Thursday, October 27, 2011

For ATF, the policy is: Punish the truth tellers & reward the guilty liars. "In actuality it's the department of anything but justice."

A couple of days ago, I received this from one of the folks close to the whistleblowers, reacting to my story: "If they can't kill you. . . they'll make you crazy."

Good story Mike.

Many people have no idea about the isolation that occurs after you report misconduct committed by people in high places.

John Dodson was singled out by George Gillett for discipline, and blackballed to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Larry Alt was transferred, and then an Internal Affairs complaint initiated against him, charging him with downloading an application to his government cell phone. An application that according to the cellular service carrier is not compatible with his cell phone.

Jay Dobbins had his house burned down with his family in it, and not only wasn't it investigated by ATF, but he was named as a suspect even though he was out of town.

(REDACTED) was subjected to false accusations made by the U.S. Attorney's Office that could have gotten (REDACTED) fired, had they not been so poorly fabricated, and clumsily executed. (REDACTED) now no longer supervises agents, and has been re-assigned to a headquarters administrative position.

Meanwhile, Bill Newell is still a member of the government's Senior Executive Service. David Voth is now a Branch Chief, with nationwide responsibilities, Hope MacAllister and her partner are still conducting investigations in Phoenix, and George Gillett, the slimiest of the bunch is making GS-15 pay, to perform a job traditionally done by a GS-14. Then consider the U.S. Attorney's Office. Dennis Burke, who was an absentee landlord, fled like a coward to avoid further scrutiny, and Emory Hurley, Michael Morrissey and Patrick Cunningham are still sitting in their desks at the U.S. Attorney's Office collecting their bi-weekly pay checks. They never missed a beat.

They call it the United States Department of Justice. In actuality it's the department of anything but justice.

I'll have more on this subject later.


rdf67 said...

I guess they have never heard of "suspended without pay pending investigation" in the Holder DOJ.
Every dollar paid to them goes directly to the growing deficit to be paid by my grandchildren. After watching Napolitano's performance yesterday, it looks like CHU, HOLDER and NAPOLITANO should be looking for new jobs before the election.

Longbow said...

...and yet, the agents who work for ATF still say it is a "great agency with an important mission".

I have no doubt that hundreds of those "really good guys" we keep hearing about will begin to resign very soon. We will see a mass exodus. Hundreds of them! Good men and women will leave this agency because just now, they are beginning to see the truth. The very truth they haven't been able to see for their whole careers. ATF, is an unconstitutional agency with an unconstitutional mission. Its leadership is full of opportunists, crooks, and leftist political hacks.

Being principled men and women, they'll resign in disgust. I'm just sure it is going to happen. Any minute now...


Anonymous said...

The problem here is that we have two different visions about who is in charge.
The government says it is, and does everything it can to seize everything we have and then there's us, and our constitution and bill of rights, which they ignore at best, when they aren't wiping their butt with it.

Anonymous said...

"Being principled men and women, they'll resign in disgust. I'm just sure it is going to happen. Any minute now..."

Any ATF agent with any principles would have left before the ashes of Waco cooled.

Principled ATF Agent is an oxymoron on a par with Jumbo Shrimp, Moderate Islamist, Tactical Nuclear Weapon, and (my personal favorite), Cherry Tart.

Anonymous said...

"Only a warrior people, armed and ready to defend their liberties, can expect to live free. As a Comanche, I know that he who takes my bow is my enemy." -- David A. Yeagley