Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Donald Trump may talk like a brownshirt, but the Democrats mean business."

"The Democrats’ Theme for 2016 Is Totalitarianism."
The Right cannot be indifferent to this, because we simply do not have that option: It is our speech that they intend to prohibit first, and it is us that they are attempting to imprison for our political views. But the Left should not be indifferent to this, either. There are at least a few (and, one suspects, more than that) liberals of the old-fashioned variety in the Democratic party, and it is not at all clear that they are going to wish to remain part of a political organization that is seriously attempting to create a class of political prisoners, to ban books, and to drive people from their jobs and communities for their political beliefs. John Kerry cannot quite answer the question of whether one of his political rivals should be declared “an enemy of the state.” Between now and November 2016, Americans might want to think a bit about whether they wish to invest an openly totalitarian political party with the power of the presidency.


Anonymous said...

You all know one or more that lives near you. Beware of them, they think like this.

Anonymous said...

Every election I hear it is the most important election in our lifetimes. LOL!!
Both Reps and Dems are full of totalitarians. They are like the wrestlers that are enemies on the mat but friends behind the curtains. Vote harder.


MikeH. said...

It certainly does appear we have fallen down the rabbit hole and landed smack in the middle of the Third Reich... 2.0 because it looks like the left is goose stepping to Hitler's music, not Alinsky's.

Problem is; WE are the ones who THEY are planning on handing the one way train tickets to.

TheBohunk said...

And just WHO are we supposed to vote for considering the opposition hands Obama and democrats everything they want and then some?

After 2008, they told us to work within the party and make it into something that more accurately represented our interests. Then they promptly told us to get lost once they had the House back. They did the same in 2014 once they had the Senate back. Any guesses what is going to happen in the unlikely event that a Republican can beat Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz is the best candidate for President - by a looong shot.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...


These people are Marxists, not Nazi socialists. The Nazi's were pikers next to the Marxist regimes of this world, in terms of enslaving and the murder of millions. Both of these systems reduced their peoples to slaves and now we are following along this well travelled road because our Marxist media, blind and restrict the hearing of those they intend to enslave and abuse, injure and kill.

I don't care if they call themselves comrade, goose step with their extended arm, or control a vast corporation. I am for freedom and the constitution of this country and anyone who destroys any part of it, or our liberties for any of us, is a traitor.

We only have one constitution but a rope, can be used many times before you need to replace it. Although you might need to clean it after a time or two.

johnnyreb said...

Mike H..............True. But at least we will be punching our tickets with 7.62 hole-punches.

Anonymous said...

Donald went all in with his speech last night talking about wanting "us" to act like the progs that disturb his events. He wants "us" to act like that, to ignore people's rights just like lefties do.

Folks had better wake up to what Trump is really about right quick before they elect someone other than who they think they are electing.

Media hypes trump because they want trump. If they cannot manage to pass Hillary through, they will be happy to have their northeastern liberal buddy running the show. Why are Americans so easily fooled? Why must I live among such ignorant people?

It really is Cruz or Lose.