Sunday, January 3, 2016

No more free Wacos. A National Three Percent Declaration Regarding the Situation in Harney County, Oregon. "Why would I want to do that? There's plenty of you federal sonsabitches around here."

In 1996, common criminals calling themselves "the Montana Freemen," victimized their own neighbors in the community with fake liens and bank fraud. Eventually, the Federal authorities became involved and laid siege to their community. At the time, in the aftermath of Waco and Ruby Ridge, the FBI was very concerned that members of the constitutional militia movement might come to their aid.
They approached the leadership of these formations, trying to determine what our intentions were should the situation "go south," turning into another Waco. As part of this effort, the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque New Mexico office journeyed downstate to visit Bob Wright, than (as now) commander of the 1st Brigade, New Mexico Militia. "Bob," he asked, "would you really take your unit up to Montana to protect them?"
Bob looked him in the eye and said, "Why would I want to do that? There's plenty of you federal sonsabitches around here."
Our point was, then as it is now, that as much as we disagreed with the people in the compound, we believed that the Federal government had an absolute duty to respect their due process rights and to do what was necessary to end the situation without killing them. Bob's rejoinder made it clear that if it did turn into another Waco, that there would be a NATIONAL response and that we would fight in our own areas of operation where we were strongest. What Bob was trying to communicate was that we were prisoners of our own principles. We had sworn after the immolation of the Davidians that there would be "no more free Wacos." That if the Feds began killing citizens without legal recourse that they would pay a price in blood for it. Indeed, if there is one principle that everyone in the liberty movement, such as it is, agrees upon it is that. Since then, we have sent that message in a number of ways including "No More Free Wacos: An Explication of the Obvious Addressed to Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States" in 2009. I also made this a central tenet of the Three Percent Catechism.
Among the other principles is no first use of force. We call this, "No Fort Sumters." To do so would be to surrender the moral high ground. The Founders understood that. Indeed, even the people who responded to the righteous cause of the Bundys at the time of the standoff there understood it. Yet now we have a situation contrived by some of the same people who first showed their true colors in the aftermath of that confrontation throwing this crucial tenet into the garbage can. I refer the reader to my article of yesterday, "Perfect timing for the regime. Federal provocateurs, sociopaths and idiots with a John Brown complex are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood," and to the statement of the Oregon Three Percent organization whose march was exploited by Ammon Bundy and his supporters to achieve the takeover.
I hasten to add that this tactic is straight out of the communist provocateur's handbook. I know since as a former member of the Maoist Progressive Labor Party, we used to do the same thing to peaceful anti-war marches. Like wise, today's black flag street "anarchists" do the same thing all across the world. The point of the tactic is to take the violence up several notches, goad the government forces into responding and radicalize others who are subsequently beaten and tear gassed. It is a tactic older than Karl Marx.
And yet, as wrong-headed and suspect as are the actions and the motives of the few people who are currently holed up in the Fish and Wildlife Service office (and they are far fewer than is claimed), the rest of us are still prisoners of our own enunciated principles. Bundy and the others (including several people whom are widely suspected of being federal provocateurs) have indeed written a check that they expect the rest of us to cash in our own blood in a ghastly civil war. Yet we cannot allow the federal government to take advantage of this perfect propaganda opportunity that they have apparently spent such effort contriving and use deadly force on the occupiers without response. As at the time of the Freemen standoff, we must get across the message to the Feds that if they do so, there will be a national response in those local areas of operations where we are strongest, politically and militarily. Frankly, this is a plea for any adults in the room in DC to intervene and use caution before this blows up in all of our faces.
As to the personalities involved, I can say this from personal experience on the ground at the time of the original Bundy confrontation. The sociopathic weasel (and likely fed provocateur) Ryan Payne insinuated himself into the Bundy family by going to church with them and promising to convert to their brand of the LDS church. Whether he actually did or not is unknown to me, but I was told by Bundy himself that this was the reason that they trusted him and took him into their personal defense detail, much as Cleopatra clasped the asp to her own bosom.
In addition, I am informed by someone on the ground out there that Ammon Bundy believes that it is his mission "to make the refuge into some sort of New Jerusalem." The parallels between Ammon and John Brown grow creepier by the minute. Others apparently view this as an opportunity for "suicide by Fed," acting out whatever private demons they have pursuing them.
Boil all of this down and this is what we have left as our own demands, our own declaration, if you will:
1. Put the Feds on notice that as much as we disagree with the actions of these people, that the government has an absolute duty to see that the situation ends without violence. In the case of the Freemen, that took 81 days and involved outside negotiators (at least one of whom, Kirk Lyons, was a federal informant).
2. We must get across to the Feds that if they do not end this peacefully, if they go for a dynamic raid that gets people killed, that they will start a national conflagration that will be fought using the principles of Fourth Generation Warfare as adapted to an American civil war. War makers and decision takers, and not just SRT thugs, will put their own lives on the line in any conflict they start. No more free Wacos. Period.
3. We must insist that some outside negotiators try to work out a compromise between the occupiers and the authorities to facilitate a peaceful end to the standoff. (Of course this time it would be preferable if none of those negotiators was a federal snitch.)
4. We must declare that the Founders always looked upon the armed citizenry as the ultimate guarantors of liberty and safety and that by making these demands we are entirely consistent with their vision of a constitutional republic of limited powers and the rule of law.
We are prisoners of our principles, as originally enunciated by them. As much as we disagree with the occupiers and whatever motives they have, we cannot do otherwise. No more free Wacos.
(If you agree with this declaration, kindly pass it on.)
Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson AL 35126
Founder, National Three Percent movement.
Addendum: If I didn't make this clear in the above, let me make it plain. If you want to support the principle that Bundy and his followers are entitled to due process of law and to survive this confrontation of their own making, DO NOT ANSWER THE SIREN CALL AND GO THERE. Rather, get ready to fight in your own AOs, where you are strongest. If the occupiers are successful in their yearning for suicide by fed, the fight will in very short order come to you, as it will come to us all. Get ready. And do not neglect using every political lever open to influence everyone from the local sheriff and town councilmen to your congresscritters to exert every pressure on the regime to negotiate a peaceful end to this insanity.


