Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maybe because they're ALL bad? "Feds Urge Crackdown On Bad Cops, But Agencies Haven't Gotten The Message."

"ATF managers routinely failed to report allegations to the Internal Affairs Division at headquarters and broke policy by handling sexual misconduct allegations on the local level."


Uncle Elmo said...

And yet no where in the story or it's comments is it mentioned that the problems in the federal agencies start at the top.

Did HuffPo ever do an exposé of BATFE or DOJ administration following the 'botched gun sting', or mention that the BLM apparatchik pulling the strings during the Cliven Bundy incident was a politically appointed ex-staffer to Harry Reid?

Crap flows downhill.

Anonymous said...

Yes they (LEOs) ALL are bad. 99.9% of the governments (local, state, federal) in this nation are out of control. Those enFORCEing "laws" and collecting revenue with the threat of deadly force for these governments are without Conscience, if they had one they wouldn't be a cop.

No "law" enFORCEment officer is a Citizens ally, quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Now you understand the concept of "rogue agency(s)".

Anonymous said...

Cops are like Muzzies- the good ones, are not REALLY good unless and until they get rid of the BAD ones.