Tuesday, December 15, 2015

David Codrea: "So-called ‘Terror Watchlist’ Gun Ban Poses Greatest Danger of Any Current Proposal."

We are the people the totalitarian lobby is itching to disarm. And that’s why this latest bit of “official” domestic terrorism masked by the noble-sounding goal of keeping us all safe is so insidious, and has the potential to get extremely dangerous for everyone. Especially considering the confiscations being called for, and what that means to those who will not surrender their property or their rights to oath-breaking usurpers.
To quote poet Dylan Thomas, some of us will “not go gentle into that good night.” I’ve actually had repeating that line held against me before. But it’s true, particularly for original Second Amendment intent advocates smeared as “insurrectionists.”
As things stand, the immediate danger is being intensified by prominent Republicans siding with the concept of watchlist prohibitions, notably by some of the presidential candidates, including one who’s been forgiven for past betrayals and supported by the “terrorist” NRA. Barring unforeseen developments taking precedence, I expect to address that inexcusable sellout, along with a developing potential disappointment, in my next offering.


Chiu ChunLing said...

Whatever, I'm going to take a video-selfie of me not being able to legally buy a gun.

Then I'm going to get a gun not so legally. That will be fun.

Steve Ramsey said...

In order to make it function, they would have to impose a ban on private transfers nationwide.

But it still wouldn't because we would just ignore it. At least some of us with half a brain and the inclination to use it.

You know what really bothers me here in Washington State Mike?

Go to virtually any gun related forum here, the ARF.com state board, WAGUNS, NW Firearms etc, and you will see supposedly vociferous 2A advocates tripping over themselves to comply with I-594 (and other nonsense like 18 USC 922r)

Yep, a big portion of the "Gun Community" rolls over and dies when government yips. These are the same guys that claim to be "cold dead hands" types.

These types are going to be 'Law Abiding gun owners' until they have no more guns. They can't be relied upon, nor can they be convinced that giving in to unjust law results in continual erosion of ones natural rights.

The hell with them. I bailed on those forums. They are crammed full of defeatists. And when push comes to shove, they will cut and run. They will either bury them or turn them in.

And Alan is still in control of what passes for gun rights politics in this state, and has apparently sent Igor out with the mission of pimping Marco Rubio for the R nomination.

Anonymous said...

Having been on the broader (who knows how many people are affected?) "Extra Scrutiny and Screening Required, but Still Allowed to Fly (with much hassle) List" - I can attest that I had no problem with the NICS check for purchase of a new firearm, as of last Friday, 11 December 2015.

Now I must caveat that I had to protest the extra scrutiny and request a "re-assessment of my status" by DHS, so I have no idea if I would have been approved for a firearm transaction two years ago when my name was "in active status" on this "Extra Scrutiny and Screening Required, but Still Allowed to Fly list". Can't say.

And no, DHS doesn't respond with other than a letter acknowledging your request for re-appraisal; no determination, or factual basis, or "screw you, we think you are still a terrorist" is forthcoming.

With one exception in the past two years, I do not fly. Fuck 'em. But the one time I 'had to' - to attend no. 3 son's graduation from USMC basic training in San Diego, I did not experience the extended and extra-special scrutiny that I had to endure when I was still on active duty (before my retirement two years ago).

Having said all that, I am not disparaging Mr. Codrea's report, far from it. This insidious initiative to shut down one's constitutionally protected Natural Right, without due process, is to be expected from the Progressive Left. I am merely pointing out that, as of now, from one who has been on such a list, my current "privilege" to purchase a firearm has not been compromised.

Thus far,

The Wretched Dog

Anonymous said...

There are Those that will defy..and it'll will be proven in action. Remember Jury Nullification!!!!
Everyone else can go eat a Big Bag of Dicks!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. They purchase people on the watch list without having to give any proof of anything. Then, when they do want to get a warrant, they point to presence on the watch list as supporting "evidence" for the warrant....

Tremendous circle Jerk.