Anonymous said...

We just had another "free Waco" (literally) last year...

Anonymous said...

Well stated as always, thanks.

Anonymous said...

WND Exclusive
Armed occupation protests federal 'tyranny'
Rural Oregon wildlife refuge site of militia showdown

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Hammonds. 5 yrs. for a 130 acres of desert? After the son did 18mos.. Plus $400,000. I believe that was the original report? And this is an appeal of that sentence? 5yr. terrorism, federal time, for 130 acres? The BLM, and surely no one in federal employ has a thing to say to these people. When one considers the amount of destruction cause by federal "management" every year!
I feel everything you say is spot-on. But for a 4gw victory, we must not only ignore the provocateurs, all of them. We must demand justice for the Hammonds.....MTHead

Unknown said...

There are three levels of feds here.

First there are the "just doing my job" guys who really don't want to kill anyone.

Second, there are those who go along for the ride and shoot when the others shoot.

Third, there are the really, no-kidding evil dudes who pray on their knees to the devil to give them a chance to massacre those the cartoonists teach them to hate.

Sipsy Street has taught us the principles involved. However, it still seems strange that if the BLM feds riot in rural Oregon that we should snipe on Water Conservation feds in Arizona.

Mulle said...

I've been saying all weekend that we are damned if we do, damned if we don't. All the ground gained at the Bundy Ranch could be lost by backing down, yet doing something plays into the regimes hands.

I hate this.

Jacob Gittes said...

