Monday, December 21, 2015

Did Israel Just Start Another War with Hezbollah?

"There were plenty of people who wanted Kuntar dead. Still, it's most likely that it was an Israeli airstrike that took him out. It’s been a common move for the Israelis as the civil war intensified. One strike in January near the border of the occupied Golan Heights killed Jihad Mughaniyeh, the son of famed Shia militant mastermind Imad Mughaniyeh, along with four other high-level Hezbollah members."


Otto Didact said...

I thought Hezbollah and the Israelis had been at war since practically forever. How the heck could Israel "start" a war?

Anonymous said...

Nobody on this planet can "start" a war with Islam. Islam itself is a declaration of war upon the rest of the world and has been ongoing for nearly 150 years.

Anonymous said...

Naaahhh. Not a war. Just a preemptive 4GW strike. So far.
We'll see what happens when Hezbollah decides what to do next. . . . or not.

B Woodman

Chiu ChunLing said...

The situation in that airspace has changed dramatically. Meaning the repeated "it was probably Israel" assertion is either ill-informed or deliberately misleading.

Currently, the most probable source by far of any air-strikes in Syria is the Russians, and the Russians are not remotely averse to false-flag attacks for their purposes, especially when it lets them kill people they really don't much like anyway but are being forced to temporarily endure for geopolitical reasons. It's also possible that the Russians hit him by mistake, depending on circumstances.

Without more reliable details, it's impossible to say for certain. But if Israel got into that airspace and back out again, they'd have to use something other than their American-derived aircraft. Because however the Russians are feeling about Hezbollah getting more firmly established in Syria, they are feeling a lot less friendly towards F-16s these days.

Anonymous said...

Notice Hezbollah returned "bodies" while Israel returned a child killer alive. "a deal brokered by a United Nations-appointed German meditator"