Thursday, January 28, 2016

Not counting the snitches and agents provocateurs, of course.

Where was the FBI during the armed standoff in Oregon? Out of sight, but listening and watching


Anonymous said...

"A significant amount of the FBI’s information used to charge Ammon Bundy came from an activist named Pete Santilli, who was living inside the refuge and broadcasting live his conversations with fellow activists.....

With friends like Pete who needs enemies, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

The 'new' FBI mantra ...

"Gotta keep off the 100 Heads Lists"

"Gotta keep out hands clean"

"Gotta let the local hicks take the flac!"

Ma Duce

Anonymous said...

So much to learn or We Lose before we Start.

Anonymous said...

As in all government actions, we have to decide who wins.

Was the occupation something that was planned and the gov decided to exploit? Was the occupation instigated by our gov with provocateurs "priming" gullible folks?

It seems like it was a bad plan, instigated by our government. And it got a good man killed.

Lots of "conspiracy" theories running around right now. The ones that name key players (Santilli, Buddha and Payne) seem to have more truth to them than many.

Take a look at some of those who "pushed" for support out there and decide if they were useful idiots or government instigators.

The instigators have blood on their hands.

What needs to be figured out is why now.

A plot to discredit liberty lovers?

A plot to discredit ranchers who use BLM lands so it's easier to sell the rights to the land to heavy donors to the Reids and Clintons of the world?


Many good lessons to be learned here. Of course many of us, especially the Dutchman have been pointing this out to us for a very long time.

MikeH. said...

Kinda figured the Bullshit Meter needle would be spinning faster today than a 7.62mm projectile outta fed's sniper rifle.

On a side note; are we still standing down or has this become a forgotten issue?

A Geriatric Threeper In Hip Wadders

Anonymous said...

By eyewitness accounts from people in the car, who were on their way (they thought) to a peaceful negotiation, it was an AMBUSH. The occupants of the car did not fire, all the fire came from the FBI, the Oregano state police,LOL and the county sheriff's department. It was not a shootout, it was a Bonnie-and-Clyde type ambush, and a miracle that no one else in the car was killed. Why no pictures or video of the event ?

Clearly the Feds are probing our perimeters for weakness in preparation for something.

Anonymous said...

I learned in elementary school not to put anything in writing that you did not want others to see as it could land you in hot water. The same went for phone conversations since most of us were on party lines and there was always a neighbor who made it their business to know everyone else s'. The internet and newer telephone tech makes this lesson all the more relevant today. This lesson apparently was never learned by Pete and company as they are now to be hoisted on their own petard for telling all and sundry by way of Social Media more than was needed to be known. These kind of Ops need to be handled like a large fire or Haz-Mat incident by getting only the information that you want out, released through carefully written speeches presented by only one person, the Public Information Officer. No one else speaks for the group and ComSec needs to be practiced at all times as the current crop of enabled devices can be used as remote bugs by others. The Fibbees just told us this again. Thanks L.A. Times.

IndieAnnaJones said...

Dutchman6, where's my comment? I posted it hours ago and it hasn't appeared yet, but those added after mine have already been posted.

IndieAnnaJones said...

Dutchman6, I would like to know why you are not posting my comment about Santilli? I submitted it again immediately after my comment at 5:49, and I don't understand why you won't allow it through. This is 2x now that you have not posted it. Please let me know why. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51 gets it right on the head. Something I learned growing up in tough neighborhoods in Brooklyn - keep your fu&%^*^ mouth shut! If you intend to do something, then just do it and don't go bragging about it afterwards and certainly don't run around town letting everyone know what you intend to do. People in Burns yelling at a BLM agent. If they really know where she lives then just shut up and do what needs to be done when all the hoopla dies down. Do you idiots want to win this war or just sound off like you want to win? Does a sniper yell out to his/her target before putting a round in them from out of nowhere? Running around in camo and carrying a firearm while spewing constitutional rhetoric doesn't win a war; or anything else for that matter. It just paints a target on your back and makes the work for the Feds a lot easier. Courage may be contagious but so is stupidity. If the Feds need proof of something you say then let them work at planting a bug, don't have a "supposed" supporter standing there making video of you saying incriminating words...Honestly, I'd like to just call these people naive, but I think stupid really is a better word. I feel bad for the Bundy's and Mr. Finnicum, as I think they were ill advised from the onset of this operation. If nothing else, can the rest of us please use this as a lesson?

IndieAnnaJones said...

Well Dutchman6, you've apparently decided to simply censor my information that Pete Santilli is an FBI informant. You've obviously refused to answer my requests to know why you've deleted the posts. I don't appreciate that, but hey, it's your blog and you have the right.

For anyone who wants more info of these allegations against Pete Santilli, this video is factual and damning.

Anonymous said...

@indy anna jones-
get your own website, then no one can "censor" you. by the way, no one deleted your posts, they just declined to post them.
that is the right of the OWNER of this blog, the Dutchman.

IndieAnnaJones said...

Not Me, is there a point to you repeating everything I have already said? If not, maybe it's time for you to move along and give your unwarranted advice to someone else. My post was level-headed and respectful, though twice it was not posted. I respectfully asked why and was ignored. Though I don't appreciate that, I fully owned that Mike has the option of refusing to post it because it is HIS blog. Next?