Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble. Gunwalker cauldron threatens to boil over and splash on Dem gun confiscationists who quietly run & hide.

Bob Owens of Pajamas Media asks a good question. Are the Democrats abandoning ship on the Gunwalker Scandal?

New York Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney hasn’t said a word about Operation Fast and Furious since she supported the doomed “Stop Gun Trafficking and Strengthen Law Enforcement Act” in mid-July. Neither has her even more zealously anti-gun collegue Carolyn McCarthy.

As pressure has increased on the administration this week, the silence from House Democrats has been deafening. And like House Democrats, Senate Democrats are quietly abandoning the White House and attorney general.

Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein have consistently pushed for gun control throughout their Senate careers. Along with Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, they fabricated a report in June that supported the administration with a walked-back version of the 90-percent lie.

Schumer in particular has been a strong ally of the president, and yet he has also been silent on Operation Fast and Furious.

How many major political scandals have there been in recent memory where an entire political party fell silent for months at a time — and how should we interpret that silence?

Democratic senators and representatives may feel they have nothing to gain by speaking out on behalf of the gunwalking scandals. It would be a logical position to adopt if they’re assuming that Operation Fast and Furious is a serious political liability.

Regardless of the specific reason, the Obama administration’s usual allies of gun-control groups and Democratic members of the House and Senate seem to have abandoned the executive branch to sink or swim on its own.

Also recall that of the 10 Arizona Sheriffs who held a press conference denouncing Holder and Fast & Furious, half were Democrats.

Smart folks, even Democrats, recognize the futility of trying to defend the indefensible. All these people like McCarthy and Schumer can do is sit silent and watch as their agenda goes down the drain.

If they are even taking any phone calls from the increasingly beleaguered Gunwalker Conspirators of the Obama Administration, the smart ones are answering, "Son, you're on your own."


ChikaTayo said...

This criminal act has absolutely nothing to do with party - maybe the powers-that-be are startin' to realize that. Certainly, the AZ Sheriffs have.

Anonymous said...

No - it really does have everything to do with party - the 'D' crowd are the ones who have been pushing for disarming law abiding Americans for a very long time. Their 'problem' is that there are still members of their party who put America first.