Monday, December 21, 2015

A rational response to irrational times. Thank you, Obama.

"Local gun retailers seeing record number of people buying guns, training."
See also: "Sioux City area gun stores report sharp increase in sales."


Miles said...

Greatest gun salesman of the 21st century. Greatest presidential gun salesman ever.

The people of the U.S. probably own as many or even now, more guns as the rest of the world combined.

I like to think his guts have to be twisted into knots, knowing he's personally responsible for this.

Anonymous said...

I wish Odipchit would shut up. Everytime prices come down and availablity goes up he opens his pie hole and starts the cycle over again.

Scott Alfter said...

Gun shows are doing a rather brisk business as well. We had two of them in Las Vegas this past weekend. I went to the one not run by quislings, and it was packed. Ended up buying my first Evil Black Rifle® in a private sale at a very good price, along with an ammo can of 7.62x39 (not just an Evil Black Rifle®, but a filthy commie to boot :-) ) to feed it.

1st Recon BN said...

Ive personally been to KY Gun Co 3 times in the past week. Morning, noon or night, doesnt matter. Wall to wall customers. You have to actually take a number to even get to the counter. All walks of life in there. Guys in suits, girls with kids, black, white, and purple. All making purchases as fast as they can.

Anonymous said...

Soon very soon. Its coming. Going to get real nasty.Behind enemy lines Ct.