I admire your principles.
I just saw that Alex Jones is begging Bundy and the others there to stop their craziness. He wants to avoid a civil war, as do you.
I have to say that whatever wackiness Jones engages is, he is right on the money here. I think you should stop demonizing old Jones, and get along with allies where they exist. Just my two cents - stop being an Alex Jones hater. He may actually be able to talk some sense to the younger Bundy and the others there. Let's pray that is the case.
You do good work.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Mike!

These Douche Nozzles have screwed the Pooch and US. At Least 1 has to be some sort of FED, CI , Payed Shill. It's all to Perfect.

So lets make the best of it. ISR/Learn/Understand how they plan on dealing with these situations.
This is a Time to Learn about our Tax Dollars at work.

The Drones are up, as sure as the Sun will rise again tomorrow. FBI's Pilatus PC-12 Flying Dirtbox is up and Backups are most likey Fueled and Waiting. Shit they may even have a RIVET JOINT 135 up, it is Federal Land.

There C4ISR is working overtime

F3EAD is up and Running, Preparing the Battle Space.

MISO is most likely in full swing with MSM's Complete Help

Wouldn't be surprised if CENTCOM is "Advising"

Every "INT" gathering capability is in Full Swing, Digi,LOC,SIG,HUMAN,IR,Spectral, etc etc

If this goes for any length of Time , would anybody be shocked to learn a SAT or 2 was Retasked?

NOW is the TIME to LEARN!

Anonymous said...

Trump: Hillary Clinton Should Disarm Her Bodyguards If She Really Believes ‘Guns Don’t Keep You Safe’

Anonymous said...

Reading the comment sections all over the place...
This is a win-win for the whole damn red team as they
are bringing every other shit card they have to the table
to stir up the frog pit.
Cloward-Piven, it's what's for dinner.
Cui bono?
We're close, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

American Patriot Militiamen Descend on Town Ahead of Monday Deadline for Oregon Ranchers to Turn Themselves In

Steve Ramsey said...

Pete Santilli is ACTIVELY agitating and trying to suck patriots into going there with loose talk of "A hundred patriots the government is preparing and ready to slaughter".

That's incredibly irresponsible.

It's apparant that Bundy et-al are engaging in the Dr Strangelove strategy. Launch an un-recallable first strike and wait for the rest of us to pile on.

It's every bit as insane as General Ripper.

Anonymous said...

At what point does the "line" get crossed? When is it ever the right time, place, or cause? At what point is there really nothing else to lose? Have all other means of redress been investigated?
These are the questions we have to ask ourselves, and be prepared to answer to our children before we take that fatefull leap into history. We must be aware that it is on the narrowest of knife edges that we balance. History will not be kind to those who lose this all important decision for the very soul of our nation.
Weigh with deliberate heart as to your course of action, or inaction, in this matter and those surely yet to come. Do not be swayed by the emotion of the moment. Act only as a last resort. Remember to act and carry yourselves with the upmost of honor. God and history will be your only judge in the matter.

SheepDog said...

While I agree 100%, I think a show of armed civil disobedience in Burns would be appropriate to get the point across. Please provide links to your evidence [Not suspicions] of federal provocateurs.

War Dog 6 "out" said...
The burning question is, "Will the Citizens of Burns, Oregon and the Sheriff step up to defend their own against the Federal Government?"

No. Terrorism is slaughtering, enslaving, pillaging, raping, innocent people and destroying property. None of that has either occurred or been threatened by the militia involved at the Federal refuge. The threat vocalized is they will defend their right to protest the Hammond's incarceration as terrorists on arson charges.

The riots, looting and destruction of private property we have seen in our cities by other "protests" more nearly equate to terrorism but I would not go that far in describing them. I understand their frustrations as well, and their manipulation by our own government.

The Militia is any man able to employ a weapon, in the defense, with his fellow citizens. Arbitrary ages were assigned to regulate who was morally obligated and expected to arm themselves and prepare for a defense.

