Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Melissa and Aaron Klein have paid approximately $144,000 in court-ordered damages to a pair of lesbian women despite their appeal of the Oregon discrimination case. The Kleins own a bakery, Sweet Cakes, in the Portland area. The damages came about after the Kleins refused to create a cake for the 2013 nuptials for Laurel Bowman-Cryer and Rachel Bowman-Cryer. . . It was after the owners of the bakery refused to bake the cake for the two women that the state determined they had violated anti-discrimination laws when it found that their shop was not a designated religious institution.


Unknown said...

I'd just bake them their damn cake. It might be the sh!ttiest cake they've ever tasted, but they wouldn't know that until they've tasted it on their "wedding" day. Oh, dear, I'm sorry, I must have mistaken salt for sugar. Here's your money back. Bye!

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, way back in the eighties, I took a course on Micro-biology. Our young professor was talking about augers, used to grow microbes in a laboratory setting. One auger in particular was engineered to specifically grow Cholera bacteria. He sort of joked about how easily one could paint the door handle of a intended target's car with this stuff and give them an almost fatal case of cholera. I don't think using cholera bacteria would be wise. I don't believe in murder. But to have spritzed that cake with something nasty, but non-fatal, might have been both funny and appropriate.

"Are you sure it was the cake? Could have been the tufu, ya think?"

Anonymous said...

They seek and require attention.

Deny them attention. They will starve. And die.

Anonymous said...

"Give the People what they want."

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
A bit of a take off on the last post......they could have substituted "X-L@x" for the "Chocolate Icing!!!" ......Nuff said!!!
144,thousand.......a bit much, where in He2xl did they get that much money from selling cake??
Got Gunz....OUTLAW!!!!!,

Nemesis said...

They have paid out 144,000 dollars? Were they represented at all? I'm sure for that amount of money they could have 'employed' a noted lawyer to represent them who would know how to foil crap like that. Then again, if you don't have that kind of money up front or you do but don't want that information shared, there is always the fall back position in offering those nice young ladies who targeted their establishment a few dollars a week to pay off that fine. There is no law that can stop anyone from paying back a fine based on what they can afford at the time.

Anonymous said...

All this BS started back in the day when a group of blacks demanded to be served lunch in a southern eatery. The Feds stepped in and proclaimed they must be served. Don't get me wrong here, i have no problem serving anyone simply based on skin color. I find that ignorant. But it's something that should be sorted out by the free market system, not Gov't dictate. If a majority of customers of that establishment felt that the slighted party should be served, then they all could simply not patronize that establishment any longer. Then the establishment would either end up going out of business or they would change their policy. But once you let the camel's nose of Gov't intrusion under the tent there's no telling how much more of that camel will worm his way under. In a true free market/capitalist system a business owner retains their right to hire who they want, at a wage they want to pay and choose what customer they want to do business with. Any demand by Gov't to do otherwise under the guise of "good intentions" reeks of collectivism. And now, all these decades after those black guys sat down for lunch, there are church-going black folks who don't like the idea of pastors being forced to marry gays and bakeries being forced to bake cakes. Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Misguided Americans always come running to Gov't to solve all their woes, when the whole idea of our Gov't was to be no more than an entity that protects your property from being stolen. We now have a Gov't that has run amok and the People themselves have asked it to. And it will only get worse because Americans have become like children that need a mommy and daddy to run to when things don't go their way and a safety net to catch them whenever they trip and might possibly bruise their tender derriere. Khrushchev was right - feed them socialism a little at a time and one day they'll wake up communist.

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that it WASN'T the "odd couple" that filed the complaint, it was THE STATE OF OREGON!
The story as I've heard and understand it, is that the "odd couple" came in to ask for a wedding cake. The Kleins explained their position as Christians, expressed their friendship otherwise, and gave references to other bakers who would most likely bake the couple's wedding cake for them. Everyone parted friends.
But it was when the "odd couple" posted the occurrence on their FB page, that THE STATE decided that it would step in, uninvited, and file the discrimination case against the Kleins.
I haven't heard if the "odd couple" attempted to stop THE STATE'S discrimination case, or even if it would have done any good. For now, don't take out your anger and frustration on the "odd couple".

Time to break some STATE glass windows. Rocks are cheap, easy to find, and are available everywhere. I'm sure STATE windows are just as easy to find and available everywhere. Just not as cheap to replace - especially in the middle of winter.

Happy hunting, all you Oregon state window breakers.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The bakery owners could have just done a clandestine move out of Oregon for a whole lot less money. That would have been the smart thing to do - get the Hell out of Oregon!

Anonymous said...

There's always the 5 second rule. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

LoL, the irony of socialists begging for cake!

Meh. Somebody didn't add enough salt to the cake batter. Dear Neanderthals.


Lauri said...

If I owned a Christian bakery, I would put the Bible verse John 3:16 on every wedding cake. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life". All wedding cakes, period. That would solve the problem, and turn a negative into a positive. You want a wedding cake, and you get a message of salvation. What a perfect way to witness the folks who need the message the most.