Friday, January 29, 2016

Official: Some Clinton emails 'too damaging' to release

The intelligence community has deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging" to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding. The determination was first reported by Fox News, hours before the State Department formally announced Friday that seven email chains, found in 22 documents, will be withheld “in full” because they, in fact, contain “Top Secret” information. The State Department, when first contacted by Fox News about withholding such emails Friday morning, did not dispute the reporting – but did not comment in detail. After a version of this report was first published, the Obama administration confirmed to the Associated Press that the seven email chains would be withheld. The department has since confirmed those details publicly.


Anonymous said...

Why not? It's a pretty fair bet everybody on the planet has already seen them.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
I don't know what all could be in those "TOP SECRET' emails but for sure they weren't "recipes for making cup cakes!!!" If they are that d@#5ed bad then she's "Guilty!!!!" Really now.... The only way you can prove to me that those emails are that intense is to "Show 'em!!" Whoever is holding back those mail's either works for Hillary or is definitely licking her rear end!!
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

And she is not in custody for what reason? Anybody else would be cooling their backside in a prison cell, the law applies to the peasants but not to the royals!

Anonymous said...

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I have never, ever had anyone tell me that he had too much ammunition. Not in a combat zone, not in a civil disaster, not even in peacetime. Never. Nor have I lived through a time where our governing class was so deeply corrupt, so utterly foolish, and so dangerously focused on the perpetuation of its own power that it risked bringing down everything we have built not merely in the United States but in the entire West.

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PO'd American said...

The title to this article needs correcting: Should read "Hillary Clinton is Too Damaging to Be Released."

Anonymous said...

America, that land of justice for all....Yep, sure do see it, any day now....really it will be along anytime....just wait for it.....

just sitting with the true believer fools enjoying the sunshine, ain't nothing gonna change. Buy more ammo....for what, so you can talk about how bought more ammo?

Show me the callouses on your trigger finger that shows any resolve to USE IT... Oh you don't have any do you? Figure as much.. Mine finger still aches from practice all weekend..

Sign ME, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Delete my other posts. Ive reformatted my comments to make it neater.

You know the REALLY REALLY SAD THING about all this. is nobody got detailed intelligence about ALL of the FBI assets that were sent, nor the other related LEO assets that were there that they passed on the roads. You see, a good strategist, a good organization with some tactical and strategic sense, WOULD HAVE recorded as much as they could have of all the assets that were sent to by various agencies to counter them (and get a better read on HOW JADE HELM exercise lessons learned we applied).....

But then again, I don't expect much anymore these days, I keep saying it over and over again, you all are spoiling for a physical fight head to head guns blazing when you could win the war by fight the SMART fight. that's why none of you are strategic or tactical geniuses. If you ever have the opportunity to talk to Military intel people about what they would look for, then you would have a clue, but on the front lines they use what is called SPOT reports to record and DISEEMINATE sensitive information and HUMINT data concerning troop strength equipment active time place and if available, MORALE of the enemy. But you dicks don't think like that, you have it all figured out, but you don't know shit. you don't know their weaknesses, you don't know their locations, their times, their mannerisms, their equipment their logistics weaknesses, nor do you know how to analyze and plan to exploit them...Oh NO... you have your narrow minded "plan" which isn't one, and you blunder on a comedy of errors that will lead to another tragedy, you have angry words about the Lavoy Finicums death, but know nothing of the perps or how to go about reacting to it effectively... And this is why you will fail. I can't teach 4GW warfare in 2 sentence blurbs and reach any of you. Better get smart REAL fast, because what I got out of all I have seen and heard is the US FED GOV WILL GO OVERBOARD to ruthlessly crush ALL TELEGRAPHED ACTIONS that you do. HINT to your "heroes" you DONT TELL THEM SHIT ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO AND LET THEM SPIN UP THEIR WAR MACHINE TO CRUSH YOU!!

(snipped to fit posting length)

Anonymous said...

(part two of three)

