Saturday, December 19, 2015

The next rush to buy weapons and ammunition is already in progress. (And us brass scroungers want to thank Obama for the bountiful harvests!)

Rob Morse writes: "Yes, This is a Clue We Have New Gun Owners."
This tracks with what anecdotal evidence I've been able to gather. My local ranges are packed (especially the pistol ranges) on every day they're open. Self-defense instructors at those ranges report a strong uptick in demand from first time shooters, with backlogs for class openings. Brass generation that I see also reflects new shooters who are burning up the ammo but not yet familiar with the money they can save by saving their empties and trading it in or reloading it themselves. As long as Obama keeps trumpeting his insatiable appetite for our liberty and property, the rush will continue. And just when .22 Long Rifle supply was starting to catch up to demand. . . Oy vey!.


Unknown said...

The .22LR supply was starting to catch up? Where, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Dutchman 6 .Soon very soon ! You will be able to come up to Ct. There will be an over flowing abundance of brass casings to be had for the scroungers. Behind enemy lines Ct.