Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reports of Sharyl Attkisson being kidnapped by network trolls are greatly exaggerated. Resurrection of "Katie Graham's tit" spells doom for Holder.

"Katie Graham's gonna get her tit caught in a big fat wringer if that's published." -- U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell to Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, 1972.

Is CBS News Silencing Fast and Furious Reporter?

In a word, no.

Sources familiar both with the CBS network and Sharyl's reporting caution not to panic. She has not been kidnapped by network trolls -- not that there AREN'T any network trolls at CBS, there certainly are. However, the CBS net is apparently inundated since yesterday with interview requests for her. It is reported by the sources that every conservative outlet and blogger wants to talk to her and there’s no way she could do them all even if CBS wanted her to. Her editors are reported to want her to focus on the story, which they now think is terrific and don’t want to try to pick and choose certain interviews for her to do.

That, in any case is the explanation. Not that the White House isn't still pissed at her. It is.

Another source said, "The White House press flack coming all apart on her (Sharyl) was the Gunwalker scandal's 'Graham's tit' moment." He added, "It was priceless and likely guaranteed Eric Holder's doom. He'll be thrown overboard any day now to try to save the S.S. Obama."


CarverJake said...

They need to start the investigation at the BOTTOM. Let the small fry off and work their way upward to the top.

udaman said...

I heard Sharyl's report on the radio news today about Operation wide Receiver out of Tucson, of course making mention of the fact that it was done under W. Are the two really the same?

Ashrak said...

Ever since CBS went forward with this story when none of the others would, I have been contemplating reasons for its decisions.

There can be no doubt that CBS has hit the skids ever since the Dan Rather "fake but accurate" document debacle.

Me thinks that CBS trolls recognized early on how serious that this really is and made the decision to set itself up to be the "leader", trying to restore long lost credibility - at least among its "peers" in mainstream whitewashing entities.

I saw Billy, as a hilarious comedian calls him, offer CBS some "props" for "being out front" on this story already.

Even with this, Old Media cannot help but play games trying to itself benefit in some ways from scandalous and even criminal behavior. Trolls never learn.....

Telling the truth for the sake of telling the truth is where genuine actually exists.

I submit that Old Media is going to try to use Sharyl as a means to give ALL the credit for this story to Old Media. I';; give Sharyl her due, but the real credit does not belong in Old Media, it belongs to New Media and it is my hope that Sharyl keeps it real on that point.

Part of this story is how the story came to be in the first place. You folks who risk so much, all of you whistleblowers, must be credited properly in order to protect you. I know the story itself is most important to you folks, that the substance itself is what you are really wanting out there, but, imho, who told this story, who tried NOT to tell it, is indeed part of it - an integral part of it.

Anonymous said...

Sharyl Attkisson is a credit to her profession - and just may have saved it.

"...for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14


Anonymous said...

They did start at the bottom, with the implementers of policy decisions.

The intelligent thing to do here with this is ask WHY, it was done and there is only ONE credible explanation.

We now KNOW, that the target was the CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS and specifically the second amendment.


What did they do when they got caught? They implemented the policy decision that they had previously decided upon, by fiat or decree, anyway.

This is TREASON, and MURDER no matter the excuse or explanation.

Deliberately done according to a plan.

TPaine said...

I guess CBS will soon join FOX as persona non grata at the White House.

As for "being out front" with this story, I guess if you're the first liberal rag to "discover" something that was going on for months everywhere else, you could make that claim.

Lastly, who gives a flying fuck about what happened under Bush. Guess what? The country ran for 8 years under W. Let's blame him for that. He did less damage in 8 years than Obama has done in 3 years.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

@ udaman: The differences between 'Wide Receiver' and 'Fast & Furious' are rather significant.

Firstly, in Wide Receiver there was a plan in place (recon aircraft and RFID chips in the weapons) to actually track the weapons and intercept them before they crossed the border. Due to technology limitations and implementation errors, the tracking failed and some guns may have crossed the border. As I understand it, in F&F, there was no planned method to actually track the guns other than tracing the numbers once they showed up at crime scenes, and requests to intercept them before they did make it over the border were denied.

Secondly, Wide Receiver was terminated once ATF realized it was a failure. F&F wasn't stopped until it blew up in their faces with the murder of Brian Terry.

Wide Receiver was a botched operation, poorly conceived and badly executed. I'm pretty certain that the only thing that didn't go according to plan with F&F is that it went public.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Jake said: "... As I understand it, in F&F, there was "no" planned method to actually track the guns other than tracing the numbers once they showed up at crime scenes..."


Not only were the not informed...
Not only were all US personnel in Mexico not informed...


The best anyone in Mexico could do is enter the guns in ATF's system as a "new gun" - which they'd probably not do after their trace failed!

Even the ATF liason to the Mex.Gov was blocked out! - when he got wind of this, he flew straight to DC to report it to his superiors - and WAS FORCED INTO EARLY RETIREMENT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!

Nope. This never was anything but a treasonous, murderous sceme to deprive Mexicans of their LIVES in order to deprive AMERICANS of our RIGHTS!

This may literally be the sickest, most evil thing our .gov has ever done - and that's really saying something!

One more point:

"Wide Receiver" and "Fast & Furious" are about the best possible example of the reasons one party is known as "The Stupid Party" and the other is "The EVIL Party!"