Monday, October 24, 2011

Beyond Gunwalker.

It’s a Culture Thing.

If the Gunwalker scandal does not bring a reassessment and vigorous oversight of ALL federal law enforcement agencies, not just ATF, the same thing will happen all over again. Both political parties are responsible for not keeping these agenda-driven dogs on a leash and they ought to have the honesty to admit it and the courage to fix it. Since they won't, of themselves, do that, it is up to us to make sure it happens.

Beyond even that, with the self-discrediting bloody appetites of the gun grabbers exposed for all to see, it would be nice if we could start repealing some of the ridiculous citizen-disarmament and government-empowerment laws that caused this deadly scandal in the first place.

That is, however, not the way to bet.


Mark Matis said...

It is not just the FEDERAL "Law Enforcement" agencies that need "a reassessment and vigorous oversight", but instead EVERY "Law Enforcement" agency in this country. EVERY "Law Enforcement" officer takes an oath to the Constitution. Yet the number of them who actually HONOR that oath are miniscule. The vast majority who claim to be "good" cops merely do a Sergeant Schultz routine at best. Or do you REALLY believe this country would be where it is today if even HALF of its "Law Enforcement" actually honored their oath instead of bowing and scraping before their Masters, and then doing WHATEVER they are told? Hell, things are so bad that even THEY are blaming their actions on their "Leaders"!

The stench is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

One cannot get true justice in "their" courts.

This allows the powers that be to do anything they want and have official court sanction and blessings upon their activities, with the media singing backup to reinforce the "legitimacy" of their decisions.

It's real easy to win the card game when three people agree to take all the other player's money, especially when he thinks it's an honest game among friends.

It should be clear by now that the American people and their interest's have no friends in government anymore.

We need to return to the constitution and bill of rights but this government and it's politician's, save two, will never let that happen without a fight and a heavy body count which includes some of their friends and maybe them as well. They will clearly fight to their last federal agent, local police officer and national guardsman as well I'm afraid as the last soldier and marine.

One either has freedom or one doesn't. We used to but they stole it from us and our children and they mean to keep it and take as much more as they can. They serve themselves, a foreign ideology and values but they do not any longer serve the interests of the people of this nation and no one can make an honest case that they do although they lie very convincingly, in front of the cameras.

b III said...

Anonymos; "One cannot get true justice in "thier courts"...

Amen..... hear ! hear !!!

I'm fla tass tired of this crap...
when do we roll ???


Anonymous said...

Finally !

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Anonymous said...

"One either has freedom or one doesn't. We used to but they stole it from us and our children and they mean to keep it and take as much more as they can."

There's an unwritten rule among those who adhere to "thug life". It goes something like "If you ain't watching it, you deserve to lose it." The American people have not been watching their freedom for some time now. Just like the Israelites of old, you get lazy, take your eye off the ball, and "WHAM!", life gives you another lesson. Something along the lines of "Freedom isn't free!"

Female III said...

On that note...

American lawyers and English barristers actually debated in Philadelphia this past Tuesday on whether or not our Declaration of Independence is "legal".

Guess they figure if they can't re-write history in their favor maybe they can overturn it.

J. Croft said...

I don't know if there will even be a beyond to this. Look whose occupying the executive branch, Congress, who owns and runs the media that has largely blocked this attack on both America and Mexico by rogue elements in both nations governments.

I fear Clinton and Obama will do whatever it takes to hold onto power. That's all they care about. Clinton was ruthless enough to manufacture illegal machine guns in Arkansas and trade them for Columbian dope in the 80's, murder Vincent Foster, Rob Brown and 90 or so children at Waco, she's ruthless enough to risk all on a crazy/brilliant false flag op that Gunwalker truly is to disarm Americans.

They'll find or manufacture a pretext for full blown martial law if that what it comes down to. We
are damned whether this produces indictments and jail sentences or not. Oh, they'll divert this and push patsies in front of them to take the fall no doubt, and their fellow travellers in the corporate media will spin this or otherwise find anything else to cover. Or just ignore or lie about it repeatedly until most Americans agree-but if that fails LOOK OUT!

When there's serious talk of indicting Clinton or Obama the gloves come off. And unlike Iraq and Afghanistan they'll fight to win.