggars the mind.
The range and scope of how many have sold their souls to the treasonous tyrants begs the question of how could so many have gone so wrong?

It is easy to comprehend in light of this open letter guns in the hands of Sovereign Americans is the only thing that frightens the tyrants and ruling elites.
Project Gunwalker: Without a doubt a strategy of pure unadulterated outright treason for the purpose of politically justifying the ongoing coupe of our Constitutional Republic from the top down and inside out.

The scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expands exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites insatiable sociopathic lust to retain absolute power.

Remember, Hitler said it best:
"It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal."

Sedition said...

Perhaps the 100 head rule should be extended to the Gunwalker whistle blowers...
Just thinking out loud...

Anonymous said...

At what point will the families of "walked guns" victims decide enough is enough and decide to exact their own vengeance against the perpa-traitors?

Anonymous said...

someone has to have missed the boat, the train and the hot air ballon if they think someone with a FFL will come out and gripe about the aft

as was said any agent can find a "t" not crossed or an :I: not dotted and then can and will make your life holy hell

MauserMedic said...

"Military grade weapons"? Which FFL was it selling military grade weapons to straw purchasers? Nice sentiment within the letter, but the last I knew no FFL was selling automatic weapons or destructive devices over the counter; they were coming from Guatemalan and other assorted central American nations, and the occasional international arms dealer.

Or are semi-auto AR and AK clones military grade sold to US citizens now?

That letter doesn't help things much.

Anonymous said...

Holder, Obama, Ms Clinton the lead pack of "wolfes".

The lower law enforcement of traffic ticket writting money grubbers the "coyotes".

The ones who know the true facts of this and do not come forward.

"Jackals and Hyenas"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Oath-breaker co-conspirator of today is simply destined by his own karma to be the collateral damage of tomorrow.

I, for one, have no problem with that.