A well regulated militia is one where the citizens have armed themselves, are relatively proficient with those weapons and have trained together to develop a unit discipline. Well regulated has nothing to do with political or government control.

A standing, well trained and supplied, army is required for effective defensive and offensive operations in conventional warfare. The Militia that stood against the British government at Concord and Lexington was not well regulated in the sense they had the unit discipline to stand against a British bayonet charge. They certainly were not under the command of any legitimate political authority either.

Washington's army was initially unregulated militia, expert marksmen, who volunteered and enlisted to fight under his command for the new Continental Congress. These same Militia were trained in the finer arts of conventional warfare at Valley Forge by Baron Von Stuben. At that point they became well regulated with military discipline to effectively employ their marksmanship they had learned with their own weapons. That is when they began to win.

The founding fathers saw the wisdom of having a whole citizenry well armed and drilled in unit cohesion to stand against any tyranny in the future, whether external or internal.

At this moment well regulated patriots are standing in defense of liberty and justice in armed protest of Federal excess and injustice. No different than the militia that stood against the King and his agents at Lexington and Concord.

No, they are neither terrorists nor anti-government radicals. They are American Militia defending liberty and justice. The burning question is, "Will the Citizens of Burns, Oregon and the Sheriff step up to defend their own against the Federal Government?"

Anonymous said...

Reading the comment sections all over the place...
This is a win-win for the whole damn red team as they
are bringing every other shit card they have to the table
to stir up the frog pit.
Cloward-Piven, it's what's for dinner.
Cui bono?
We're close, gentlemen.

blackraisin said...

The Communist News Network is reporting a racialist troll named Sam Hyde is present as well. Not seeing any other confirmation. Makes the rogues gallery trying to force Fort Sumter seem even worse.

Anonymous said...

Very well thought out and well written. I have been following this story since yesterday, and I have been thinking to myself that this very well could end up being another Waco. Now I, also had no likes for David and his stance; however, there was definitely an agenda, and they were not given their due process.

I live in a rural area that many feel will be free of conflict, but we are also surrounded by "National Land" so I always try to be aware of my surroundings like many here. This state is also going to be a recipient of refugees, and we are not happy, so just one other thing to keep an eye on.

What is going on is NOT terrorism and this admin knows that, but will push "Their" agenda as far as they can. Resistance is not futile. We have rights... we need to stand up peacefully, but always be prepared for the next level... cool heads prevail, but suckers also take the bait. NC is with you

mc said...

No doubt about it the Hammonds have been treated unjustly but not sure the what the remedy is the line will have to be drawn at some point. They served their time did they violate some parole stipulation I do not get it why they are expected to return to prison. I personally have had my taxes increased while they lowered a friend of mines who lives in a much more highly valued property. There is no equity or justice anymore. It will happen sooner or later the UN will be in here soon. I say it is a good a time as any.

Anonymous said...

You want to draw a line in the sand over...

A: Actions of a few people you know are dishonest and judge to be agents provocateurs or just plain crazy? Who have deliberately ignored group consensus, good advice and a clearly stated disavowal of these actions by the purported beneficiaries?

B: At a time you suspect is of the US internal security/Federl government's choice?

Anonymous said...

The top news story on Google News aggregate right now is a headline that, "Sheriff says militants want to overthrow government." Earlier today I read that there was never a "terrorist" charge to begin with, (as the "militant militia" are saying), and it is simply a mystery why these men are being forced to go back to prison after serving time for poaching deer and then setting a forest fire to cover their crime on Federal land. Presumably they broke some parole term if you go by the MSM.
The disinformation is all over the map.

AZ Marine said...

I question the fortitude of the so called patriots in this country. What is the "reason/trigger" that does justify an armed stand against the corrupt government that now presides over this nation? Handpicked activist judges, government dependant law enforcement, bought and paid for representatives... how much longer is this nation expected to keep going along to get along? I am not eager to get into a civil war. Yet I am very exasperated with the current situation. So, please outline the conditions that would cause you to make a stand. Or, stop talking like you would do something.
AZ Marine

Anonymous said...

