Saturday, December 26, 2015

Elites whistle past the graveyard, full of fear and loathing of the "Trumpkins."

"Elites and media really hate Donald Trump’s voters."
See also: "Trump’s fans are excited to rally — but they’re not sure they’ll show up to vote."


Woodcanoe said...

Saw and read this in the news yesterday. Of course, where I read it there was no place for comments by readers, so I went on to other stories.

But the comment I would have left was this:

......"Elites and media really hate Donald Trump’s voters"......

We hate them (elites and media) at least twice as much and now they know how that feels! The main stream media, most of the punditry and most of academia are beyond evil. These leftist commie blood suckers perpetrate the evil by serving as the modern day Joseph Goebbels of the Democrat party and their "believers".

Where are the reporters who would get the scent of a story.....and follow it until they found the truth like Woodward and Bernstein? They don't exist anymore as they no longer care about the truth but more about spreading the propaganda. Even my local daily newspaper no longer has "reporters", you know, those people who would investigate an incident and then write an actual "story" explaining "what, where, when, whom and so on. Now all they employ are "cut and pasters" whose "stories" compiled from various sources, often make no sense to the reader, and never passed muster by being proof read at the paper as they don't do any such thing anymore!

The main stream media, and majority of the punditry, is aimed directly at ignorant citizens who lack the ability to process even a simple logical thought. We have dumbed America down pretty near as far as it can go, Now we are going to pay the price for that, as those of us who can still read, and think, are on the verge of doing something about it!

I like Trump exactly because he is NOT beholding to anybody, is not scared of anybody, and is not afraid to say what he is thinking, which is often something millions of American citizens want to say.

I am nearly 70 yrs old and have never seen another political figure in America like him. I may not necessarily agree with everything he says but give him great credit for destroying the Republican establishment "quislings" and the media. They just hate the fact that here is a widely popular figure......that they cannot control!

I just love it....and it is going to get better. Hillary cannot think on her feet and does not take questions from mere "mortals" so one can ponder just how she might fare in a "one on one" debate with a man like Trump. I think it will be fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

When Donald Trump is installed in the White House, after a good scrubbing of the walls, his very first Executive Order will be that ALL predominantly Elitist enclaves on both coasts will have to start using a Southern Accent as punishment for ridiculing not just President Trump's base, but for all of their derision against Southerners & Patriotic Americans everywhere. Only Country Music will be played in ALL of the respective radio stations & the Elitist will be required to say "Hey Ya'll" every time they run into their neighbor on the street...

Steve Ramsey said...

They hated us long before trump, and will do so after as well. Thus, the rifle.

Anonymous said...

The three primary reasons why people support Trump are as follows:

1. Dole
2. McCain
3. Romney