If you cannot analyze, pick out weaknesses and exploit them with minimal common sense planning and equipment, simple plans, you are going to lose and keep on losing until you also lose hope too, which EXACTLY what TPTB want. to demoralize and DEFEAT ANY AND ALL RESISTANCE TO THEIR AGENDA. NEWSFLASH for you, it is working.
PS Mike, if you really care about your 3 percenters following you, you would do more to point them to where they SHOULD go to get warfighting smart instead of censoring posts. You cannot fight and win from the "moral ground" you are about to be buried a REAL leader and don't knowingly handicap your people with your ego and sense of "fair play". Your enemy is NOT fighting from "moral grounds" nor "fair play" and it has become obvious they will do ANYTHING IMMORAL and DECEITFUL to get their agenda met.
You people should be watching and taking notes about EVERYTHING your local FBI offices and LEO's are doing, and if you are not actively seeking soft intel and analyzing everything for exploitable weaknesses, then you might as well just suicide your damn selves, because you setting a stage to lose and keep losing.
3 percenter with a machine gun
and 3 percenter with a machete
just sitting with the true believer fools enjoying the sunshine, ain't nothing gonna change. Buy more ammo....for what, so you can talk about how you bought more ammo? Show me the callouses on your trigger finger that shows any resolve to USE IT... Oh, you don't have any do you? Figured as much.. My finger still aches from practicing all weekend.
What are your warfighting skills, What is your warfighting experience? What do you KNOW about strategy and tactics?
Warehouses of ammo don't BUY you freedom, don't buy you security, don't buy you safety. Talking about buying ammo does nothing either. if you don't have the skill resolve training or planning and practice, physical fitness to use it, Its just ammo sitting there. So what? Blah blah blah, internet wannabe heroes. None of it stops the toilet water from spinning around headed out of the shitter.
please mike, censor me because your sense of dedication to your own idea is more important that inspiring people to DO anything USEFUL to fight. The liberty movement lacks people of courage and capability to hold up all the anger and resolve to actually change anything, because I TALK ABOUT THE BITTER TRUTHS of where we are versus the pipe dreams expressed by your gang of nodding heads. Be a leader, and INSPIRE THEM to go and become better men and women, to learn what they don't know BUT NEED TO KNOW. the Founding Fathers KNEW that and were masters of being INSPIRED LEADERS to take COMMON men and women AND DO UNCOMMON VALOUROUS THINGS!! What are you doing as a leader who knows your time is short?

(snipped for length)

Anonymous said...

(part three)

Don't just inspire them to be MAD AS HELL, you have got them already mad enough to overcome their brainwashing and normalization in society. You have to inspire them to go and DO THINGS to be better people, to practice, to drill, to improve their intelligence gathering, to adopt useful skills like medical treatment of gunshot wounds and diseases and communications, SPOT reporting, intelligence gathering and analysis, and to THIUNK ABOUT THINGS OUTSIDE OF THE BOX so that Patriots will be able to fight smarter more effective and sacrifice less of our precious numbers to Burns Oregon stupidity. Mike you have a loyal following, but the Liberty movement is critically SHORT of great and experienced voices to be LEADERS, and that is a resource that TPTB in Washington DC FEAR THE MOST being developed to OPPOSE THEM.

For God sakes, Mike, you are a leader out of circumstance, be an inspired leader to give your followers USEFUL DIRECTION and EFFECTIVE PURPOSE. You have to get past my bitter truths I post. I mock to keep them mad and make them THINK, but I WANT THEM TO SUCCEED, I WANT THEM TO BE EFFECTIVE FIGHTERS, AND I WANT THEM TO WIN, but hey cannot do that from behind their relative comforts at home. They have to take a reality break and really honestly do self assessments about the things I mention. If they blind themselves to their shortcomings they set themselves up for failure. the gun ranges should be running at capacity with people honing their skills, the medical course offered locally filled with people gaining base knowledge, there should be legal pads filled on a day to day basis of soft intelligence observations, Youtube should be running over with intelligence gathered on much is needed in this war to reclaim America, but it all LACKS THOUGHTFUL AND USEFUL TRUSTED LEADERS to counter their technological advantages. Its why I quote often Solzhentisyn and Sun Tzu and recommend their reading, moreso that they try to understand the esperience that can help TEACH them what to do and how to think effectively.

Sign ME, Neal Jensen

Chiu ChunLing said...

I would summarize all this by saying that, at this stage of the conflict, the most important tasks is to ensure that we don't allow the enemy to identify our actual core leadership, because they have the means and reach to destroy it easily, and to generate sufficient chatter to disguise preparations for future operations.

In my reading of history, the real 'core leadership' shouldn't even exist at this point in a rebellion against an established regime (keeping in mind that few regimes in history have had the kinds of military and intelligence-gathering advantages of our current foe). Anything they do to attempt to lead the movement as a whole inevitably puts them at risk of discovery and elimination. Until the massive intel and military advantage of the enemy has been neutralized to the point where there is a realistic possibility of a core leadership surviving exposure, such leadership is nothing but a liability for the rebellion and a death sentence for the leaders.

I have no general problem with people making noise sufficient to blind the enemy to actual threats...even at the cost of some of their lives. We aren't all going to survive this, we aren't all going to take even one tyrant with us, we aren't all going to be able to boast of our sacred honor, we won't all have monuments on our graves.

But none of us will unless some of us accept that.

Military leaders will emerge as the system of oppression becomes too weak to eliminate them. There won't be a unified nationwide resistance, challenges of geography and popular dynamics will limit the reach of particular resistance groups in the face of the existing tyrannical regime. That can't be helped.

The idea of a largely bloodless conflict, fought with decorum and honor, is a delusion. The reason we are fighting at all is because the tyrants have pushed our nation to the brink of a disaster that will kill millions (my own estimate is less than a third of the population has any chance of survival). Whether two hundred millions or only two millions, the thousands of lives lost intentionally fighting tyranny are but a fraction of the total.

But until we overwhelm the ability of the tyrants to pinpoint the exact locus of resistance, we needing worry about the fact that we don't have would be a problem if we did.