Friday, October 7, 2011

What a day. Eric Holder promoted to Field Marshal and ordered to hold Stalingrad at all costs.

As Paulus moved his troops toward Stalingrad, the difficulties set in as he had previously warned. In the following month, Russian forces launched a counterattack that eventually surrounded the German 6th Army in the city of Stalingrad. Adolf Hitler promoted Paulus to the rank of Field Marshal in Jan 1943, hoping that it would inspire him to fight to the death in Stalingrad (no Field Marshal hard ever surrendered to the enemy in German history). Very soon after the promotion, however, he surrendered his forces on 2 Feb 1943. He became a prisoner of war in Russia until 1953.

Well, its been quite a day. Just glance down through all the headlines today if you don't believe me. There is one strategic fact, however, that stands out above all the tactical stuff. Once again, Avatar at has it right. In fact, this guy thinks like me.

Attorney General Holder is putting this out there now as a strategy to make Fast & Furious about him (it didn't work to try and make it stop at Acting Director Melson), and he's going to hold out --- ha! --- as long as possible. They gave up Melson's Ridge, because Melson prematurely surrendered like a friggin' French General. But now they're willing to give up Holder's Ridge to protect the White House and the Department of State. Yes, the Attorney General is expendable -- and they want it to stop with Holder. Unless President Obama refuses to admit Stalingrad is lost (think Obama cannot admit that he was wrong by appointing Holder, and he won't desert his Field Marshal).

The White House is willing to surrender Holder's Ridge to win, but I doubt that will be significant in the grand scheme of things. These guys think in very convoluted ways unlike the rest of us.

Any scandal defense is like a military defense in depth, with successive lines, hedgehogs and mutually supporting fires. Avatar is quite correct. The winter campaign fight for Holder's Ridge will be desperate and designed to distract from the strategic positions behind it: the Homeland Security Line, the FBI hedgehog, the State Department schwerpunkt and the White House command and control center.

Question: Do y'all understand who is turning over these documents that are so damning to Holder and his henchmen? The White House, of course. And why would they be doing that? To make you think that Holder's Ridge is the key position in the over-all battle. It is not.

So as you read the increasingly bad headlines for Holder, keep in mind that he is being kept in place for a reason -- to distract the investigation from the really culpable conspirators at the top.


Dedicated_Dad said...

I suspect he meant hedgeROWS - and not hedgeHOGS - BUT...


rdf67 said...

Too bad that his 'onner is in Chicago - dollars to donuts he was in there with Valerie and Hillary and Janet and Eric when the dream team decided to run with Fast and Furious. Burke was Janet's chief of staff and shipped to Phoenix to take charge. Restrepo and O'Reilly and another whom I forget would get info from Newell to be sure every little thing was going to plan - increase the guns discovered in Mexico to help with their 2nd amendment change. Little civil war in Mexico to reduce the size of the cartels operating there. Collateral damage would be Mexicans, helos, and govt soldiers but what the heck - that's what they get the big buck for, hey? And then Brian Terry stumbled out in the desert with a bean bag gun and the wall came tumbling down. "Gotta protect the political appointees," they said. What about the numbskull at the top? The guy who would have been unhappy (what does that mean?) if they were letting guns walk. They were reporting the number to DOJ and ICE and HLS and anyone else who wanted the flowcharts, which were "very interesting". "Hey - can you show us the flowchart for Texas to Mexico?"
It has taken six months since Holder was on the stand - Do they really want to drag it out throughout the next year when everyone is trying to buy the next vote?
I still think Holder's biggest problem is all the Fast and Furious felons still on the DOJ payroll. If he didn't know and support, why are they all still there?
I think Issa ought to subpoena the OIG lady to see what she has to say about her investigation.

Dedicated_Dad said...
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Brock Townsend said...

to distract the investigation from the really culpable conspirators at the top.

Absolutely, grinning ear to ear here and posted.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever hear something similar before?... "Brownie, you're doin' a heck of a job. " ...what happens next? :-) Too bad for the WH this isn't going to stop this time w/ just the AG.

Dutchman6 said...


In warfare, the hedgehog defence is a military tactic for defending against a mobile armoured attack, or blitzkrieg. The defenders deploy in depth in heavily fortified positions suitable for all-around defence. The attackers can penetrate between these "hedgehogs", but each position continues to fight on when surrounded. This keeps large numbers of attacking troops tied up, attacking the well-defended strongpoints, while allowing the defenders to successfully counterattack against the units that bypass these strongpoints with their own armored reserves by cutting them off from their supporting elements.

Anonymous said...

"[K]eep in mind that [Holder] is being kept in place for a reason -- to distract the investigation from the really culpable conspirators at the top.

Holder is small potatoes.

If you want to visit a loss on the Democrat party that will last for twenty years, make the Lizard Queen's defeat your main objective.


pitchfork said...

Speaking of Hedgehogs..I believe they may have a problem like this...


Anonymous said...

The real question concerning Holder will be is he willing to take the fall for the Clown-N-Chief or does he think he’s just running a diversion for the WH?

Mike there’s one thing about fast and furious that people haven’t really hit on yet and that’s the vast number of firearms sent to the drug cartels and gangs.

I have read stories suggesting that upwards of 30,000 firearms have been involved in F&F and other covert transfers. There are even stories about the Honduran military smuggling guns to MS13 gangs.

I just don’t believe that demonizing the 2A is the real goal here.

I believe it’s about arming for some type of destabilization scenario similar to what’s occurring in the Middle East.

Mike you could out fit 2 plus divisions with those kinds of numbers.