Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Must be scared of something. GOP elitist Brooks attacks Cruz.

"The Brutalism of Ted Cruz."
See also: "Establishment tribes beat drums against Ted Cruz."
The establishmentarian drumbeat against Cruz has involved but a whiff of argument on policy, and a few twisted or out of context attributions. But it has consisted mostly of attacks on the man’s character. Fox News led the way with characterizations ranging from flip-flopper to “servile.” Britt Hume, heretofore its resident adult, said that Cruz had “difficulty shaking hands with the truth.” The point in print, in the blogosphere, as well as on TV is: he’s not one of us, not of our kind, and hence unsuited for responsible office. This very vehemence ensures the attacks’ success. For sure, Cruz ain’t no part of the establishment. Whether that convinces voters to vote against Cruz or for him is another matter. What follows here is an overview of the written attacks, which reveal more about the attackers than they do about the target thereof.
And here's the money quote --
In sum, establishment attacks on Ted Cruz have next to nothing to do with Ted Cruz, or with the coherence or verisimilitude of the words used. They are desperate attempts to tell the American people that the “ins” are entitled to be in, and that the “outs” should butt out.
LATER: But read "David Brooks Loses It on Ted Cruz."
New York Times columnist David Brooks poses as a moderate who never stoops to being crabbily doctrinaire. He is the very model of a PBS/NPR "conservative" -- defining conservatism in a very 1950s way, as wearing dreary gray suits and liking Ike and Dick Nixon. Go along, and get along with the liberal elites. But as conservatives know all too well, people who pose as "moderates" -- politically and rhetorically -- have a way of losing their sweetly temperate nature when conservatives seriously challenge the liberal order of things. David Brooks is clearly not a moderate or temperate man when it comes to Ted Cruz. Just the thought of this man triggers a spontaneous combustion.


Uncle Elmo said...

Perhaps David would feel better about Senator Cruz if he was wearing a pair of Obama's trousers.

Eric said...

There are times when you can tell you're right by observing who attacks you. When it's everybody you're either very right or very wrong. In this case I believe Cruz is right.

Anonymous said...

Cruz deserves no respect. He skipped the vote on auditing the Fed. The Canuck should go back to Canada. Oh well. I guess we will be getting some more quantitative easing to keep destroying the dollar.


Anonymous said...

Democrats are out in force cheerleading Trump.

Democrat party hacks along with Republican party hacks despise Cruz absolutely.

Gee, I wonder which one is the best choice for America Today?

Anonymous said...

Half-joking prediction: in the event that the FBI recommends charging Hillary for her private email server and all the related shenanigans in which she has engaged, up to and including admitting to ordering staffers to mark classified information as non-classified and send it through non-secured servers, and she ends up getting that orange jail jumpsuit--the Democrats will nominate Bernie Sanders. And then Reince Priebus, John McCain, and the Bush family will all agree to nominte the Hildabeast.
The slogan will be "At this point, what difference does it make?"