Monday, October 17, 2011

CBS: FBI hiding facts on "Fast and Furious" scandal?

The House Oversight Committee plans to ask the FBI whether all the guns that were used to kill a federal agent are accounted for. Sharyl Attkisson reports on the latest of the fallout from the "Fast and Furious" operation.

The head of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, said he plans to send a letter to the FBI this week to ask about apparent discrepancies in the investigation of a murder related to "Fast and Furious," the government's controversial "gunwalking" case, CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down near the U.S.-Mexico border last December, and at least two assault rifles from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Fast and Furious case were found at the scene.

That focused blame on the controversial ATF operation that monitored suspects who trafficked the weapons instead of arresting them and seizing the guns.

But 10 months after the murder, there are questions about how many weapons the FBI recovered at the scene and other key details.

On CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday, Issa, R-Calif., told moderator Bob Schieffer there's reason to ask whether there's a third, missing weapon.

(Watch at left)

"When agents who were at Brian Terry's funeral made statements to his mother indicating that there were three weapons ... then you look and say, well was there a third weapon at the scene?" Issa asked. "Were there additional people who escaped with weapons?"

Also, a ballistics report turned over to Congress mentions just two rifles, saying it "could not be determined" if one of them fired the bullet that killed Terry.

There's also talk of a third weapon, called an "SKS" rifle, in secret recordings obtained by CBS News. In the following partial transcript of a March 2011 conversation, the lead ATF case agent on Fast and Furious is speaking to a gun dealer who cooperated in selling weapons to suspects.

Gun dealer: "There's three weapons."
ATF agent: "There's three weapons."
Dealer: "I know that."
Agent: "And yes, there's serial numbers for all three."
Dealer: "That is correct."
Agent: "Two of them came from the store."
Dealer: "I understand that."
Agent: "There's an SKS that I don't think came from ... Dallas or Texas or something like that."

The FBI wouldn't comment but has implied in the past that there was no third gun. Issa said he's seeking clarity and that, until key questions are answered, it fuels speculation.

The FBI has kept nearly everything about Terry's murder secret, saying that releasing anything would jeopardize their investigation, now beginning its eleventh month.


Ashrak said...

And there is the age-old "jeopardize the investigation" excuse for hiding bombshell information.

I submit that this third firearm is the root of the legislative attempt by Democrats to "seal records" of the Barry Administration.

"Cannot be determined" my hind end.
I know Texas is described, but I still have that gnawing feeling that New Mexico's player status in all of this remains, gurgling and percolating just under the surface.
McMahon's testimony stopping in mid sentence, mid word, is something I just cannot shake.

"Something like that"? Indeed.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I always thought that the FBI was the standard for all LE agencies on all levels. To think that politics has corrupted the FBI to engage in an unlawful coverup to withhold information from congress is way over the top. The deeper this investigation goes the stronger the smell gets. Hopefully all the information gets out and the chips fall where they may. At that point this country can fix the problems or we will have to admit we live under and are ruled by a government that is no better than any other evil government.

journeytogao said...

The FBI's investigation of Brian Terry's murder is now entering its eleventh month. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

They always use 'ongoing investigation' when THEY get caught with THEIR hand in the cookie jar, but let one of us get arrested and your whole life will be paraded around on day one by the FBI PIO for all the world to see...

Anonymous said...

Pretty darn scary when the FBI under Robert Mueller is very criminal. This is an agency that's supposed to be acting as a police agency?

I think every hard drive, in every computer in and out of Washington, D.C. needs to be looked at, when we get a legitimate government. God willing, we will. Every single person in every department, down to the last paper pusher, in and out of D.C. needs a thorough background check. This is beyond corruption.
This is a crime syndicate.

Anonymous said...

I think the Treason laws, need to start being enforced. I think the punishment for that is Capital Punishment. It's time to start making examples of those who think it is alright to frame American citizens, and murder American citizens, when it's their job to protect them.

Mr. Mueller,
You've sold your soul to the devil. When you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

There is a rumor out there, that Malcolm X is Obama's true father. Rush Limbaugh talked about the story of Sybil today. I don't know how many of you remember her. She was a woman believed to have multiple personality disorder. She left a letter prior to her death, that was released, and it was a hoax. There is no multiple personality disorder. it was all a lie, started by some leftists.

Obama is a hoax. Just wanted to let everyone know, he is a fraud.