Sunday, December 20, 2015

"The List of Modern Assault Rifles in the World."

Written by someone whose translation into or command of English is somewhat stilted, still, it is a useful list.


Anonymous said...

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Eugene Stoner is blushing cherry red.

Anonymous said...

At least 1/3 of the weapons pictured were experimental and never entered production or are out of production/ out of military service. Several photos are of experimental weapons from the 1970's and '80's. Obviously compiled by someone without the slightest clue.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously compiled by someone without the slightest clue."

So the US uses mostly Ruger pistols?

Anonymous said...

Assault is a noun and a verb, not an adjective.
Stop adopting and using the language of the left. Rise above their attempts to destroy our rights by destroying the meaning of words and by controlling the discussions hence.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Firearms don't simply cease to exist or function because they are no longer being produced and issued to military units by a government.

That kind of mentality is..."bureaucratic" is the term that comes to mind. There are a number of experimental rifles on the list which are important for historical reasons rather than because they remain currently significant to the practical knowledge of what weapons one might reasonably encounter 'in the wild'. But I note the complete absence of any weapons which would qualify except for having never been produced at the behest of any government. And yet, the list is instructive.

It gives insights into more than merely bureaucratic aspects of the reasons that modern rifles have developed as they have.

Anonymous said...

Chiu is correct. Look at eras and look at what rounds they designed the weapons to us. 5.56x45 during the time when the US really was a superpower, Russian rounds when the Soviet Union was dominate. List is interesting in a historical view, way beyond merely the weapons.

I'd like to see an up to date AR-15/M-4 list. With analysis to see which are merely clones and which attempted to change/improve the weapon.

Anonymous said...

No Chiu is clueless. Several of the weapons in that line up were dead ends that didn't influence modern rifles in any way (HK G-11 "caseless ammunition/ electric rotor bolt" from the late 1970's being the most glaring example) Several more were "one off" dead ends that didn't work at all and were quietly shit canned in hopes that no one would notice. Keyboard commandos shouldn't make lists from old issues of "Small Arms of the World".

Chiu ChunLing said...

Work on caseless ammo has continued, the results are still rather high end but promising.

I doubt caseless will really take off until the explosives involved become less heavily regulated. But the performance advantages are non-trivial. Still, that falls into the "AK-AR" debate archetype, and I'm forced to argue the merits of the AK over the AR too often to not see that the caseless rifle is not going to make everything else obsolete.

In fact, many of the disadvantages of caseless ammo for civilian use would make their adoption by governments a matter of near inevitability if not for bureaucratic idiocy (for which I suppose we should occasionally give thanks commensurate with our cursing on other occasions).

I would be hard pressed to spot a more "glaring" example than the HK G-11, though there were designs in there that probably served more as examples of what NOT to do.