Monday, December 28, 2015

Nothing particularly new under the collectivist sun.

"The Riot Ideology, Reborn: Baltimore, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the new racial politics."
In the wake of the 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the 2015 West Baltimore riots, a new riot ideology has taken hold, one similarly intoxicated with violence and willing to excuse it but with a different goal. The first version of the riot ideology assumed that not only cities but also whites could be reformed; the new version assumes that America is inherently racist beyond redemption and that the black inner city needs to segregate itself from the larger society (with the exception of federal welfare funds, which should continue to flow in). This new racial politics is not only coalescing around activists claiming to speak for urban blacks—represented publically (sic) by groups like Black Lives Matter—but is also expressed in the writings of best-selling author Ta-Nehisi Coates. And Baltimore is once again center stage.


Woodcanoe said...

There was rejoicing in many quarters, several years back, when it became apparent that a black (half white) man could be elected POTUS. Sadly this man has been the most "divisive" person to hold that high office, certainly in the last 50 years, and maybe longer than that.

This divisiveness seems to have been part of a master plan by him and all the lefists in America to divide us into ethnic and racial groups that can then be set against each other, sort of the "Balkaniztion" of America. The leftists have known for years that a people once divided are much easier to gain power over than a unified electorate.

But there plan has not gone quite the way they thought. What it has done is to bring the racial divide in America to the point of nearly open warfare. The blacks, emboldened by their successes in many places, both in the streets and on the campuses, have become threatening and cocky with their new found power and many are calling for the overpowering of white society, even killing them if they have to.

This can not end well for America and especially the inner city blacks who control their "hoods" and certain parts of certain major cities. The black gang-bangers have guns as they don't care about laws. The upstanding citizens of these cities for the most part are unarmed, obeying the laws that they wanted made. I don't know if the liberal whites remaining in these cities are scared yet.....but they ought to be as they are outgunned and the cops ain't gonna protect them as they are wary of getting in the way of this black movement.

As far as I am concerned let them have the black inner cities and burn them to the ground. Then let them see what they have done when they no longer will be able to buy anything to eat as they will have destroyed all the infrastructure. This will be what the black Panthers and black Lives matter crowd have to live in the remains of the collapse of their black power cause. Like the Jihadists they don't seem to want to live in a civilized society with people they may not agree with. Fine! Let them have their territory and their power until they end up eating each other. To me the inner cities are already jungles in many places so they should be right to home.

But....and it's a big but, if they head out into rural America, in pursuit of sustenance, or anything else they can steal, they will rather quickly run into some folks who have better weaponry than 9mm pistols. A few old boys with Ak's and AR's might make that black power movement come to a real quick halt.....when these racist fools run up against the reality of the situation that THEY created.

Bring it on I say so that America can get this bull shit behind us and move on to being a great country once again!


Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in and around Baltimore City. I no longer recognize my home town.

TheBohunk said...

Good read.

The money quote, near the bottom. And the reason we need to take these people seriously.

The solution, he implies, is a black population released from the ideals of the American dream and from the “false morality” of white Americans. For Coates, blacks can only be freed from racism after whites have been emancipated from capitalism.

Anonymous said...

What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...Voting for the same Democrat/Progressive welfare plantation and expecting freedom and prosperity. Liberty requires personal responsibility, something few people in America regardless of skin color want to take. It's far easier to blame others for your own shortcomings than it is to wear a mantle of rugged individualism.