Saturday, December 26, 2015

"I see what your church security plan is trying to do, but you lost me at 'Throw your Bible at the shooter.'"

Why not just shoot the sons of Beelzebub?


Anonymous said...

Why do Sheep walk themselves to The Wolves?
So be it, we all makes choices, and have to live with that

Anonymous said...

Book-"Left of Bang"
Excellent!! 20$ or less depending on your source

Anonymous said...

"And then, after the shooter is momentarily distracted, what next?" -- from the article comments.

The Underpants Gnomes strike again!

Anonymous said...

Unlike the advice mentioned in the article, the previous church I worked at and my current church both had trained security teams made up of veterans, and law enforcement individuals who are members. Not to mention the countless parishoners who carry concealed.

Anonymous said...

My wife used to raise an eyebrow when I tooled up for church.

Not any more.

The church I regularly attend has a "don't ask don't tell" policy as near as I can tell.

The other church I don't know about, nor am I going to bring up the subject.


Anonymous said...

I have something that I can throw at them but it moves a little faster even though it is much smaller. How about .45 at around 800fps?


Anonymous said...

There are weekly messages in America from the pulpit about sacrifice and the atonement of Christ in His death and resurrection. There are very few messages about our responsibility of self defense and the obligation to protect life. It's showing now I believe. An unbalanced understanding never leads to a good place. It didn't help the Jews at the time of their visitation and most missed their Messiah because for generations they neglected whole sections of Scripture.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Our church's security plan is ``Return fire or hit the deck.'' That's what the pastor announced a few weeks back. There won't be many hitting the deck.

Fred said...

Actually, "throw your bible at the shooter" is the only way to stop them. I mean, throw it, figuratively of course. The only way to prevent these things is the word of God. We (Christians) fail the shooter when all he hears is the voice of evil. Not all will hear His word when told, but we must tell them, daily and weekly, and every chance we get. If something is telling a person to kill without provocation that is not God. If you are a believer then you know what that is. It has a name and only the love of God can eject that hatred from a human hart. Not all will hear but it's our job to prevent mass shootings years before the shooter even gets the gun. If a shooter walks into the church I attend it will NOT be a bound stack of paper headed his way. The demon possessed will die and I will morn the loss of his soul into the pit of hell.

Steve Ramsey said...

Not in my church. In my church, untucked shirts and fanny packs are the fashion.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps what they meant to say was that the congregation should microscopically inscribe Bible verses on each round before "throwing" them at the perpetrator at a high velocity? Makes perfect sense to me!

Anonymous said...

I grew up years ago going to a church in the midwest where everyone carried. It was just the way it was. Most of the people who lived there were refugees who settled there after ww2 who had been ran out of their countries and had their entire family histories destroyed. It was quite a shock to me when I moved to California and tried attending churches there and all they taught was turn the other cheek. But we were taught to be conscientious but to "Put on all the armor that God gives, so you can defend yourself against the devil’s tricks".

Miles said...

Anon 4:19 AM
I left a reply to that one.
Either it's still in moderation, or was too provocative for them.

My reply was:

"What next, after they're distracted? Shoot them! Multiple times if necessary.
I know it doesn't sound "sportsmanlike", but a gunfight is no place for a fair fight."

Meister said...

I feel for those that must break the law to have a gun in their church. Just glad I'm not on that position. Most of our pastors carry.

Unknown said...

The only "good word" that I'd throw says ".45ACP" on its casing. :)

Anonymous said...

Is America On the Brink of a Civil War?

It could happen at any time.

At least that’s what many experts think.

There are gross violations of the Constitution and the rights of the people at every turn. It is a daily staple of the news cycle. There have been potential flashpoints on the scale of Lexington Green (which started the American revolution in 1775) over and over again.

And people have never been so divided at any time in the collective memory.

Between threats of gun confiscation at the federal level, and repeated incidences of SWAT teams and military-like police forces abusing their power against people in their homes and at protests, there are many reasons to think things have gone too far. The PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, the TSA and Homeland Security all represent the occupation of the American people and the complete destruction of civil liberties.

Will something spark a revolution or a civil war, or will the powers that be lose the ability to pit people against each other?

Unknown said...

I have not been affiliated with any church in 35 years, and would not join any group which embraced a defenseless ideology.