Friday, October 21, 2011

SSI Exclusive: "Prior Knowledge." ATF knew that the cash was in the pipline to the straw buyers in Sept. 2009.

In late September 2009, ATF Phoenix Group VII supervisor Hope MacAllister walked into the Lone Wolf Trading Company. She had a message for the owner Andre Howard, according to sources familiar with the investigation into Fast & Furious in both DC and Arizona, and the message was this: "The amount of weapons you sell is about to dramatically increase." Howard, the sources say, was cautioned that "he might not have enough stock" to supply the straw buyers that MacAllister somehow knew were on the way and that "he should stock up on what they wanted."

MacAllister seemed to know "exactly how many weapons (the straw buyers) wanted, how much cash they had and when they would be coming in," said one of the sources.

Less than a week later, the straw buyers -- all of modest means -- began flocking to Andre Howard's shop. Operation Fast and Furious was off to the races.

According to sources close to the investigation, there are two explanations for this prior knowledge. One innocent, the other not.

"Let's say," said one, "that they had these guys under wiretap. Maybe it was the ATF, maybe it was the DEA . . . so they (ATF) found out the money was coming in and the orders had been placed by the cartel. . . So they just decided to facilitate that to see if they could demonstrate law breaking and then try to roll it upwards to the bigger fish like they claimed."

On the other hand, said the sources, since we now know that much, if not all, of the "buy money" was coming from an FBI paid confidential informant, it could simply be that the ATF was being used as part of a deliberate plot to "let the guns walk" in order, as the early ATF whistleblowers related to us back in early January, "to boost the statistics" of American civilian market firearms found at Mexican crime scenes.

Sources say that the Issa committee is well aware of SA MacAllister's curious prior knowledge of the straw buyers' intentions and bankroll. "Maybe somebody should ask her under oath," said one.

The next hearing, sources say, will be a joint one between the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee and its larger, parent House Judiciary Committee, sometime in November.


Hefferman said...

The question is will anyone in Congress have the cojunes to bring this up.
Our elected leaders need to go after this and not allow the socialist scum in DC bury this, heads need to roll and people need to do the perp walk.

Longbow said...

Oh come on now! I'm sure they are good people who mean well. They're just a bunch of "good guys who just want to do the right thing...", right?

I mean they way you make it sound, it was an intelligence operation against the American people. I just don't want to believe that!

Whizbanger said...

FBI Informant with cash for guns?
ahhh... who's cash??
ahhh...this couldn't possibly be the same FBI informant linked to the Terry Murder through the now "missing 3rd" gun??
This whole thing is taking on a "grassy knoll" flavor, as in the FBI's ability to destroy evidence and distort the truth is long standing and proven. It will be a difficult fight to squeeze any truth out of them!!

Mt Top Patriot said...

obama, hillary, and holder will either have to send all the key witnesses to Iraq or arrange for them to come to an untimely end to keep them from revealing the truth of the treason, high crimes, and murder committed because of Gunwalker.
Now considering how much blood is on these peoples hands, between Vince Fosters "suicide" in the White House, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Agent Terry, the hundreds of folks in Mexico slaughtered, and God knows who else, what do you suppose is the chances of these people such as ATF Phoenix Group VII supervisor Hope MacAllister surviving past Christmas? Never mind the 2012 elections.
This is for all the marbles. These are people serious as a heart attack who will do anything to retain power.
If Chicago cement over shoes option is not used on these key witnesses, obama is going to have to declare Marshal Law somehow to stop the recourse to his tyranny coming down the pike.
You know this is not going to end well.
Desperate people do desperate things.
Desperate usurpers like obama turn into desperate despots.

TPaine said...

I am becoming very concerned that in all the "hogwash" we've been hearing lately from the regime, the axe is about to fall on this investigation, and Holder & Co. will simply walk away unscathed. There are so many "proofs" in this thing, and yet no one has been held responsible for anything.

As one buzzard said to the other buzzard, "Screw patience...I'm gonna kill something!" If this is covered up....

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many batfe men we can put into orange jump suits.

ExurbanKevin said...

"pipline" ?

Anonymous said...

It is the opinon of this Apache that the case is much worse and evil than just guns walking.

Drugs, Money, and Power, running now walking.

Transports us all down the wrong path.

tmuir said...

Didn't you know that according to the regime that this is all Bush's fault. I'm looking forward to Congressman Issa dropping the hammer on Holder and Company at the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Can one conclude that gun prices will decrease because of a potential supply side excess now that taxpayer monies are not funneling into gun stores like EBT cards at a quickie mart?

Anonymous said...

Coincidence? Border security ignored, immigration laws ignored, F&F funnels guns to Mexico, lots of violence and insecurity, tens of thousands of Mexicans try to escape to the U.S.
Shouldn't the program have been called Guns for democrat voters instead?

Jay21 said...

Just to point out, I am an AZ FFL and know many who are on a first name basis with Andre Howard. He is DEVASTATED emotionally and mentally at the outcome of this. He trusted the system and was ran over the coals with this. He, Andre Howard, is yet another victim of BATFE and F&F. Remember, running a legitimate gun business to feed his family and is respected in the valley, his shop has done many good things for the 2A in Arizona. He sadly got caught up in a bad government op without his consent of the actions. Thank you Mike for all that you do, I just feel that Andre and AZ gun dealers are not getting a fair shake in the MSM over this.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you Mike for all that you do, I just feel that Andre and AZ gun dealers are not getting a fair shake in the MSM over this."

It's been 50 years since anyone in the firearms business got a "fair shake" from anyone in the MSM. Why would you think you or your friend would get any different?