Mike, I am in awe of your wisdom! And so eloquently stated!

When I put my tactical thinking cap on...this will be an excellent probe of the Feds Order of Battle.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where agents provocateurs get to create a situation and the rest of us have to deal with the consequences. Disavow them and say, "they got what they deserved." The Hammonds understand why they have to go back to prison. They may not be happy about it and it really isn't fair but they will report to prison tomorrow. They were the victims of mandatory minimums under an anti-terrorism law for burning 140 acres of federal land. The law reclassified arson. The "militias" are essentially uninvited. It was good that people showed up to protest the injustice and point out the sheriff's options. Anything more than that is entirely unwarranted. The Weavers were innocent and attacked. The Davidians were innocent and attacked. CIs and useful idiots seizing and holding a federal facility is not a Waco. It's a whole lot more like OKC. May cooler heads prevail in this.

Anonymous said...

Biff Winnetka ‏@HypocriLib 1h1 hour ago

Of course the Progs @MikeLawlor @GovernorMalloy @RepEsty won't risk their OWN lives trying to take my weapons.

Mike Lawlor ‏@MikeLawlor 59m59 minutes ago New Haven, CT

@HypocriLib what have you done to warrant your guns being taken away?

Biff Winnetka ‏@HypocriLib 28m28 minutes ago

@MikeLawlor You will eventually stand trial Mike. I'll be in the front row.

TheAlaskan said...

For some dam reason, I can't get Pickett's Charge out of my head.

Anonymous said...

This is a copout from people who want to play "Patriot" yet when the possibility to stand up is there you ignore it... so you're literally are going to sit behind a screen and slander a group of people who are voluntarily risking their lives? you are doing something called "redirecting the spotlight" meaning you are pointing the finger to a group of people who are actually doing something and trying to hide from your own cowardice.... You speak how you despise what is going on in this country and do nothing, yes granted you may do things here and there but when the risk of prison or death you refuse to act... people like you are the reason why there were 3% to start out with in the revolution, you are the people who refused to stand when others did.

Anonymous said...

Another point of view and expanded info:

Anonymous said...

What curtis said, +1!!

Chiu ChunLing said...

The Feds crossed my line in the sand a long time ago. I probably should have picked a different line in the sand than "when they come to my home to murder me personally", but at least I can hope that nobody will claim I should have somehow drawn it further back somehow.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is concerned about the rouge takeover of a federal building while the real issue is being ignored. Two American citizens were tried as a terrorist for a domestic crime. If this can be done to a rancher and is allowed to stand none of us are safe. This may be a battle worth fighting. We are all terrorist now.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 9:26-- lead us, oh brave one!

treeking31 said...

I am not a provocateur in the sense that I would like to see this go further so as to help our United States government have a reason to be violent however I am tired of seeing fellow citizens being taken advantage of by the government they pay to have in place. If this is what sets off a civil war in our country provocateur or not what better premise than this, a time when the federal government again is over stepping its bounds asking for what almost appears to be double jeapordy and to what end. Have we met the ends now will we meet them in the days to come? This is just one more showing of power by the federal government when will we show our power. Niceties have gotten is where we are. Rainbow farts and candy kissed turds is all we have to show for all the demonstrating that has been going on since the 60's (over Vietnan) Our government is rouge, the situation that has arisen now has been coming for cemturies, everybody cries about how enough is enough and everybody cries about our how corrupt the government is but when given the oppurtunity to make a change it seems everyone is trying to back pedal wishing this had all been started under different circumstances what situation would be better, perhaps it would be better if an agent was to slap a militia man. Underatanding that this is a serious situation and understanding tgat many loved ones, family and friends will be lost to this civil war should it errupt, it is in my opinion this is a perfect opportunity to do away with the white flag we have been holding for 400 years and smash them bitches! This is not put out in hate but rather I say these things out of love for my fellow country men and women. It is due time we had a corporate cleansing from our standing government. If not now then when?
Joshua Jerome Parsons Sr.

