Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey GOP! Here's another selfish reason to go after the State Department nexus to the Gunwalker Scandal.

GOP Leadership Training Academy.

Poll: Clinton favored over 2012 GOP candidates.

There is a theory out there, floating about as whispers, that if the Gunwalker Scandal is finally perceived as too deadly to the political fortunes of the Democrat Party, that the Donkeys will dump Obama in time for the primaries and turn to Hillary. I was talking to a friend the other day who insisted that Obama would be impeached by late spring. I protested that the GOP leadership from the Boneless Chicken Ranch didn't have the spine for that.

He said, "No. No. You don't understand. He'll be impeached at the Democrats' insistence. . . They'll try to maneuver the GOP into doing it, but they'll make sure that there are enough votes to make it happen."

And who would be the candidate if not Obama? I asked, knowing what he would say.

"Hillary, of course."

Well, you hear a lot of wild speculation behind the scenes of a big scandal. But, hey, who knows?

I guess it all depends upon whether or not Hillary got herself enmeshed in the Gunwalker swamp.

Want to find out now, GOP, before it is too late?


the backcourse said...

Unseating an incumbent is almost impossible...they wont throw obama under the bus. This is some of that mis-direction you were posting about earlier.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is as crooked as he is; her recent behavior - laughing about the shameful sodomizing and killing of Ghaddafi by saying 'we came, we looked, he died' is as pathetic and shameful I have seen a secretary of state behave. This old looking and wron out cankle will be rejected by the voters as well.
However, I agree with you that Obama will be impeached-there are lots of serious scandal to be yet exposed.

Anonymous said...

Now hear this! There is not a chance in hell that Obama will be impeached, nor that the radical Marxists in charge of the democratic party, will attempt to seat Hillary as a replacement.. They may slit Holder's throat if necessary but they don't want to because he is a gatekeeper and one of them.

Now let's ask why this is shall we?

Background, the radical Marxists have empowered themselves through the media's control of information. They have continued to plan and implement one Marxist program after another, unmolested by that same media, save CBS, which is also a part of the existing information management system that MUST be in place for this to succeed. FOX is not yet a part of this effort but there are signs that it will fall to the same influences.

Hillary will not be the replacement because she is one of them, but not considered radical enough to garner their support, She wants to do everything they want to do but she wants to do it quietly and in the shadows. They are much more aggressive and therefor require that their leaders be as aggressive as they are. Hillary, won't do for them, and they are in charge and in power.

While Obama is labeled as "stupid" or as a "fool" nothing could be farther from the truth. He is the face of their Marxist movement. He knows full and well the ramifications of his actions. He even smirks about it very frequently and so does Holder because he is a "insider." There are useful idiots among them but trust me, all of them have been fully vetted including those who were in their jobs before Obama came to power. Those that weren't acceptable were shown the door.

Remember, Hillary's husband sacking ALL the Assistant US attorney's? Why do you suppose he did that? Bill's one of them too but has a personal agenda that conflicts with the true believers and they see linkage to Hillary and things they can't control which suround this situation.

If I paint a picture of a plan, it's because it is a plan, which one can readily see elsewhere in the world if you care to look. They are simply doing it here, now.

Anonymous said...

"He'll be impeached at the Democrats' insistence."

This is certainly plausible. If BHO's approval ratings continue to plummet, he will take the Democrat party down with him in 2012.


Longbow said...

If Hillary is elected, we have ourselves to blame. Many on our side subscribe to a "little bit" of Socialism.

One cannot compromise between food and poison. A little bit of poison is still poison. You die.

A little bit of Socialism is the same. Socialism is theft of property. If you subscribe to a "little bit" of it, you have bought the whole false premise.

How many are willing to give up Socialist Security, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, AFDC, SCHIPS, Food Stamps, Student Loans, etc... and I mean right now?

If Hillary wins, it will be because people love the "promise" of security, provided by Big Daddy, more than the animating contest of freedom.

Here now, put the nice shiny new bracelets on. Aren't the fuzzy linings pretty? Don't you FEEL more secure?

AZVick said...

Since HIllary is as culpable here as anyone, it does give me comfort to at least dream that if both she and Obama were to somehow end up with their asses in the wringer over this, then - heh - what Democrat douchebag would be able to head their sad ticket then?

As I said, just dreamin.'

AJ said...

I wish to God the GOP would give us someone I could actually vote FOR, instead of just being able to vote AGAINST Obama.
At this point, I'm still not seeing Clinton as a threat. Check back in 8 months.

Jimmy the Saint said...

No chance of that happening, at least not to put Hillary in place. The Dems live and die with the black vote. If they impeach Obama and replace him with *anyone* white, the black vote block disintegrates.