Thursday, December 24, 2015

VDH: "The Death of Gratitude."

Must our ancestors be reduced to villains of the past who do not fit our model of political correctness? Or were they just folks who had it far rougher than we citizens of the 21st century, and sacrificed their all so that we would not have to endure everything they did?


Chiu ChunLing said...

The ultimate expression and final measure of our gratitude is our recognition of what God has done for us.

From ancient times, people have celebrated the passing of the winter solstice, the lengthening of the days that assured that winter would pass and spring return. Moderns may mock them for their unsophistication, as if the orbit of the Earth were not a given...but the ancients knew that the change of seasons was regular and orderly enough to calculate the exact day in advance every year. They merely understood that accepting something as given didn't mean there was no giver. We now associate the celebration of the Incarnation of Christ with the passing of the winter solstice, emblematic of the assurance this brings that life does not end at death, just as the cycle of seasons does not end in winter.

Does our celebration show gratitude for what God has done or pride in our own worth?

Fred said...

It's not the death of gratitude. Marxists and other statists must always destroy a peoples history before they will believe in the new regime. It's standard procedure and it works.