Paul Bonneau said...

I think the feds will negotiate. They had a good deal going, slowly driving ranchers out from around the wildlife refuge by quietly applying various forms of pressure. They don't want people to know Hammond was charged with terrorism for burning some sagebrush (a standard range-improvement practice in eastern Oregon). They don't want people to understand the Hammonds already served their time (for the dubious cause of covering up poaching by setting a fire), then had a judge heap more time on for an even more bullshit charge. They want to sweep this under the rug as quickly as possible. They do NOT want this to get out of hand.

Paul Stramer said...

Paul Stramer Thanks Mike. I think you got it right with one exception. You have not identified who these feds really are. All these so called federal agencies are part of a for profit mostly foreign owned corporation masquerading as our lawful government who are plundering our country by acts of piracy, and have been under the color of law for over 150 years. They are operating only in the jurisdiction of the Sea or Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction. They have tricked us into their courts and jails by FRAUD, deception, threat, duress, intimidation, and lack of full disclosure. The Montana Freemen knew that, and while I don't agree with some of their tactics and views, that one they got right. The feds are NOT lawful. I knew them, and Leroy Schweitzer was absolutely right to expose the bank fraud in the system itself. Remember that there is NO statute of limitations on fraud. The Freemen were railroaded. The "court" that did it was nothing more than a corporate tribunal, it's now pretty well known that they brought in a hatchet judge. I think Burns was his name, who actually recognized during the trial that those men were "the kings bench" in other words judges in common law, then he had them marched out of his courtroom and taken to another room with a TV and had them convicted in absentia. Leroy died 17 years later in prison. He was nothing but a political prisoner who knew the truth and tried to do something about it. He was NO Different than the people in Oregon. Their mistake was to lose patience. Patience is the virtue we all need to exercise right now. That is what the agents provocateur want us to do. Lose patience and do something "technically illegal" according to the corporate statutes and codes, so they have an excuse to create the violence. That is what the folks in Oregon have fallen for. You are right to call for a peaceful solution to this, but from being a former communist ( I was thinking about Mike Vanderboegh here) you also know that the communist definition of peace is eliminating the opposition to their program, then there is "peace" in their view. I think we all need to step back and take another look at who these so called feds really are. The common law judge in Big Lake Alaska, Anna Von Reitz has explained this better than anybody I have ever known. You all should read her writings at especially about these cricital jurisdictional issues. We are watching this situation in Oregon very carefully.

Ominous Cowherd said...

This is not the right time. OK, got it.

Would someone please define the right time now, in advance, so we will have a chance to recognize it when it arrives? I fear that if we go on deciding case by case, we will miss that right time when it is actually upon us.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone is looking at this as a independent episode. It is not, it is a continuing on going attack on liberty. Just like the family owning the gun store in New Mexico. This is a pattern of behavior from the feds little dictators, who have nothing to fear from OUR government. I don't approve what the Bundys are doing. It is not a good strategy. I wish them to disband and leave now. BUT, what are we as free men going to do to stop this abuse? Strongly worded blog post are meaningless. Mike talks of forth gen warfare. I would like to see a list of actions individuals could do that would send a message to the little dictators. Make them afraid. The list would have to be so widely distributed everyone would be able to see it and no person could be charged in connection with it. Perhaps those little dictators might figure out they are on a losing side and stop the abuse, preventing a repeat of 1860. While everyone waits for something "big" to act, the fedgov just keeps chipping away little by little. How long before nothing is left to fight for? NOG

Archer said...

I just want to throw out a "what-if" question regarding "No Fort Sumters":

What if Bundy/Payne/the "occupiers" break that rule and initiate violence? What, then, will be the response of the III%?

