Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vladimir and Estragon await the Office of Inspector General Report on the Gunwalker Scandal.

Vladimir: "So, when is it coming?"

Estragon: "I dunno, but Obama says it is."

Vladimir: "But when?"

Estragon: "Maybe we should ask Kevin O'Reilly."

Vladimir: "We can't. They hid him away in Iraq."

Estragon: "When will he come back?"

Vladamir: "After the next election. . . if they don't have some Hadji kill him first."

Estragon: "So we will see the OIG Report before we see O'Reilly?"

Vladimir: "Certainly."

Estragon; (Sighs.) "I guess we'll just have to wait."

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David Codrea said...


The "Waiting for Godot" theme used this way made me think of an episode of "Family Guy," where an exasperated/bored out of his mind Peter Griffin attending a performance of "Uncle Vanya" yelled out from the audience: "What the hell is this? For crying out loud! Somebody throw a pie!"