Monday, October 31, 2011

David Codrea: Why does Justice Department need to lie on FOIA responses?

Gee, let me guess. Because they're guilty?

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Anonymous said...

All they do is lie. Their first inclination is to lie and then, to lie about the lying.

All this does is make it legal (not really but in their little totalitarian minds, it does.) and so therefore status quo without revelations and consequences.

Works out great for them. The constitution, bill of rights, freedom, liberty, transparency, American people, not so much. But then they don't give a shit about any of that so it doesn't matter even a little bit to them.

Treason, Murder, Conspiracy bold as brass, right out in the open. There is no longer doubt, our government is manned by evil SOBs who believe treason and murder are just fine as long as they can wipe their feet on the constitution before that next rung on their career ladder.