I'm asking seriously. I understand that if the agents shoot first, it's on. But what if the "occupiers" shoot first and the feds respond in kind? Do we then disavow any knowledge or relationship with them and brace for whatever legislation and/or EOs Our Glorious President signs that further erode our rights? Because you just KNOW that the MSM is going to paint all lovers of liberty and the Constitution with the same brush.

Like someone above said, it seems a "damned if we do, damned if we don't" situation.

Anonymous said...

Black protesters would most likely already have looted and set fire to the building...

T. Paine said...

You said it: 'No more free Waco's. Period.'

SMB1128 said...

I guarantee that us average citizens will be battling against these "militias" right alongside our government. We are so tired of seeing armed men think they can bully and push us all around. Now they want to hold our buildings hostage for absolutely no good reason. I for one wouldn't be sad one bit if the government cleaned house up there in Oregon. I would actually feel so much better and safer if they DID do that. Somebody has got to put these groups in their place.

Chiu ChunLing said...

An excellent illustration of just why we can no longer concern ourselves with persuading the "average citizens", who will mostly die anyway before this is over.

Anonymous said...

You're a self-important fuckwit, mate.

Cameraman said...

SMB1128,,Are you Freaking Serious> Well'l be fighting Right along side Our Government!! Average Citizen? No me smells a Average LIBERAL..Citizens ARE the Militia you Idiot!!

Semper Fi

Unknown said...

Most likely what most think of this is wrong. I hardly consider it a false flag though. That's what people who call themselves patriots WANT to think & say out loud so that it would make it sound like there is zero legitimacy of people out here who take actions like this because it is in fact, the right thing to do. Usually the right thing to do is not what most want to do. To top it off, there is NO proverbial waiting on a 1st or 2nd, etc shot." That's alot of BS. Most people today who call themselves patriots have never had to fight for anything besides getting into their cars to go somewhere. That ain't a fight.
Most have never sacrificed anything either. MOST Americans don't care about liberty. Most patriots out here don't want to actually admit that this government & the cops are illegitimate, rogue forces. They only get to operate like they do because we've allowed it. This govt WANTS us divided as it benefits them so it takes us longer to respond accordingly. And when people like these men do respond to tyranny the way we should all be doing it, they get blasted & called names.
Real patriots understand the value of literally doing your homework/recon & then planning on defensive AND offensive tactics to rebuke the tyranny around us. Not waiting for some fake elections or other event that slaves love to have so they feel comfortable.
To SMB above, you know not what you speak of either. Militia is each one of us out here. I guarantee you that if you even dared to fight against a well armed, experienced & trained militia group, you would be mopped up by betraying your countrymen for the love of this govt. Many veterans are in militia's/groups & we love our country. The militia, that being us, have a DUTY & RIGHT to use our weapons/tactics/intellect to resist & destroy this government & it's tyrannical laws & violence. To call that provocative is RIGHT, it is. It's alot better than doing failed vote & petition after one another time after time, every decade. We do not have a legitimate REPUBLICAN govt, none.

Anonymous said...

Total BS False Flag.
You can tell, it is just like the total BS "court hearing" for Dylan Storm Roof where his 15 year old brother got to guard him while "victim families" told him they forgive him.
This time, for some amazing reason, the "feds" are allowing the leaders to step outside and have nice pleasant well-lit interviews with the MSNBC, nice makeup, good mike set up, might even be green screen.
Utter total BS.

Anonymous said...

So when all of your paranoid rantings turn out to be just more paranoid rantings like all of the shit you folks spewed about jade helm, are you going to own up to the fact that you're full of shit or just move onto the next right wing conspiracy horseshit like you always do.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the stupidity continues. It's most amusing when the uber-patriots begin infighting by claiming the other patriots are just government plants. That's about as believable as saying HAARP activated the chemtrail dispensers on the planes flying over the World Trade Center which in turn set off the nanothermite to go off in turn forcing the crisis actors to jump out of the windows as the buildings exploded.